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Crazy Person On Air!?

August 8, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 26

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What’s New?

I started my internship at the radio this week. The start was a bit rocky due to some organizational issues, but I got into it the last couple of days. I’m mainly helping with this live show about local news and event tips (and some music) that they do, and I have to produce two segments for that each week. I was on air for the first time yesterday, and it was really fun! I thought it would be scarier, but the fact that it’s a small station, and you’re not actually talking in front of people who are physically present makes it easier. Plus, there’s a structure to the show and you have your text prepared, so you don’t have to improv everything.

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So Many Awards I Can Start a Grammy Chessboard

August 5, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 8

Okay, it’s just two, so it would be a very small chessboard. Also, neither of them is a Grammy, which frankly surprises me, considering my immense musical talent. Yes, it’s going to be one of those posts.

Will Smith references aside, I really was nominated for the Liebster Award and the Creative Blogger Award a while ago. Mallory and Verena nominated me for the Liebster Award, Rachael nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award, and Alyssa kindly nominated me for both at once. All of these date back to April or May, and I actually had to Google to find the posts again. In my defense, I’m lazy.

A huge THANK YOU to all of you; I really appreciate that you apparently find something you like in between all this rambling. <3 Alright, let’s do this!
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I got a camera!

July 26, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 20

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What’s New?

The semester ended! Well, technically it’s still the summer semester until September, and as always I have to write approximately ten thousand term papers (okay 2 or 3, but they’re LONG), but at least classes are over. I had an oral exam yesterday, which went well (not thanks due to my diligent studying).

Other random things that happened the last three weeks:

  • I finally watched Birdman, and it was slightly confusing, but good (even though it made fun of superhero movies)
  • I went to my old school’s summmer fest and decided I don’t understand other people’s nostalgia (except for arts, which I miss)
  • My laptop broke, so I stole my grandma’s new one until I get mine back. She hasn’t even used it yet. Yes, I’m a horrible person, you can’t be surprised? I literally just got my laptop, so it was sliiightly frustrating, but at least I could rescue some of my data, so I’ll live.
  • I continued to make videos every week, so please check them out if you want to be my new favorite person forever (#shameless)

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Legitimate Reasons Not to Write

June 9, 2015 books, discussion, fun, miscellaneous 28

No Time

You would be writing if you could. Really. It’s just… there’s no time. In between work, education, your family, and your social obligations there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But don’t worry. If you had the time, you’d already have written at least three bestsellers. You’re going to have time someday. And the world better prepare for when you’re a millionaire.

No Muse

You specifically took this time to write. You cleared your schedule, cleaned your home and organized your stationery. There are even some motivational quotes pinned to the side of your desktop. Unfortunately for your future writing career, you’re just not feeling it today. The blinking cursor on a backdrop of white, blank page might as well be your best friend with how much time you’ve been spending together. Ah well, maybe some other day. There’s no need to torture yourself with putting down words you know aren’t going to be up to your standard anyway. You’ll just make up for it when your muse returns.

Bad Environment

Your fingers would already be flying across the keyboard; it’s just… your writing space sucks. Your office is too dark, the coffee shop is too loud and the library is too quiet. Besides, the laptop is cramping your style anyway. You could see yourself with a notepad, somewhere on the windswept cliffs of Cornwall, writing poetry. Or maybe on a summer meadow, leaning against the trunk of a tree as you come up with the outline for your next seven books. This just won’t do.

Shiny New Ideas

You’re well into your new book. You’ve already written five chapters and the genius twist you’re planning to implement in chapter 14 fills you with a sense of evil joy pride. But… there’s this other idea you had, and it was even better than this one. You should really write it down before you forget everything. In fact, was the old one even that good? Maybe you should try to write a couple of chapters of the new book first, see how it feels… Of course you’ll return and finish this one though, no question about it. If you had run with another idea every time something shinier came along, you’d never have completed an enti- oh, right.

NaNoWriMo Limits Your Creativity

You decided to finally participate in NaNoWriMo, because you’re sure it will give you that extra surge of motivation you need to finish your book. Less than 2000 words a day – piece of cake, right? Definitely doable – after all, you’ve written more than that on several occasions. It should take you what, an hour a day? Please, you can write for an hour in your sleep. The first week goes well. You miss a couple of days during the second week, but there’s still plenty of time to make up for it, right? By the middle of the third week you’re 15 000 words behind and finishing your book in the next one and a half weeks doesn’t seem very likely. You’re not sure where you went wrong. You’ve been thinking about writing so much, surely there should be something to show for it?? It’s okay, you’ll just put in some extra time during the weekend. You spend the entire weekend catching up on Game of Thrones, because otherwise people would spoil all the new episodes. You give up by the beginning of week 4, because this was a stupid idea to begin with. Writing is a creative endeavor. Creativity can’t be contained to a schedule.

