Couch Potato Edition

January 25, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous, movies 10

Heeeello internet.

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I’ve been dreadfully sick all week, but I decided to crawl out from under my blanket for long enough to let you participate in my misery. Sound like fun? Yes, I thought it did.

Story time!

Okay, let me paint a picture here: After several nightmares in which my tongue is stuck to my gums, I wake up to find out my tongue is actually stuck my gums because my mouth is so dry it might as well be the fucking sahara. I have a massive headache and my floor is a sea of snotty tissues (as in they were actually full of snot, not as in they were stuck-up).

stuck up box of kleenex

This box of tissues is not amused.

So I drag myself to class because I have to hand in a research paper. I’m trying to pretend that I am not a volcano of snot as someone is droning on about how to write academically (why I have to attend this class in my fourth semester is anyone’s guess). Since the presentation itself wasn’t enough, there’s a special treat: group work!

No one has any motivation to present the two sentences we came up with (okay that the others came up with), so the task falls to me, even though I look like death and I have to blow my nose every two seconds. Suddenly, one of the other group members asks “Do you have a nose bleed?” Me (very confidently, since I’ve never had a nosebleed in my life): “Nah.” A couple seconds later and I realize my tissue is coming away red. I rush out of the classroom and return a minute later. Upon my return: “Soooooo… do you want to give the presentation now?” NO, OF COURSE I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE A MOTHERFUCKING PRESENTATION WHEN I AM BLEEDING AND EVERYONE ELSE IS FINE. People these days.

Michelle just GETS me, you know?

Um… that’s the whole story. Deal with it.

The Shiny!

Okay, I didn’t really get any new books this week, but my copy of Princess of Thorns FINALLY found its way to me. Also, I bought two DVDs I’m looking forward to watching, so I thought I’d share that.

Princess of Thorns is about Sleeping Beauty’s daughter, who is cursed with taking away the willpower of any guy she kisses and who needs to fight to get back her throne. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Vampire Academy is of course the movie adaption of the first book of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series. I avoided watching it at first because it looked really stupid based on the trailer, but a couple of weeks ago I finally caved, and I actually really enjoyed it, so I bought it. Julie & Julia is a movie I’ve been wanting to see for quite some time, so I got that as well.

All and Sundry

You know when you have exams coming up and suddenly the most important task you have ever had to fulfill is to watch the entire seven seasons of Gilmore Girls? No, just me? Oh, please, I can see you NOT STUDYING over there. Aaaanyways, I’m still on season one, but I have a couple of term papers due soon and there’s an important oral exam coming up in February, so I see myself making rapid progress over the next couple of weeks.

Upstairs? That doesn’t seem worth the effort to me.

On the Blog

I didn’t blog much this week because all my energy went to wallowing in self-pity, but in wise forethought (not really, I forgot about it myself) I scheduled a post, so YAY posts.

  • You can tell me whether you reply to comments and comment back in my discussion post here
  • I collected a couple of my favorite YouTube videos to share with you here
  • And finally, you can still tell me all about your reading habits and link up here

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What’s up with you lovelies? How did your week go? Anything interesting? Good books, movies, tv shows? Let me know below!

10 Responses to “Couch Potato Edition”

  1. verena

    oh no, get well soon!! poor Vlora!!

    I had Julie&Julia on DVD, too. It’s a nice film :)

    lots of energy and good thoughts for you!

  2. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    The group work gif is PERFECTION. Seriously, why does anyone ever think that is a good plan? It such nonsense. Inevitably one person (me) does all the work while some jerk sits around doing nothing. It sounds like it works the same for you!

    I definitely want to read Princess of Thorns, it sounds quite good! Hope you enjoy all the books, and hopefully you’re feeling better (or will be soon)!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…This Week At Midnight (45)My Profile

    • Vlora


      I DON’T KNOW. I’ll admit that in about 10% of cases group work actually makes sense, but the other 90% it either slows you down, or one or two people do all the work. I doubt it has improved my team work skills, but who knows. At least I don’t usually pull a Luke on people when they’re being stupid, so it might have helped. :D

      Thanks, Shannon! I’m feeling better now, so it’s all good. :)
      Vlora recently posted…21 Random Facts About MeMy Profile

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