The 100: My Thoughts So Far (I AM NOT OKAY)

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or you’re following me on twitter, it’s no secret that I LOVE The 100. The plan was to wait until the entirety of Season 3 is out there so I can binge watch, but then I found myself with time and the need for a good show today, so obviously that plan failed. I decided that I am done yelling at people on twitter (for now), so here are my thoughts so far.



Okay, first things first. LEXA’S DEATH IS NOT OKAY. I loved her from the beginning, and even when everyone hated her re: betrayal and then my love intensified a thousand times this season. I mean can we just talk about That Badass Fight Scene? I was half-convinced they’d pull a Game of Thrones and have her die right there, but the other half of me was convinced they’d both come out alive, because I already liked the Ice Nation prince (even though he, also, was plotting Lexa’s death, but at least he had a good reason) and clearly the queen needed to die. I’m generally a non-violent person, but, um, I could watch Lexa fight all day because DAMMIT YES PLEASE.

And then she did die, like, 5 minutes later for no particular reason at all and ARGH I was expecting it, but it hurt, you guys, it hurt. I think the scene was handled well overall and the WTF moment with the AI chip at least distracted me a little from my pain (so her character traits were enhanced by the AI but she was still Lexa, right??), but WHY WRITERS WHY. The things is, I’m just really going to miss her character on the show. And, yeah, okay, maybe I’ll also miss her face. It’s nice to look at, okay? I totally don’t have a crush. Plus, I know it never seemed like a big deal because we didn’t care about the grounders so much at the time, but she actually got all the clans to work together instead of killing each other constantly and actively wanted to make peace, which seems like a huge fucking deal? Yeah, definitely going to miss her.

the queen=my feelings when Lexa died

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate Clarke and Lexa’s relationship? It panned out almost exactly like I hoped it would (minus the death, obvi) and I LOVED IT. When Clarke spits at her and then tries to kill her, but of course she can’t BECAUSE DAMMIT SHE STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR HER WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? And then Lexa kneels in front of Clarke and promises her to protect her people after Clarke had to kneel in front of her, showing her how she respects her?

Yes. So much yes. It all just amplified what I already felt last season: they’re so well balanced and I never feel as if one has more power than the other and there’s just so much respect to go around here. I’m happy they got at least one moment of bliss before shit hit the fan, even though as soon as someone is happy on this show I immediately narrow my eyes and expect the worst – which, seeing what happened, was clearly the appropriate reaction. So yes, I will miss Lexa A LOT.


Okay, what even is happening here. Pike randomly appeared and undid everything the sky people learned about the grounders and now everyone is racist and hateful again. Like, I get how Pike etc. became that way and I suppose it makes sense but WE’VE BEEN HERE, WE’VE DONE THIS, FRICKIN’ GROW UP. I am so disappointed in Bellamy, I can’t even. I realize he was betrayed by a grounder, and he feels responsible about all the people who died in Mt Weather (both times), but that’s no reason to go on a frickin’ killing spree. He literally went out with nine other people and shot 300 soldiers. And then he looked absolutely destroyed when he came back (really well acted there), so obviously it at least took its toll on him, but WHY BELLAMY.

I have three theories on why the writers didn’t show the killing spree scene: 1) we all knew he was going to come over to the other side again, so they didn’t want us to hate him too much 2) there are going to be flashbacks in the future or 3) they think not showing it and then showing all the corpses was worse than showing it in the first place. I’m just not sure on how we’re supposed to forgive him for that? Like, killing all the people in Mt Weather was frickin’ horrible, but at the very least you could see he and Clarke thought they really needed to do it to protect their friends (not that that’s necessarily a valid excuse), but this? I’m sooort of trying to pretend it didn’t happen because after Lincoln’s death I need SOME people to like on this show, but I’m not very fond of Bellamy right now.

look, fighting with shirts on is just SO uncomfortable

Speaking of: why Lincoln too? I always said I liked that the writers aren’t pulling their punches, but at some point there aren’t going to be any of the main characters we like left on this show. I didn’t have teeeerribly strong emotions towards him the first two seasons, but I REALLY liked him this season, so obviously he had to die, who are we kidding here. If this continues, Kane might be the next to go, because, surprisingly, he also really grew on me this season. OH and Abby and Kane finally happened, sort of? I wasn’t sure whether the show was going to take it there or not, because it’s not exactly focused on pairing people off (luckily), but I think we all felt there was something there? I don’t love Abby, but I have to admit I felt an emotion when she said she can’t go through this again when Kane left to be executed. Oh, and then there are Miller and Harper, who I honestly don’t remember from the first two seasons, but who are clearly awesome and possibly the only two sane people left in Arkadia.

