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New Laptop and Windows 8(.1)

December 30, 2014 books, fun, miscellaneous 4

I got a new laptop!

I party like Iron Man

I didn’t even plan on buying a laptop, but my old one has been sounding like a lawn mower on ecstasy for the past couple of… well, years. It was basically broken from the start, and I was too lazy and too broke to get it fixed, sooo. Yes, I’m one of those people. #sorrynotsorry What do you mean there are no hashtags on WordPress? WELL THERE SHOULD BE.

lawn mower on ecstasy

I thought you might want to know what a lawn mower on ecstasy looks like.

This laptop is so much quieter than my old one. Whenever the screen goes black because I haven’t done anything in too long, I freak out because I think it has shut itself down because I can’t hear it anymore. I realize that I’m still in the honeymoon phase, and this one will probably develop annoying issues at some point but OH BLISSFUL SILENCE. Now I’m thinking of the Silence in Doctor Who. No marks on my arm (I did actually just check), so we’re good.

doctor who silence

Unfortunately, buying a new laptop means buying a new laptop with Windows 8(.1 if it makes any difference) on it. I have been avoiding Windows 8 for years after trying it out for two minutes on a friend’s laptop a couple of years ago. Let’s just say the experience was frustrating. I was determined to make it work though (mostly because I was too lazy to attempt a downgrade – what, I did mention I was one of those people earlier, were you not paying attention?). There were a few times I grew frustrated (WHY Windows WHY), but now I’ve figured out (read: Googled) how to start it in desktop mode and basically ignore every new feature there is. What? I’m afraid of change okay.

Of course now I’ll have to show my grandma how to use my old one. It’s stripped of all of my data, so there’s nothing potentially embarrassing on there, but I quiver in fear of the day she decides to get facebook.

I got something else that’s new today: books! My Darkest Minds trilogy finally arrived and I’m expecting some more books tomorrow (my cousin and her boyfriend gave me an amazon gift card for Christmas, so obviously I had to cash that in right away). I haven’t started reading Never Fade yet, but so far I’ve been entirely content staring at the trilogy in its perfection. I kiiiind of resolved not to read Never Fade until my essay for uni is done, but… I haven’t even started researching it yet, so I probably won’t keep that resolve.

She needs to sort out her priorities

I know, Ron, I know. But first let me get back to marathoning old polandbanana videos on youtube.


‘Bout This Blogger (Yes, this one right here)

December 29, 2014 discussion, fun, miscellaneous, psa 2

So, I don’t usually do a lot of tags, BUT this one is all about me, so… obviously I had to do it. Also, I meant to post about some of these questions eventually anyway – now it’s all handydandy (I never use this word in real life, I promise) in one place.

1. Why did you start blogging?

As proven by various whiny teenage blogs (no, they do not exist anymore …I hope.), I have a need to express myself, but I’m not disciplined enough to write a book, so… blogging yay. No seriously though, I just like talking about myself. Let’s be real, this is basically like a diary but better. With people reading it. And more organized. And with less embarrassing topics. All right, it’s not like a diary at all.

Okay okay the actual honest answer: it’s all for the ARCs. That I never get. Darn it, guess I’ll have to stop blogging now.
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End of the Year Book Survey 2014

December 28, 2014 books, fun, miscellaneous, psa, recs 6

I love filling out surveys, so I figured this is as good a reason as any. If you want to do it yourself, you can follow the link to Jamie’s Blog or click on the picture above and link up your own post. And now, let’s see what I read this year!

Number Of Books You Read:

According to Goodreads, 39. I think it was a couple more, but 40 give or take should be correct.

Number of Re-Reads:


Genre You Read The Most From:

Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, but scifi and contemporary are strong contenders as well.
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Semicolons and Superpowers

December 19, 2014 discussion, fun, miscellaneous 2


I almost shared the grammar blog post on semicolons I had to write for university here because no one in my seminar is going to be interested in the other students’ grammar posts (who can blame them). Plus, my example sentences involved Avengers, Doctor Who and Orange is the New Black. I even made a semicolon graphic in Paint: prove below. What can I say – it was a slow Wednesday night. But then I thought naaaaaaaaaah. You deserve better than to read a post about semicolons from someone who acts like it is the most interesting subject in the world, but still doesn’t get regular comma rules.


The Semicolon returns from a long day of saving the world from comma splices. All it really wants is some recognition for its work and a hot bath.
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Chocolate, Christmas and Charity. (And a TV and Books but those don’t start with a C, so they only get bracket space.)

December 14, 2014 miscellaneous 2

I love how I’m keeping titles short and snappy on this blog.

self-made chocolate christmas trees

Do I have your attention yet? Good. :D I made those chocolate christmas trees for the christmas party I threw with my roommate a couple of days ago, so obviously I had to lead everyone into our kitchen upon their arrival to collect my praise because I’m modest like that. Thought I’d share them with you as well because all of that effort and no online sharing? Not a marker of my generation.

