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This meme is inspired by three things:

  1. You guys have been asking for more interactive content, and I LOVE interactive content
  2. I also love the book blogging community and finding people I have stuff in common with
  3. I used to be on livejournal and friending memes were fairly common over there

SO. This might be common in the “regular” blogosphere as well, but I’ve mostly seen it in fandom-related contexts. Even if someone else has done it, it’s not like one more is going to hurt. I’m not very active in the fandom community anymore, but I MISS all the fun comment fests, which is why I decided to start one myself. Without further ado, I bring you…

…The Blogger Friending Meme!

blogger friending meme

One of the best things about blogging is the interaction with other like-minded people. This meme is to actually find them and connect with them, so you can share your excitement. I’m most active in the book blogging community, but this is for every blogger who wants to participate. Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the form below and post it as a comment. You can skip questions you don’t feel comfortable with, or add your own.
  2. Check out other people’s comments and reply to them if you feel like you have stuff in common. Check out their blogs and/or social media links!
  3. You can participate if you’re a blog reader and don’t have a blog, but it probably helps if you have some sort of social media presence, so people can connect with you.
  4. The number one rule of the internet obviously still applies: don’t be a jerk.
  5. Remember to check back to see more comments!

Before you go off and do your merry mingling: share that ish, tweet that ish, blog about that ish. This is only going to work if people know about it and participate, so make sure to get the word out. :)

Alright, I’ll start. LET’S HAVE A BLOG PARTY, PEOPLE!


  1. Vlora


    Name: Vlora
    Age: 22
    Location: mostly on the internet, but also Germany

    I blog about: I’m most active in the book blogging community, but to be honest my blog is like 40% books 60% random stuff and personal posts. I also post about tv shows and movies, and there might be some talk about writing every once in a while!
    I’m passionate about: reading, writing, youtube, tv shows, trying new things & fandoms
    I’m a fan of: WHERE TO START. Moving pictures: Most things Marvel (MCU), Orange is the New Black, Modern Family, The 100, Suits, most Joss Whedon shows (Firefly, Dollhouse, Buffy), and so on and so forth. On YouTube: vlogbrothers, danisnotonfire, superwoman. Books: ALL OF THEM. (But mainly (urban) fantasy, sci-fi and contemporary.) Music: a bit of everything, but a lot of alternative/indie/rock.

    In other blogs I look for: humor, personality, sarcasm, original content and shared interests!
    Check me out here: this blog you’re on obviously, and also twitter (where I talk a lot and provide running commentary for things I’m watching), my youtube channel, goodreads, facebook or bloglovin’
    Random Awesome Thing:

    Vlora recently posted…BLOGGER FRIENDING MEMEMy Profile

  2. Alyssa

    YAY LET’S DO THIS. Awesome idea, Vlora, and I’m so excited to see what other blogs I can find and friend!

    Age:my daemon has settled
    Location:Behind you. BOO!
    I blog about:books, Chinese culture, fantasy-ish-things
    I’m passionate about:diverse representation, takeout, magic, madness and murder
    I’m a fan of:Mulan, words in general
    In other blogs I look for:gifs, wit, diversity, books and writing
    Check me out here:my blog The Devil Orders Takeout, or on social media websites: Twitterand Pinterest
    Random Awesome Thing:I have a Mulan translation that I’d love for you to read!
    Alyssa recently posted…Beautiful People: Thomas Continues His Bratty WaysMy Profile

  3. Olivia Roach

    Name/Alias: Olivia-Savannah
    Age: 16
    Location: The Netherlands (and sometimes wishing I was back home in Britain)
    I blog about: Books! Reading! Sometimes photography and odd recipe/crafts post. Ooh, and books. Did I mention books?
    I’m passionate about: books. (I should really stop repeating that), writing, basketball and family. Ooh, and movies too.
    I’m a fan of: Greek Mythology, bookish and film fandoms, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and food.
    In other blogs I look for: Personality through their writing and a good friend who has the same interests.
    Check me out here: My blog:
    Random Awesome Thing: This is how I feel every time people I ship finally get together:
    Olivia Roach recently posted…Never, Never (Review, SST & Giveaway!)My Profile

  4. verena

    Name/Alias: the kitty
    Age:don’t know, I have many lives. but well everybody thinks I am much younger than I am if they don’t know me well
    Location:in a creative dreamworld ^^
    I blog about:art, design, environment…
    I’m passionate about: design, childhood things, books, cats, tea, organic stuff
    I’m a fan of:amazing illustrations
    In other blogs I look for: articles about environment, sometimes beauty, honesty and books
    Check me out here:
    Random Awesome Thing: fruit juice
    verena recently posted…Read&Draw: Anne of Green GablesMy Profile

  5. Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections

    Name/Alias: Inge
    Age: 23
    Location: Belgium
    I blog about: books, writing, positivity, mental health
    I’m passionate about: reading, writing, blogging, English, cats, sarcasm, positivity, mental health, Sherlock, Harry Potter
    I’m a fan of: Carrie Hope Fletcher, JK Rowling, baked goodies, Tim Minchin, llamas, sloths, rain
    In other blogs I look for: a sense of humour, original ideas
    Check me out here: for my bookish blog and for my positivity & mental health blog
    Random Awesome Thing: Gordon Ramsay talking dirty
    Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted…The Hero of Ages by Brandon SandersonMy Profile

