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February 17, 2017 books, reviews 4

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I ordered this book way back when it first came out – in hardcover no less – because I liked The Darkest Minds series by Alexandra Bracken. I only just got around to reading it, and I’m not quite as enthusiastic about this series debut as I was about her other work.

Apparently people’s attention span isn’t very long on the internet (by which I mean to say mine isn’t), so have a list.


– THIS BOOK IS SOOO LONG. As in, it FELT long. It could have been edited considerably. A lot of things weren’t very relevant and never came back up again. It really dragged sometimes, and it was a bit of a struggle to get through. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I liked the author’s other books, I may have DNF’d it.

– The romance was so forced?? They had like one conversation in the beginning and suddenly they were in love. I mean they basically spend a week together before they profess their love. It was an eventful week, admittedly, but still.

– It was a bit preachy sometimes. I feel like it would have been enough to show the cruelty of a certain era without then spending pages and pages explaining WHY it’s so horrible.

– Some things just plain didn’t make sense. I know it’s a novel about time travel, but I some things didn’t add up within the world.

– The protagonists were a little boring.


– I want to know what happens, but I’m also annoyed that I’ll have to read the sequel? So yeah. Not great.


+ A lot of different settings! From Hamilton-era America over WWII London to 17th century Syria, it was great to explore the different eras.

+ Etta wasn’t the most interesting character, but some of the side characters, like Sophia and Etta’s mother, were more intriguing (though to be clear I did NOT like her mother).

+ Time travel politics! There was a system and a history, and I’d like to find out more.

+ Things got a little more interesting towards the final showdown.

The story didn’t really stick with me very long after I set the book down, and I’m not particularly eager to read the sequel (though I still might). The worst problem, however, is that I just didn’t really fall in love with the characters. I enjoyed parts of it, but I was left a little underwhelmed by everything. Since I like this author’s other books, I’ll give it an optimistic three cupcakes.


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  1. Valerie


    I had the exact same problem with this book! It just kept on dragging in the beginning, and honestly, as my first book by the author, I’m not too keen on picking up The Darkest Minds. Even if it was something that intrigued me in the past.

    I’m pretty sure the only parts I liked were the ones about Etta and her love for the violin, which I think got cut out in the end? Oh and yeah, also loved the different settings, that was fun. And the cover under the jacket is gorgeous. But other than that, I agree, it is meh!
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    • Vlora


      SO MUCH CHEESE. I’m not sure how different the published version was – there were definitely still a lot of parts about Etta and the violin, but she didn’t play other than in the very beginning. Yes, the different settings were great! Other than that… not my favorite.
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  2. Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight

    Aw CRAP. This is sadness. I want to read this one, but well.. I started the ARC, after BEA 2015, and it was boring. But then I heard that they were changing a LOT in the finished copy, so I waited. And then I was like “well I will just wait for the sequel”… and now I am waiting for… Idk what, me to not be afraid that this is going to be boring. This… is not looking promising. But on the other hand, HAMILTON-era! ;) Sorry this was a miss for you though!
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    • Vlora


      I’m sorry the beginning didn’t work for you either. =/ But they may have changed a lot, I’m not actually sure, because I’ve only read the published version, so maybe it’s better than you think? Possibly? I’m not sure haha. I hope you enjoy it if you do ever end up reading it. :D
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