You Have to Do More Research

See, the thing is you don’t want to just write a book. You want to write a good book. What if you mention those windswept Cornwall cliffs you’ve been imagining as your perfect writing space and then find out that you’ve been wrong all your life and there’s no wind in Cornwall? What if you set your murder mystery in Brussels and refer to it as the capital of Germany before you realize it’s actually in Belgium? You don’t want go making a fool of yourself, so you should do some more research. Yes, you’ve already spent weeks researching that one scene, but… there is no such thing as thorough enough. Definitely spend some more time Googling, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re procrastinating. They’ll all be jealous of the believable atmosphere in your book once it’s published. Which it will be. Soon.

I’m pretty sure I’m guilty of absolutely everything on this list. Hell, I didn’t even start NaNoWriMo to begin with. What are YOUR best writing excuses?


Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

June 5, 2015 fun, recs, tv shows 14

As I spent some time catching up on Game of Thrones yesterday, I started drafting up a post on my favorite characters, because clearly you’re all dying to know. Fast forward to today and my return to this post, and I realized I have perfect timing as it is currently Thursday and you all know what THAT means.

TV Show Thursdays on Reviews and Cake

Welcome to TV Show Thursdays, where I discuss TV Shows, review episodes and give my commentary on anything TV Show related!

There will be some spoilers for the show, so be warned. Good? Good. Let us begin.
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Why Bambi Is Actually A Horror Movie

May 4, 2015 discussion, fun, movies, reviews 15

Remember Bambi? Bunnies hopping, birds singing, deer frolicking,… or that’s what you think. I watched Bambi with my roommate last week, and we spent about 20 minutes curled up in little trauma balls afterwards. Since my way of processing things is to write about them, you get to find out EXACTLY why.

Rape, death, annoying little children… this movie has it all. Let’s make a list! Do I need to warn for spoilers for Bambi? Consider yourself warned. Where was I? Right, list.
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Graphic Design and Superheroes

April 11, 2015 fun, miscellaneous, movies 25

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The Week

This week was busy! Tell me, how do people go to work, have a social life AND blog several times a week? I didn’t work per se, but I finished my last term paper on Monday, and then I had a seminar on graphic design all day from Tuesday to Friday. I am SO glad I’m done with my term papers. I have no idea how they turned out, but I’m hoping for the best. It’s very nice to have some guilt-free relaxation time, but of course the next semester starts in a couple of days. The graphic design seminar this week was voluntary, and I think I learned a lot! I’m pretty sure those skills will come in handy in the future, so I’m glad I went and that my university offers things like that for free.

Photo of the week:

This is my university town – pretty, no?

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Game Time!

April 5, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 23

I don’t have a lot of time to write a post today, so I figured I’d let YOU do all the work, little genius that I am. I love all the games I’ve been seeing on other blogs lately, so I figured I’d make one of my own. My game is mostly inspired by this Author Memory Test, but it’s more about the books than the authors and some of the questions require you to get creative. It seems I actually like taking tests when there’s a chance I’ll know the answers, so I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

books checklist on Reviews and Cake
The right answer to any question.

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All About That Bass

March 24, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 9

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Today’s post is all about music and books! I love music; I love books; what could go wrong? This is for the Fantasy Favorites Read-A-Thon prompt, and one of the books I chose is even fantasy. I hope you’re all proud of me.

fantasy favorites read-a-thon on reviews and cake

The Playlist

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I Talk About Myself Again

March 18, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 17

…and about fantasy, because it’s time for the…

Bookshelfreflections on Reviews and Cake

…that’s right, the Fantasy Favorites Read-A-Thon! If you’re just now checking out this blog for the first time, because of the link up – welcome! Get comfortable while I tell you a little something about me.