What else is new? I got a really cool tv for free because my grandma’s brother didn’t want it anymore. Basically all I did today is adjust the settings to my taste, watch as many Christmas-themed things as I could find and check whether I still have any cool DVDs. Well, that and turn up my new Guns’n’Roses Greatest Hits CD while cleaning as I was the only one at home and I’m such a good roommate. See with the modesty again? (Also because it was my turn.)

In other awesome news, Project for Awesome (a youtube charity event hosted by John and Hank Green) was this weekend! If you haven’t made your donations yet and you want to give something to charity this Christmas, the indiegogo campaign with lots of awesome perks by different youtubers, authors and other people is still open until the 16th.

I realized I didn’t post the new books I got, so here they are:

recent purchases books

I started Let’s Get Lost because it sounded like a fun road trip kind of thing, but it didn’t really hold my attention so I abandoned it for the time being and started reading Let It Snow instead. It’s actually been on my to-read list for a while, but I bought it for my cousin when she was feeling down and just now borrowed it in time for Christmas. It’s cute so far, but veeery predictable. Poison Study has been on my to-read list for ages as well, and I saw that the sequels are out too, so I’m hoping for a good read! And with that I conclude because I have urgent matters to attend to. Mainly sleep. ‘Kay bye.


We’re All Mad Here

November 10, 2014 miscellaneous 2

I’ve been so busy with university and things™ that I hardly got around to posting, so I thought I’d just share some of what I did with you!

First things first, check out my guest post at So Obsessed With. It’s more of a recommendation than an actual guest post, so make sure to find out what classic I recommended. :)

I meant to post an image of the website design I worked on my Digital Medie Design class this week here (just the home screen in photoshop, no coding or anything) because it frickin’ took me all night yesterday, but then I thought that might not be such a good idea because since the site’s not going online anyway, I used some icons off the internet that I’m not sure I’d be allowed to post. I planned to make them myself, but I don’t have the hang of Adobe Illustrator yet, so I used placeholders.

Actually I’ll share it with you anyway, but I painted over the icons and removed the social media icons, so now it just looks stupid. Imagine it like that, but better. :D
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Update and Stacking the Shelves (5)

October 31, 2014 books, fun, miscellaneous 8

Hey there, it’s been a while! I hope I find you scared and laden with candy on this joyous day.

Okay, actually it’s just been a week or so, but my last few posts were scheduled, so I feel like I haven’t written one in ages. I can’t believe how busy I suddenly got! One week I was minding my own business, procrastinating and working every few days as usual and then BOOM university hit me over the head with a stupid amount of workload. Okay, to be fair some of it is voluntary, so maybe it wouldn’t be as much if I were only taking the seminars for my own program. But they’re so booooring and everything else is so SHINY. :D

So, what’s new?

This semester, I’m taking Hindi (because why not). I didn’t think I’d already have problems learning the alphabet. The frickin’ ALPHABET. But hey, failure is the road to success; I’m sure at some point I will actually be able to hear the difference between t and th and the other t with the little dot underneath (what the hell, Hindi). I can write my name in Hindi now though, so I feel disproportionally cool.

I’m also taking Digital Media Design because someone told me about it two weeks into the semester and it sounded good. I went for the first time last week and it’s EXACTLY what I want to learn. Our homework (of course people aren’t calling it that at university because it doesn’t sound cool enough, but that’s exactly what it is) this week is to design a button and write the HTML and CSS to go with it. How cool is that? Wow, I’m using the word cool a lot in this post. Anyways, I was able to sooort of keep up during the lecture because at least I’ve heard of HTML and I’ve taken a look at Photoshop before, but I expect this is going to get pretty hard pretty fast. I already asked my tutor a gazillion questions last time, but hey, what’s he there for, right?

I also quit my job. I only started in August, so that was kind of a douchy thing to do, but I’m sure they’re used to fast turnover as they only pay 5€ an hour and they already found someone new. The money sucks, but it’s not like it’s the hardest job ever. They have to pay minimum wage starting in January, which is why I considered staying. In the end, it really wasn’t worth neglecting university or my social life for a boring job with a bad salary though. Once the semester is over, I’ll probably start applying for jobs and internships again, but for now I’m happy with my decision.


I didn’t have a lot of time to read lately, but I finished one book for my seminar (Burnt Offerings by Laurell K Hamilton – it had EVERYTHING bad and cheesy that people who are prejudiced towards paranormal books would expect) and I’m reading two other books at the moment, which are thankfully better. I also got some new ones!


I found this book on Goodreads First Reads. I didn’t win it, but I bought it anyway because TIME TRAVEL and… no, actually that’s it. It sounds like a light and fun read and I’m VERY tempted right now to throw my other books across the room and start this one already.

WASTED (A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia)

I’m reading this right now for a seminar called Writing Madness. I just received it yesterday, so I’m not too far in yet, but I think it’s very interesting, if a bit self-indulgent. I know that I read a book like it when I was much younger, but I read it in German and it was like ten years ago, so I have no idea if it was the same book or not.


