A 2016 Review (Not the Dumpster Fire-y Parts) & Goals for 2017

December 25, 2016 miscellaneous, psa 8

Hello-ho-ho-ho and Merry Christmas, blogglings!

If you come back after weeks of absence, come back with a bad pun, I say. I haven’t been around much due to both my laptop and my netbook breaking and being swamped with essays I should be writing (but why am I even mentioning that? Procrastinating an essay is a permanent state of being for me at this point). Nevertheless, now that my laptop is repaired, and I can use it again (fingers crossed it’ll stay that way), I’m continuing the great tradition of setting goals for the new year. I did this last year as well (and the year before that), so let’s see how I did first. I also noticed some of you wrote down your goals in the comments of last year’s post, so if that’s you feel free to go ahead and see how you did along with me. :D

My goals for 2016 were

I want to get good grades and finish my Bachelor’s

Hey, I actually did that! What a good start. I got my BA this summer, and I was pretty satisfied with the grade as well, so I’ll count this one as a win.

…so I can apply to university in Glasgow (I might not get in and if I do it’s going to be one hell of an organisational and financial challenge to move to Scotland for a year, but I think this is an excellent idea, so wish me luck!)

HA! Another one I accomplished. I have a good feeling for this year. So I’m not studying in Glasgow, but that was kind of random, because someone told me there are no student fees in Scotland (or at least that they’ll be payed back by the government), but it turned out that that’s not true for postgraduate degrees, so instead I applied to universities all over the UK and ended up in Newcastle, where I’m currently living and studying. (And you were right, Vlora of the past, it was one hell of an organisational and financial challenge, but it was worth it so far!)

I want to keep blogging consistently and by consistently I mean 2-3 times a week, Vlora of the future

Ah. Well. See. I… did not do that. At all. But, like… I was busy? Did I mention my laptop broke? My dog ate the homework? I have no excuse. 2-3 times a week seems utopian to me right now, to be honest.

I want to upload youtube videos more often

I knew I shouldn’t have started singing my praises too early. I didn’t upload any youtube videos. I also cancelled my Adobe Creative Suite subscription, because it was too damn expensive for how little I was using it, but now I don’t have Adobe Premiere anymore to edit videos. This did not work out well.

I want to get better at editing youtube videos

Yeah… pass.

I will participate in Camp NaNo AND NaNoWriMo and actually win this time (someone remember me to plan out my novel before I start writing!!!)

I sort of did this one. I participated in Camp NaNo, set myself a word count goal of 20k and actually won, but to be honest 15k of those words were my Bachelor thesis, which I then decided to count just so I could finally win. I was really busy in November, but I wanted to use that NaNo momentum to get some writing done, and I think I wrote about 6-7k or something along those lines (again 2k of that were uni essays though). So yes, didn’t win, but didn’t completely fail at it either. I also won an award for best username from the creative writing society at uni, so that’s something. I did not plan out my novel, but I got a book to help me with that, so maybe next year.

I am going to try at least one new thing a month (it can just be something small, like trying a new recipe, but if there are some bigger things that’d be swell too)

I didn’t do this at all, shame on me. I mean I must have tried a lot of new things, but I didn’t keep track or do it very consciously.

I will make more of an effort to get to know new people

OKAY I CAN DO THIS ONE. I met like ten thousand new people when I started my MA, and I went to lots of events where I didn’t know anyone in Early Arrival’s Week and made new friends in my course. Granted, I have been slacking since then, because my small talk contingent is just genuinely used up for the year, but I’ll count this one as a win either way.

I am going to do more sports (literally anything would qualify as more, because at the moment I’m not really doing anything)

Um… I think I started going jogging for a hot second a few months ago. It didn’t last very long.

I will be kinder, more patient and generally make an effort to look at the positives instead of the negatives

I try. I’m not sure if I’m actually succeeding, because it’s hard to compare yourself to yourself just by memory, but I think I at least haven’t gotten worse at this. I could still be more positive and kinder and more patient, of course, but I’ll tentatively say I did okayish.


I’m sure I did. I mean I feel like I spent less nighttime hours finishing assignments? Maybe? Possibly? Oh, who am I kidding.

Other Stuff I did in 2016

1. went to a theater audition
2. travelled to Dublin, Milan, Berlin, Lucerne, Newcastle (sort of) and Edinburgh
3. went to a seminar on film journalism
4. participated in OTSP Secret Sister for the first time
5. bought a lot of books
6. had a few existential crises
7. quit my job (because I moved)
8. did a radio show (which also now ended due to the moving)
9. found another place to live in 2017

I did half-okay in 2016, so let’s try to set some realistic goals for 2017. You can hold me accountable throughout the year, by which I mean actually remind me I did this.

Goals for 2017

Get my MA & finish my degree with a grade I’m satisfied with

Try not to freak out about the wide open abyss playing field that is life after university (Wait, did I say these should be realistic?)

Not take a shitty un(der)paid internship, shitty un(der)paid job, or basically anything shitty and un(der)paid

Be open to new people and make new friends

Write at least 50k in 2017 and because I’m so nice university writing counts towards this goal

Blog at least once a month, ideally more

Find a satisfying way to pay the rent after university Please notice how vaguely I phrased this to keep my options open. I may find a great job, but alternatively, I could luck out and win the lottery, join a circus, or possibly get a lot of minions to pay my rent for me. The possibilities are endless.

Take time for creative and fun things, even in busy times

Travel to at least two countries other than Germany and England unless it completely breaks the bank Not travelling makes me sad and bored, but being broke does the same thing.

Get better at making puns I’ll never live up to Inge‘s greatness, but I can try.

Practice my French. This is entirely based on the fact I had a sort-of-conversation in French with someone at an airport recently and was incredibly proud I understood some of what they said, so I want to keep riding high.

I have more goals, like start volunteering regularly, finally go to the US/Canada, get a cat, etc. but those are more for when I don’t move every few months anymore/am more financially secure, so I’ll just keep them in mind for the future for now.

How about you? Are you setting any goals for the new year? How was your year in review (other than the general dumpster fire-ness of 2016)? Let me know below!

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  1. Verena

    Vlora, I still enjoy every sentence here 😄

    Nice goals! If you want to make them even more realistic you have to use dates and deadlines… Say all the time Management books:)

    I think you did great in 2016!

    I stil have to think about my goals and my passed year :)
    Verena recently posted…Was bisher geschah… und wie es weitergehtMy Profile

  2. Olivia Roach

    Those are some really good goals you have going there, and I like that you’re staying open minded about them and giving yourself some room to breathe there as well. And even though there were some resolutions you didn’t stick to last year, you made A LOT and did a pretty big share of them as well. Go you! You’re acing this living thing :D

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