1. Introduce yourself!

So this is where I get to talk about myself again, hence the title. I did a post with 21 Random Facts About Me two months ago (you will quickly notice I’m one of my favorite subjects), but here’s the short version: student, rebel (I always wear two different kinds of socks, so I kind of feel like I have a rightful claim to that title), tv show addict, Queen of procrastination (gotta be queen of something, right?), overuser of brackets. I still feel like this gif describes me best as a person:

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The Triumphant Return

February 25, 2015 fun, miscellaneous 12

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The Party

I’M BACK ONLINE. You guys probably didn’t notice, but I didn’t have wifi for weeks. WEEKS. That’s decades in non-internet times. I might as well have been frozen in solid ice only to wake up in another millennium. What do you mean I watch too many movies? I dare you to say that again. Anyways, I have wifi again, which means I’m finally able to respond to comments and stalk your blogs write posts again. I only use this gif for special occasions, but I’m pretty sure this qualifies.

Loki Party Gif
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New Bookshelf!

February 7, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 18

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The Acquisition


I moved into this place about a year ago, and ever since then, there has been a wide, sad expanse of wall above my couch. I always meant to hang up a big picture there, but I never quite found the right one. Then I visited a friend, and she had a shelf full of books up on her wall. You might be able to guess what my next Christmas wish was. After a trip to hell Ikea and some near misses with the wiring in my wall, the shelf was finally up. I expected to have a lot more space for my books now, but somehow my other shelf is still almost as full as before (bottom right).
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21 Random Facts About Me

January 25, 2015 fun, miscellaneous 12

I haven’t talked about myself in at least a day, so I thought a list was in order. Inspired by Cait at Paperfury, who I hope won’t mind me kidnapping her idea. I am also doing 21 things because I am also 21.

  1. I have a terrible singing voice, but I sing ALL THE TIME. Sorry, not sorry.
  2. I also love to master the rap parts of songs. My current favorite is Airplanes.
  3. I’ve always wanted to write a book, but I never had the discipline to actually do it. If you recall, “participate in NaNoWriMo and win” is on my list of goals this year, and I’m already terrified.

  4. I have no idea what to do with my life (and the answer won’t change no matter how many times you ask, grandpa). I’d kind of just like to hang out, watch tv shows, read a couple of good books and blog. Can someone pay me for that please?
  5. I’m doing my bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary American Studies, but all jokes related to important events in history go right over my head. I also have a history exam that’ll make up 20% of my grade coming up soon. Oh, well.

  6. I have no siblings, and I’m not sure I can imagine how it would be like to have them. My mum raised me by herself, and I’m very close with my grandma and my cousin, even though both are very different from me.
  7. I once didn’t clean my room for two years because, dare I quote myself, “I’m going to move out soon anyway”. I’m better at it now, I promise.

  8. Declarations of love or affection make me panic. I prefer to coat everything in a heavy layer of sarcasm and wrap it up with a neat little bow of eye-roll. I also tend not to believe people when they’re being genuine (or are they?). This is probably why people think I’m being sarcastic when I am being serious.

  9. I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, but my all time favorite album is Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory.
  10. I feel simultaneously too young and too old for my age.
  11. I used to have really bad self-esteem, but I thought this was normal. I’m working on it.

  12. I’m not a beach person. It’s sandy and salty, and I always get sunburn. I love watching the sunset at a beach, and jetski is like the most fun thing I’ve ever done, but I’ve never been able to just lie and get a tan for hours and hours and hours. It’s so boring I can’t even. No, not even with a good book.
  13. My friends are really important to me. I’ve always liked the saying “friends are the family you choose”. Everything in life is easier and more fun if you have someone in your corner rooting for you. Due to being a bit on the introverted side of the spectrum, it takes me ages to make good friends, but once you’re in the circle of trust you’ll probably stay there (Meet the Parents reference intended).
  14. I hate clubbing. I do like having a couple of drinks and dancing from time to time, but after a while it gets boring, and I just want to go home and do something more interesting instead. Like this:

  15. My favorite childhood tv shows are: Gilmore Girls, King of Queens and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Honorary mentions go to Charmed and Xena: Warrior Princess. Other great 90s/early 2000s shows that I didn’t watch much as a child, but love: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Friends.
  16. I get distracted easily. For example, I went looking for the Airplanes video earlier and saw a Neil Patrick Harris video recommended in the sidebar. It was a music video of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, so I watched the trailer for that and a performance of a song from the movie, in which he kissed his husband. That led to a search for interviews with Neil Patrick Harris and his husband. I watched them do a newlywed quiz and then went on to watch a couple more videos before I returned to this list. My grandma came in and asked me to change the setting for the TV downstairs. Since I was already downstairs, I figured I might as well get a piece of cake for all that hard work. Then I Googled for 90s TV Shows to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything. The list I found linked to a video, so I was back on YouTube. Maybe it’s just YouTube’s fault. (Edit:It is now about five hours after I wrote this last part. I’m not even going to attempt to list all the things that distracted me in the meantime, but I rest my case.)

