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November 10, 2014 miscellaneous 2

I’ve been so busy with university and things™ that I hardly got around to posting, so I thought I’d just share some of what I did with you!

First things first, check out my guest post at So Obsessed With. It’s more of a recommendation than an actual guest post, so make sure to find out what classic I recommended. :)

I meant to post an image of the website design I worked on my Digital Medie Design class this week here (just the home screen in photoshop, no coding or anything) because it frickin’ took me all night yesterday, but then I thought that might not be such a good idea because since the site’s not going online anyway, I used some icons off the internet that I’m not sure I’d be allowed to post. I planned to make them myself, but I don’t have the hang of Adobe Illustrator yet, so I used placeholders.

Actually I’ll share it with you anyway, but I painted over the icons and removed the social media icons, so now it just looks stupid. Imagine it like that, but better. :D


Probably I’ll still get into trouble now because the name Virtual Band is trademarked or something. :D Paranoid about rights, who me? Anyways, it looks way better with the pretty icons (headphones, a mike, drums and a disc from left to right and social media icons in the rectangle in the footer on the right), but that’s the basic structure of it. I’m sure my instructor will think differently, but I think it’s okay for a first try!

It’s actually kind of hard to keep up in this class, because most people in it already know a bit of coding and are familiar with your Adobe program of choice. I got a C for my button last week (because the CSS was all wrong), so I wanted to do better this time. It takes me AGES to do the homework every week though, so I’m not sure if everyone else just has tons of time or whether they’re just faster and more experienced. Anyways, I’m getting better at Photoshop (not hard when you don’t know anything to begin with), so eff the grades. :)

In more related news, I also prepared a presentation for a seminar to do with the representation of male sexuality in romance novels based on a chapter from one of the books the Smart Bitches wrote, as well as an essay on male virginity in popular romance novels. I wasn’t enthusiastic about the topic at first, but it’s really interesting! I still have to come up with some group work activities because I have to keep the students occupied for 90 minutes (still not studying to become a teacher, university), so… any ideas welcome. :D

I haven’t been posting any reviews lately because I haven’t really read that much, mostly because it was all books I didn’t choose myself and it always takes me a lot longer to read those. I did catch up on Doctor Who and Faking It, so I’ll probably do a tv show related post soon.

I also made the most delicious cake/brownie thing today, so have a picture (has it really come that far? yes it has):

chocolate brownies

I just realized that this is finally something cake related. See? SEE? The title of this website does make sense! :D

Alright, that’s it for today. I think this is the first time I’m correctly making use of my miscellaneous category and NOT just because I forgot to uncheck the box.

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  1. verena

    woah, ist das ein design-seminar? ist ja geil *neidisch* :)
    sieht doch sehr cool aus! alles in photoshop? ist doch supi! :)

    • Vlora


      Ja genau, Gestaltung digitaler Medien heißt das. Ist allerdings nicht nur das designen sondern auch html und css und so. Aber kann man auch als fachfremder vorbeischauen. :) Mit Photoshop ja, hat aber ne Weile gedauert. :D
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