  6. Karolina @ Bookshelf Reflections

    Name/Alias: Karolina
    Age: 22
    Location: Germany/Greece – depending on the time of year
    I blog about: books, writing, learning to code, myself
    I’m passionate about: food, books, family, morals, success (though rarely mine)
    I’m a fan of: fashion, cooking, design, pretty architecture, cats and the internet
    In other blogs I look for: a clean design, sarcasm, a fun and witty attitude, smarts, humour, originality
    Check me out here: My blog Bookshelf Reflections, and my Twitter, Goodreads and Bloglovin’ accounts. :)
    Random Awesome Thing: This video of someone making a clarinet out of a carrot.

    Karolina @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted…The Hero of Ages by Brandon SandersonMy Profile

  7. Lola

    Name/Alias: Lola
    Age: 25
    Location: Netherlands
    I blog about: books, food (mostly recipes), random ramblings, weekly recaps and other topics that might interest me.
    I’m passionate about: cooking, baking, reading, Star Wars, pet rats, my company Lola’s Blog Tours
    In other blogs I look for: reviews, nice and easy to read design, friendly bloggers, interesting other posts beside reviews (although I also follow blogs who do only reviews), common interests
    Check me out here: and
    Random Awesome Thing: Spring rolls for dinner today, yum!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #142My Profile

      • Lola

        Thanks! I love doing those recipe post, so I am glad to hear people like them :)

        I am a big star wars fan, but I try not to talk to much about it on the blog ;). I am planning on posting a review of the whole Star Wars the Clone Wars series on my blog soon though, so we’ll see how that goes.

        I am a big Annakin Skywalker fan, I love his character and how he walks the line between good and evil because he cares too much. And I love the prequel movies! Most Star Wars fan seem to prefer the original series or even hate the prequel movies, while I though the prequel movis were so much better and the original series was just okay. So I always feel like I am the odd one out when I talk about Star Wars.

  8. Jackie

    Name/Alias: Jackie
    Age: Twenty-Seven
    Location: Michigan, USA
    I blog about: Books & Tea! Sometimes cats, video games, and the changing of the seasons
    I’m passionate about: Harry freaking Potter! The topics I blog about (otherwise I would’t be blogging about them…).
    I’m a fan of: Borrowing books from the library. Harry freaking Potter againg! Eureka (a TV show that used to air on SyFy). Peppermint tea.
    In other blogs I look for: Original features and content that beckon interaction. Reviews for books that aren’t make their rounds on the blogosphere. An established voice. Positivity! A clean design.
    Check me out here: (Blog); (instagram); (twitter)
    Random Awesome Thing: Pandas! Cats!
    Jackie recently posted…Halt You Villains! Unhand That Review! Nimona by Noelle StevensonMy Profile

  9. Romi

    Aah! This is so neat, Vlora- you have amazing ideas- and I’m so glad I saw your post and got your email about it! OKAY. Let’s go.

    Name/Alias: Romi
    Age: 19
    Location: Tasmania
    I blog about: Books, my writing and my puppy. Because who doesn’t love a puppy? Probably some people, but Kasta is the exception.
    I’m passionate about: Books, writing, Kasta… the things I blog about? Reading! I love rain, thunder and lightning storms, Eurovision, friendship, flowers, fruit and jogging.
    I’m a fan of: Books! This is getting… predictable. But Books are great.
    In other blogs I look for: Kindness, honesty, passion, hilarity.
    Check me out here:
    Random Awesome Thing: Winged Eyeliner!
    Romi recently posted…My individualistic writing and editing process of terror.My Profile

    • Vlora


      Glad you like the idea!! I didn’t know you’re from Tasmania! I also love rain and thunderstorms, they’re the best (when I’m sheltered haha). Winged eyeliner is fairly awesome, but I have yet to master it. Actually, I feel like I shouldn’t be trusted with eyeliner in general. I just poke my eyes out really.
      Vlora recently posted…BLOGGER FRIENDING MEMEMy Profile

  10. Aentee

    Name/Alias: Aentee
    Age: Young enough to appreciate YA and MG books ;)
    Location: Oz! Land of killer critters!
    I blog about: Books, side serving of graphics to call back to my LJ days!
    I’m passionate about: Most recently Rowan/Aelin! But also love for my photoshop, my fantasy books, beautiful lyrical proses, diversity in fiction!
    I’m a fan of: Other than books? I love Japanese culture, shoujo bingeing, Sense8, the first 6 seasons of Supernatural, How To Get Away With Murder, Korean dramas of all kinds.
    In other blogs I look for: Humour, lists, fangirling over books I love, intelligent discussion, healthy dose of shipping, and pretty graphics!
    Check me out here:
    Random Awesome Thing: YOU for making this friending meme.
    Aentee recently posted…Book Review: Bone GapMy Profile