  17. I’m a night person. School and me never got along because it was just TOO DAMN EARLY. I am now at university and don’t attend classes that start before noon out of principle. If I’m longing for sleep all day long, I’ll still be wide awake at night. I can focus best at night as well.
  18. My middle name is Sylvia. I have had to check my own ID card at multiple points throughout my life because I can never remember where the y goes.
  19. When the sun is shining and the birds are chirping …you will most likely find me inside. I despise it when people pity you when you stay inside on a warm summer day (hey mom). It’s not that I can’t appreciate a day at the lake, but most of the time I just don’t care that much about the weather. In fact, I think summer is too hot. I much prefer spring and sunny fall and winter days.

  20. My first language is German, and I am fluent in English. I have also had lessons in French and Spanish, but I can’t really hold a conversation in either because I never practiced much. When I last went to France, the waitress asked me how the food was, and I replied “muy bien, gracias”. Needless to say, she gave me a weird look and walked away before I could correct my mistake.

  21. One of these points was going to be that I am fearless when it comes to placing mugs of tea in close vicinity to my laptop, but right after I came up with that I knocked over a cup of tea, so I didn’t want to tempt fate. I also drop my phone so much that I’m honestly surprised it still works. I might or might not have accidentally dropped it onto my face when I was lying on my back and typing. Several times.

Aaaalright, that’s it! Tell me something random about yourself in the comments. :)


Couch Potato Edition

January 25, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous, movies 10

Heeeello internet.

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I’ve been dreadfully sick all week, but I decided to crawl out from under my blanket for long enough to let you participate in my misery. Sound like fun? Yes, I thought it did.

Story time!

Okay, let me paint a picture here: After several nightmares in which my tongue is stuck to my gums, I wake up to find out my tongue is actually stuck my gums because my mouth is so dry it might as well be the fucking sahara. I have a massive headache and my floor is a sea of snotty tissues (as in they were actually full of snot, not as in they were stuck-up).

stuck up box of kleenex

This box of tissues is not amused.

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Spotlight: My Favorite YouTube Videos

January 23, 2015 discussion, fun, miscellaneous, recs 3

I love YouTube. I just adore the concept of a creative space where everyone with access to the internet and a camera can upload their videos for everyone to enjoy. I’m sure it has a positive impact on my life to watch people to whom I can relate. I’m honestly so grateful I was born in the age of the internet! I thought you might enjoy some of these too, so I collected some of the videos I find most inspiring and/or fun:

This video is called popularity, but it’s also about self-confidence and getting out of your comfort zone. I like Christine for her positive vibes, and I love this video for reminding me to be more self-confident and to trust in myself.
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Featuring: Actual Cake

January 15, 2015 books, discussion, fun, miscellaneous 15

You know those weekly wrap ups and update posts? Well, I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while, so here it is!

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I feel like I’m introducing a new feature every other day, but hey, I’m still in the learning process; cut me some slack. Cake Conversations gives me a chance to show off my new books STS style and tell you about exciting things happening in my life. Basically, it’s just rambling in disguise.
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European Nerdfighter Convention!

January 14, 2015 fun, miscellaneous 5

I know there are some book bloggers, who are also nerdfighters, so I’m just going to put this out there.

EXCITEMENT. I haven’t decided whether or not to go, but I’m definitely considering it. I’ve never been to a convention, and it always seems like all the fun ones are in the US, so I’m THRILLED there’s something like this happening.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a vlogbrothers fan, and I’ve read all of John Green’s books, so I suppose I’d consider myself a nerdfighter. Even though I start running in the other direction when I see the Okay? Okay. combination because ARGH HYPE. Just kidding. I don’t run.

I can’t find much information yet, so I’m going to wait before I spent all my money (oh, right… I should probably get some of that first), but I’M KEEPING A CLOSE EYE ON THIS. There will be an indiegogo campaign soon, so make sure to check that out if you want this to happen. Even if the convention for some reason sucked, I’d still like to go to Brussels because I’ve never been before. I have no clue what the organizers are planning for this event, but I suggested they better invite some book bloggers in their survey. :D

Sooooo… Anyone thinking about going?