This book I also bought for the Writing Madness seminar. I haven’t read it yet, but I remember watching the movie (or part of the movie) with Angelina Jolie when I was younger and liking it. I’m looking forward to reading it!

So, that’s it for the new books I got. I think I might as well link this post up with Stacking the Shelves since it’s tomorrow – everyone who is (shockingly) not interested in my personal life can just scroll by that part. :D

Tynga's Reviews Stacking the Shelves Post
Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews

Anything new with you guys? Tell me below! And if you’re feeling talkative anyway tell me your opinion about blogging and stress too. :)


Stacking the Shelves #4

October 17, 2014 miscellaneous 8

I didn’t actually plan to buy any books, but then this happened.

I probably won’t be able to read any of these before I read my university books, but it’s always good to have options, right?



Did you know you can’t buy books at a book fair? At least at the Frankfurt Book Fair you can’t. Since I wanted a bookish souvenir, I was glad to see a little comic book store in some hidden corner. Not my usual reading style, but the story sounded interesting, so I thought I’d give it a try!

Orla’s Code

Orla's Code by Fiona Pearse Cover

Ashley from Nose Graze (seriously, where does that name come from?) was kind enough to point me towards this book when I asked her for recommendations for books that have coding in them. I didn’t plan on buying it so soon, but I ordered way too much make-up on amazon, so I figured I might as well save on delivery costs and include a book. Okay, the delivery probably wouldn’t have been more expensive without the book, but I didn’t check so I can still use the excuse.


Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld Cover

I’ve been a fan of Scott Westerfeld since I read his Uglies series a few years ago. This novel sounds awesome and I’ve been waiting for it for ages because for some reason it took forever to be delivered. I’m really looking forward to it!

New On The Blog

As mentioned above, I went to the Frankfurt Book Fair. I failed to make connections, but I still had a good time. I also reviewed Trial by Fire (which I really liked), as well as Joss Whedon’s Biography (which I can recommend to fans). I wondered whether people actually subscribe to blogs via e-mail and if I should start a Childhood Favorites feature, where people can point out the childhood favorites that haven’t been getting enough attention. If you’re interested, send an e-mail to!

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Frankfurt Book Fair 2014

October 10, 2014 books, fun, miscellaneous 2

I went to the Frankfurt book fair yesterday! It was a semi-spontaneous decision. As you may remember (or not if you’ve never been on my blog before, in which case: hey, there!), I took a weekend seminar on what an editor does two weeks ago. The editor who held it recommended to go the Frankfurt book fair to make connections and possibly talk about internships. We decided to go on a Thursday because the fair isn’t open to private visitors during the week and we thought we’d have more of a chance to talk to people. I even got in for free because I accidentally signed up for press accreditation and my blog qualified, which I thought was pretty damn awesome.

Book License Advertisement Penguin Group
book rights advertisement

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Dan Wells’ Partials Series: Best Book Trailer I’ve Ever Seen

September 23, 2014 miscellaneous 0

It’s time for


Okay, this isn’t actually a feature on my blog; I don’t watch that many book trailers. But if you credit me, you can use it for your blog if you like. You probably thought of the idea way before I posted this, didn’t you? Damn it, I bet you have a pretty banner to boot. I also wrote this post last Wednesday, I just scheduled it for Tuesday because alliterations. No, Thursday wasn’t an option. Okay, let’s just clarify this now: weekly features aren’t my field of expertise. It’s just too much commitment for me to handle, dramatic sigh. (No, I don’t plan on marrying anytime soon, in case you were wondering.)

Aaaaanyways: While researching for my term paper on Dan Wells’ Partials series and ethics in bioengineering, I was reminded of this gem:

This is hands down the best book trailer I’ve ever seen. At first I thought it was an actual movie trailer. I absolutely love the effort they have put into this. It’s creepy, it’s sleek, it’s absolutely like I would imagine a ParaGen ad to look.

If you haven’t read Dan Wells’ Partials series …well, you should. It’s Young Adult, post-apocalyptic/dystopian science fiction, and I don’t think it’s getting the attention it deserves! Dan Wells has mad world-building skills and his “villains” are phenomenal because he always manages to show both sides until you’re not even sure who you’re rooting for anymore. I love how he approaches the concept of humanity, especially humanity and morals under extreme conditions. Also, Marcus.

The books aren’t perfect. A friend of mine stopped reading around book two because the pacing was too slow for her (I can see why, but I didn’t mind it because, again, such great world building). As with every book, there are flaws, but, all in all, this is one of the best Young Adult sci-fi series I’ve ever read and I want more people to read it! I actually just wanted to share the trailer and now this has turned into half a review/recommendation post, so you can see I really love these books. I enjoyed these much, much more than more popular YA dystopian books like Divergent or Delirium (which I still haven’t bothered to pick up again), so if you haven’t read it and the description sounds like the book could be up your alley, do give it a try!

What are some of your favorite book trailers? Do you watch book trailers at all?