The Other Five to Six Characters I Sort of Care About

I’m not proud of it, but I’m digging Murphy. I literally said JUST KILL HIM in season 1, but, um, he sort of grew on me? And he’s kinda rocking his look? And there are a lot of funny one-liners? And he distrusts everyone and just wants to survive, which might be a very solid strategy in this world? I mean I realize he’s not a good person (then again, who really is on this show) and I’m eyeing his sorta-flirty behavior around the new Commander from last episode VERY suspiciously, but he seems to have at least some morals? Like, maybe two or three of them in total? I DON’T CARE OKAY HE AMUSES ME. I was even sort of shipping him and the girl whose name I can’t remember for the life of me (though clearly theirs is not an epic romance, he wasn’t even going to follow her to save her brother), but apparently he’s cosying up to the new Commander, whose name I also haven’t bothered to learn yet? Hey, a person has to be around for a couple of episodes before I make the effort to learn their name because they might just die a horribly painful death anyway (see: Anya, I learned her name and then she died). Though in the case of the new Commander chick she probably should die. Very painfully, at the hands of the parents whose children she murdered.

Lexa is not impressed

I’m not even talking about the whole Jaha thing, because we all know it’s creepy and it’s going to blow up in some major way, but I’m glad Abby stopped Jasper from taking the pill and that Jasper got Raven to ignore Alie (sp?) because she was forgetting Finn. I’m not terribly fond of Monty this season (and he was just as guilty of killing the Mt Weather people even without pulling the trigger and doesn’t seem to be terribly torn up about it??) and his mum is clearly the devil, though at least she didn’t betray Monty when he chose not to tell Pike about the break-out or anything stupid like that. Maybe she’ll come around yet, but seeing as she’d kill children for soil, I am doubtful. And then we’re left with Octavia, who will very likely do something completely insane and vengeful or become even more badass now Lincoln is gone. I’m looking forward to it.


I was sliiightly wary of where the writers would take season 3, but so far I’m really loving it! I am worried that it won’t be the same without Lexa and Lincoln, but I guess time will tell. I’m hoping they’ll give the Ice Nation prince character some more screen time and I’m curious about who this Luna (was that her name? If so and I rememberd it, she will probably die) person Clarke is trying to find is and how she’ll react to being told she has to become the new Commander (I’m guessing not well). I like how they connected the sky people’s history with the grounder religion and I’m curious about what Alie 2 can do. So far it seems like it’s just a chip that enhances characteristics of the person who is using it? But it would also make sense if, to defeat Alie 1 we’d need Alie 2? I’m not sure where things are going at the moment, but I will definitely, certainly, without a doubt keep watching to find out.

And, lastly, a huge shoutout to the set designers, costume designers and music people on this show. I LOVE how the grounder capital looks and the costumes are bomb AF as always. The music really sticks out too. I think we knew that at least since that absolutely devastating Knocking On Heaven’s Door scene last season, but the music in this show really underlines what’s happening and amplifies emotional scenes, which oooobviously they need sooo much because our hearts haven’t been ripped out of our bodies and trampled into the floor already. Nope, not at all. I’m fine. We’re fine. NO ONE IS FUCKING FINE STOP KILLING PEOPLE.

I think I should stop now.

4 Responses to “The 100: My Thoughts So Far (I AM NOT OKAY)”

  1. Samantha @ Fabulous Fabris

    Ok, so I’m not loving this season. I actually don’t really like Lexa/Clarke. I have no problem with it being a gay relationship, I think it’s just that I was really shipping Clarke/Bellamy. I just don’t really care for the grounder story line right now, or what’s happening back at Arkadia. I loved the first two seasons, but lately I’ve just been bored.
    Samantha @ Fabulous Fabris recently posted…February Reads and #RockMyTBRMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Aw, I’m sorry to hear that! I’m really liking it, but my brain turns off during some of the Arkadia stuff.

  2. Greg

    I agree about Lexa- I’m going to miss her big time. She quickly became one of my favorite characters on the show. And Bellamy- I really like his character (after hating him in most of S1) and it is hard to square that with him going along with the massacre. Will there be a flashback showing he really tried to stop it but was just somehow restrained? I kind of hope so because it doesn’t seem like something he would do- especially with his sister being involved with a Grounder who he KNOWS is a good guy.

    I like Harper a lot, she needs to step up into a bigger role. And I’m liking Murphy too, something I thought would NEVER happen. lol this show… I hope Roan gets more of a role.
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  3. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    GAH I cannot with these deaths. I feel like every time I write a damn post it starts like “OMG I CANNOT HANDLE MY FEELS”, because damn it, they just killed someone else! I was always a Bellarke fan, BUT I liked Clexa for now. I don’t think it could have worked forever, just because of the power that they both had, and how their people were ALL such hot messes, but I agree with you, they had the perfect balance together. And Alycia’s acting was just freaking ON POINT. She was actually shaking when she and Clarke kissed and it brought tears to my eyes. I will miss her a LOT.

    And Lincoln. FUUUUUCK. I can’t. I knew that Lexa was not going to be a “forever” character. But I thought Lincoln would, until his mom tweeted otherwise. Linctavia was EVERYTHING. Their relationship was just so beautiful, and well, NORMAL, especially considering the circumstances. Damn it, now I am crying AGAIN.

    I also really like Murphy this season (what even!?) AND Kane! I am surprised actually. I HATED Kane in season 1, and now he is one of my favorites (writers, PLEASE don’t kill him!). I do wonder where Emori (the first girl) went, and if she is coming back. And Ontari (the “commander”) needs to die NOW. I do not approve. DO. NOT.

    Have you watched last week’s episode yet?
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