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What’s New?

First things first, mark your calendars, because Olivia from Olivia’s Catastrophe and I will be hosting an I Like Big Books (and I cannot lie) read-a-thon in mid-August, more specifically Aug 12th to Aug 21st! We’re still looking for co-hosts, so here’s a quick overview to give you an idea of what’s gonna happen:

The idea started because I decided I finally have to read the A Song of Ice and Fire series after watching the Game of Thrones season finale (how epic was that by the way? I’m still not over it). I thought I’d do a read-a-long, but we decided we’ll just make it about long books in general to give people that extra boost of motivation to tackle them. ASoIaF will be the featured series, and there will be some posts focused on it, but you can read everything you like and set your own goals (heck, you can even start watching the series if that’s what you’d like to do). There will be more announcements about this in the next few weeks, but if you’re interested in co-hosting, please comment below and/or send an email to :)

Now to the what’s happening in my life part that apparently substitutes my non-existent diary. Times are a-changing, my friends. I feel like I should be blasting ‘It’s the fiiiiinal countdown’ all day long, because most things I do now are related to moving soon. In eight weeks, I will have moved out of my current home, and in ten weeks I’ll be in England. I booked my flight this week, got the signed contract for my room back, bought an obnoxiously yellow suitcase and only had a minor breakdown once, because my finances still aren’t taken care of (basically I get a student loan from the government, but they want all sorts of documents I don’t have). Time is moving incredibly slow and way too fast at the same time. I took this week off work to make some progress on my BA thesis (I’ve been on twitter a lot, so you know it’s going well), and I can’t wait until I’m finished with that and get to enjoy the last few weeks here.

The Shiny

picture of a song of ice and fire series

I’m already grieving all the books I have to leave here when I move, so I figured what better way to solve this dilemma by buying even more books? I put these on my desk, so I can look at them longingly as motivation while working on my thesis.

I also got some eARCs from Netgalley:

book cover small admissions

cover on the run

cover and i darken

I know And I Darken has a different cover now (or maybe that’s just for the hardcover?), but THIS ONE IS SO MUCH COOLER OMG. Why would you change it to some non-descript flowers and a dagger when you can have this cover?? She looks so fierce and the whole getup kind of reminds me of the grounders in The 100 (which is a good thing). Small Admissions sounds like a fun, light read and On the Run isn’t my usual style, but something about it appealed to me, so we’ll see how that goes!

On the Blog

+ I reviewed Gena/Finn and it turned into a bit of a rant
+ I also reviewed This Savage Song which went a little better
+ The fantasy favorites read-a-thon is happening soon, so there’s an introduction post here
+ If you’re looking for a summer read, I can definitely recommend It’s Not Me, It’s You, which I really liked reading

Tune of the Week

I’m sure I’ve listened to better songs this week, but c’mon – it’s called Cake by the Ocean, I couldn’t not choose it. Unsurprisingly, as every other popular song about food, this song isn’t actually about food, but to be honest, I think it would be a better song if it were. Who wouldn’t want to have cake by the ocean?

As always, I’m linking up with Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and the Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

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21 Responses to “Big Books and Fake Cake”

  1. Inge

    I’ve been listening to Cake By the Ocean a lot because it makes me want to dance. Also, cool idea for a book event! I’m tackling some of the bigger books for the Fantasy Favourites read-a-thon, but I’ll definitely consider joining yours as well. Big books are intimidating, man. I need the mental support :’D
    Inge recently posted…Aly & Inge’s Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2016My Profile

    • Vlora


      It always makes me dance at my desk (which is a thing I do a lot… I’m sure it makes for a nice sight when I study at the library haha)! We’d love to have you join! Yeah, I’ll try for the Grisha series for the ff read-a-thon, but if not I have some long fantasy books at hand too :D
      Vlora recently posted…Big Books and Fake CakeMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Thanks, me too! Ha, yes, I didn’t plan to read them for a long time because I thought I’d just get bored what with knowing the general happenings after watching the show, but I finally caved. :D I’ll definitely share my thoughts once I’ve read them!
      Vlora recently posted…Big Books and Fake CakeMy Profile

  2. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Ooh I have and I Darken to read too! Actually I should’ve read it already bUT I HAVE NOT AND SHAME ON ME. *facepalm* I’m so behind on ARCs at the moment it’s hilarious. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Aka, me = dead under books. BUT HEY BETTER TOO MANY THAN NOT ENOUGH. And omgggg, the ASOIAF collection is so pretty! Eeep. I only own the last two, but I keep coveting these leather bound ones I see on bookstagram. (Darn you bookstagram.)
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…The Fury June #69 // (Hello I’m Back) My TBR Devoured Me & I Wrote My 20th NovelMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Better too many than not enough is always my philosophy with books hahaha (coincidentally also when it comes to cake) I just looked up the leatherbound ones, but I have to admit I like the colors of these better! The only issue I have is that they have bible pages and the quality isn’t terribly high. But they do look good! Thanks, it IS a bit scary, but also exciting!
      Vlora recently posted…Big Books and Fake CakeMy Profile

  3. Tracy @ Cornerfolds

    That read-a-thon sounds like fun, but good luck reading ASOIAF! I refuse to touch that series until he finishes it and I don’t have a lot of faith that he will… I hope you enjoy the books he’s finished so far! :P I believe that cover for And I Darken is the UK cover because I’ve seen the US hardcover and it’s the flowers! I hope you love it though! It’s SO GOOD!
    Tracy @ Cornerfolds recently posted…Weekly Recap: 6/26 – 7/2My Profile

    • Vlora


      Ha, yes. I was wondering whether I should wait until it’s done, but I’ll be forty by then if even, so I figured I’d just start reading now. :D Oooh, good to hear you liked And I Darken! I’ve heard mixed things, so I’m curious about whether I’ll like it!
      Vlora recently posted…Big Books and Fake CakeMy Profile

  4. Greg

    I like the sound of a readathon devoted to big books, and Ice and Fire- yay another reader! I love talking those books w/ people, and if you like the show you’ll like the extra character stuff you get in the books (at least I hope you do lol). Can’t wait to see your thoughts on them.

    And yes that cover of And I Darkn is awesome. You’re right, she looks like a kickass Grounder lol.
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #149My Profile

    • Vlora


      We’d love to have you if you want to join. :) I’m really excited about the extra character stuff – can’t wait to read them! IKR? it could be a grounder make-up sketch :D
      Vlora recently posted…Big Books and Fake CakeMy Profile

  5. Deborah

    Oh, I know the horror of moving and having to leave books behind… but it does offer the opportunity to do a cull. And then – of course – you can buy more! :-)
    Deborah recently posted…Weekly check-inMy Profile

  6. Sue at Book By Book

    I was going to offer to co-host, but we will be on vacation that week, so I will be completely offline.

    However, the reason a friend suggested I check it out is that I host an annual Big Book Summer Challenge! It’s going on right now, and there is still plenty of time to join the fun! You only need to plan to read at least one Big Book (400 or more pages) before September to participate – details at the link below.

    So, although I can’t co-host, maybe you and some of your participants will enjoy combining my challenge with your readathon – good luck with it!


    2016 Big Book Summer Challenge

    • Vlora


      That would have been great, but I hope you have fun on your vacation instead! :) You’re right, maybe someone wants to combine those two things, thanks for the tip!
      Vlora recently posted…FREEDOMMy Profile

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