  11. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Name/Alias: Nicole
    Age: older than most of you! (41, to be exact)
    Location: Chicago area
    I blog about: books!
    I’m passionate about: hearing myself speak (somebody has to do it)
    I’m a fan of: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, YA books, fantasy, dystopians and anything else that’s good.
    In other blogs I look for: Fun and interesting content – anything unique
    Check me out here:
    Random Awesome Thing: I am randomly awesome (but mostly random)
    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction recently posted…Sunday Post & Giveaways Galore 9/6/15My Profile

  12. Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    This is such a fabulous idea Vlora! One of the best things about blogging is being able to talk to people who live all around the world about something we all share in common. I think this is a great idea to help open up to each other. :)

    Name: Zoe
    Age: Mid-teens
    Location: United States
    I blog about: Books
    I’m passionate about: Books, theatre, gymnastics, my friends & family
    I’m a fan of: Musicals, Books that make me think and see the world in a new way, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games
    Check me out here:
    Random Awesome Thing: MILKSHAKES
    Zoe @ Stories on Stage recently posted…The Kiss of DeceptionMy Profile

  13. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Name/Alias:Shannon/Shhh aliases are secret.
    Age: GR. 32. :(
    Location: Northeastern PA
    I blog about: Nonsense, presumably
    I’m passionate about: Cake. My small humans. The Hunger Games. Sleeping. But mostly cake.
    I’m a fan of:Fruity cocktails. Brownies. Tacos. Eating, apparently. Sleeping. Reading. TRAVEL. Swimming. Again, The Hunger Games. The 100.
    In other blogs I look for: Funny and unique. But I can live with just funny. I mean, it doesn’t exactly hurt if you pretty it up either.
    Check me out here:
    Random Awesome Thing: Me. Sushi. Peeta Mellark. Actually, let’s just smoosh those all together and you’d have a perfect thing.
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…This Week At Midnight (77) + GiveawayMy Profile

  14. Heather

    This is such a good idea! I need to spend time scrolling through all these awesome blogs. And even though I am a little late (and mostly that one lurker) I will do this, too.

    Name/Alias: Heather
    Age: Not old enough to drink alcohol in America
    Location: USA
    I blog about: reading, writing, blogging, occasionally villains, religion, stories, and other things
    I’m passionate about: villains and evil things and bacon, also books and writing and tv shows
    I’m a fan of: rock n’ roll, staying up past midnight, Leverage, Firefly, Fringe, the eighties
    In other blogs I look for: a sense of humor regarding writing, books, blogging, or anything that makes me laugh
    Check me out here: or
    Random Awesome Thing: Big F Little f What begins with F? Seven fluffy feathers on a fiffer feffer feff
    Heather recently posted…College: The First Two WeeksMy Profile

  15. Heather

    Age: I have to do the math everytime now
    Location: US
    I blog about: books, quilts if I get anything done, exercise if I do it
    I’m passionate about: geekiness, vegetarianism, knowledge
    I’m a fan of: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Joss Whedon, Star Trek more than Star Wars, curling more than baseball, travel
    In other blogs I look for: interesting books that aren’t what everyone else is reading, correct spelling, humor
    Check me out here: or or
    Random Awesome Thing: my cat is insisting on keeping his paw on my arm while I type
    Heather recently posted…Clean SweepMy Profile

  16. Samantha @ Fabulous Fabris

    Name/Alias: Samantha
    Location: Michigan, USA
    I blog about: Books, TV, DIY, Life, Photography, etc
    I’m passionate about: Books, TV, photography
    I’m a fan of:SO much TV: Stargate, all things Joss Whedon, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, The 100, The Mentalist, Doctor Who, Orphan Black… I could go on for a while
    In other blogs I look for: Humour, good content
    Check me out here:
    Random Awesome Thing: Me?
    Samantha @ Fabulous Fabris recently posted…10 Finished Series I Haven’t FinishedMy Profile

  17. Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books

    I love this interactive post. So much fun!!

    Name/Alias: Cynthia


    Location: Naples, Italy!

    I blog about: book, books, and more books . . . sometimes I will even throw in a post with some pictures of my travels around Italy and Europe.

    I’m passionate about: books, travel, my dog, bacon, chocolate, working out

    I’m a fan of: fantasy books and anything by Marissa Meyer, Scandal TV show, reading past my bedtime

    In other blogs I look for: good writing, great book recommendations, humor, passion

    Check me out here: My blog, Bingeing On Books ( and my Twitter page (username: @Bingeingonbooks)

    Random Awesome Thing: My dog.

  18. Jess @ POB!

    Name/Alias: Jess
    Age: the mid-years
    Location: Golden State, USA.
    I blog about: ALL THINGS BOOKISH.
    I’m passionate about: BOOKS, feminism, consent, cats, ice-cream, books, books, bookstores, Harry Potter and the likes.
    I’m a fan of: HARRY FLIPPING POTTER (and books)
    In other blogs I look for: similar interests!
    Check me out here:
    Random Awesome Thing: My cat is cuter than me.
    Jess @ POB! recently posted…Bookish Scavenger Hunt! | TackleTBR Read-a-Thon Challenge HostMy Profile

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