Change of Plans, Audiobooks and Internships

May 16, 2015 books, miscellaneous 18

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What’s New?

Remember when I said I probably got a job? It all worked out and I’m going there 1-2 times a week now. It’s pretty monotonous at the moment, but that might still change, and I could use the extra money, so I’m not going to complain a lot. University is taking over my life right now, but I have a week off soon, so it’s all good. I also have a job interview for a radio internship coming up next week, so fingers crossed!

I spent the last three weeks running around, looking at apartments/rooms (not actually running though – don’t be ridiculous), but everything was either too expensive or not good enough or I didn’t get it, so I decided to eff it and stay here, because the search is taking away too much time from everything else. Probably. I’ll finish my bachelor’s, and then I might have to move for my Master’s anyway, so I’ll just deal with the roommate situation until then. If it annoys me too much, I can still start looking again.

The Shiny

I forbade myself to read any of my other books until I’ve read my university books, which is taking ages, because I don’t like them, so obviously this was the right time to get into audiobooks after all. Because that is totally different. And not cheating at all.

We All Looked Up Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda

I’m finding it super hard to choose audiobooks, because what if it’s so good I want it on my shelf!? But of course I don’t want to listen to a BAD audiobook either. Apparently I’m just buying ALL the contemporary now, because I’m often on the fence about whether I’ll like it or not. Plus, it’s easier to follow the story when it’s not set in a complex fantasy world with 43.267 different settings and names. I bought We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach and Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli. I already listened to and liked the first one, and I’m looking forward to Simon because I’ve heard so much about the book already.

‘Round the Web

I have links this week, yay! Take a look at these lovely posts and spread some love.

I didn’t say I have A LOT of links… Moving on.

On the Blog

Unlike the last couple of times, I actually have blog links to share with you too!

As always, I’m linking up with Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and the Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

stacking the shelvessunday post

How was YOUR week? Read any good books? What was your best/worst internship?

18 Responses to “Change of Plans, Audiobooks and Internships”

  1. vvb

    Always up for a good audiobooks. Will add your two to my list. And thanks for sharing the link to the 10 Problems Being an Adult Reading YA – that was a fun one to read. Have a good reading week.
    vvb recently posted…Stacking the Shelves – 5.16.15My Profile

  2. Alyssa

    Yay, thank you for linking to my Mulan post! I’m thinking of talking more Mulan on the blog, probably dipping into the live action film next time.

    Simon Vs is fabulous! I am still not a contemporary or romance person (and I gave it a three-stars because I didn’t connect to the material, even though it’s an objective five-stars), and I forgot the Oreo (it arrived at night and I NEEDED to read it, okay?), but it was great. I’m not a huge fan of audiobooks, but the sass and the voice should be amazing.
    Alyssa recently posted…Why are we obsessed with Loki? (Or, the Elements of a Good Villain)My Profile

    • Vlora


      You’re very welcome! It IS, isn’t it? I’m not usuuuually a contemporary romance fan; I have to really connect to it to like it. I did with Simon though, because I just enjoyed his character a lot. Oh yes, the narrator did a GREAT job. I might still invest in the print copy at some point anyway though.
      Vlora recently posted…This Book Will Make You SmileMy Profile

  3. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I keep planning to watch Modern Family…and now the season is almost over! Next time….

    I am amazed that you get any reading done while attending university…I recall not reading anything fun for several years! LOL

    Good luck with the apartment hunt.

    Laurel-Rain Snow recently posted…AUTHOR’S HOME PAGEMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Modern Family is THE BOMB. It just always makes me smile. :) You clearly took your studies more seriously than I did hahaha. No seriously though, it IS hard to get any pleasure reading in when it isn’t the holidays. There’s always a uni book or essay to read instead. Due to my procrastinating nature, I usually still manage. :D
      Vlora recently posted…This Book Will Make You SmileMy Profile

  4. Terri M., the Director

    Have you found the SYNC audiobooks yet? They are free and the program lasts ALL summer. :) Might be a good way to try out a few audiobooks without spending any cash.

    My favorite audiobook is Code Name Verity. That one had me sobbing like a baby during my drives to and from work last winter.

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews
    Terri M., the Director recently posted…Comment on Scenic Sundays 32: Adventure and A.A. Milne by Scenic Sundays 35: Paranoia and Joseph HellerSecond Run ReviewsMy Profile

    • Vlora


      I couldn’t get into them at first either! It really depends on the situation too – if I’m taking the bus a lot, I’ll just get in some listening on the road, but if I’m at home, I’ll probably read print books instead.
      Vlora recently posted…This Book Will Make You SmileMy Profile

  5. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Aw congrats on the joB! That is fabulous. And my fingers will be most definitely crossed for tons of luck on the internship interview as well! And I don’t blame you for giving up on moving. Moving is awful, really. How much longer do you have there? Maybe it can be tolerable? I hope!

    Thanks so much for linking to my post! You are too kind :) Also, audiobooks scare me. So there’s that. Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…Top 10 Shannon: Your Handy Guide to ME at BEAMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Thank you! It went well and I’ll intern there during the summer. :) About a year, unless I do my Masters here too, but I figure I can always start looking again if it gets on my nerves too much! A lot of people don’t seem to like audiobooks – it really took me some time to get into them too, and it definitely depends on the situation whether I’ll listen to them even now. They can be wonderful though!
      Vlora recently posted…This Book Will Make You SmileMy Profile

  6. Sydney

    Congrats on the job! I definitely understand loving the fact that you have more money, even if it isn’t a lot or comes at the expense of monotony. The paycheck makes it worth it. :P

    Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda is REALLY cute. I loved it. If you want something light and fluffy, that’s your book. I haven’t read We All Looked Up but I’ve been meaning to. I love that cover too. *drools* I have a hard time getting into audiobooks though because I have a certain reading pace and certain voices and audiobooks have been known to mess that up completely. :/ So I just avoid them at all costs.
    Sydney recently posted…A Lana Del RecapMy Profile

    • Vlora


      It does make it worth it right now, thanks! I definitely agree on Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda; I loved it! I also really liked the narrator for that one, but I know what you mean about reading pace and voices – some narrators just aren’t a good fit for me. I always listen to the example and if it still doesn’t work out, I exchange the book for another one!
      Vlora recently posted…This Book Will Make You SmileMy Profile

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