Christmas and Cookies!

December 20, 2015 books, miscellaneous 12

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Good day, my Christmassy friends. I hope you’re having a wonderful time! Christmas is my very favorite holiday, because it’s like a fifth season and it goes on for weeks. What’s better than a holiday that literally lasts an entire month? Friends come home, almost everyone takes at least some time off and there’s great food, reading, cheesy movies and lots of sparkly decorations. Basically, it’s perfection.

At the moment I’m writing this, I’m listening to BBC Radio 1’s rock show and lounging in my comfy Christmas pajama bottoms (they say HOHOHO and also LOL and for some reason there’s a cat emoji involved – I’m not sure what the designers took, but I’m loving it) and I’ve spent the day recovering from a hangover wrapping Christmas presents and watching Elf (how the FUCK does Zooey Deschanel look so different just because she has different hair!??). I wish you all a great Christmas week and fantastic holidays! And if you’re not celebrating Christmas, I wish you a phenomenal non-Christmassy week. Here’s some of my Christmas cookies. I think they’re pretty handsome if I may say so myself!

I spent an entire week baking, but the results look great!

Ein von Vlora (@vloralia) gepostetes Foto am

The Shiny

I bought Furiously Happy and I requested We Just Clicked and Holding Out For a Hero as eARCs (thanks go to So Vain Books and Pan Macmillan respectively), because I figured since I bought a Kindle and am actually reading ebooks now, I might as well try it. I mostly liked Furiously Happy, DNF’d We Just Clicked and just started reading Holding Out For a Hero.

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Tune of the Week

I don’t really listen to a lot of Nicki Minaj, but I really like how her verse flows. Obviously I had to look up the lyrics and waste an hour trying to rap along. It went how you’d imagine it would (so brilliantly obviously, but if you’d ever ask me to do it, I’m suddenly gonna have a horrible cold that prevents me from speaking).

Do you have all your Christmas presents yet? Any holiday plans? Holiday book or movie recs? Let me know below!

As always, I’m linking up with Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and the Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

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12 Responses to “Christmas and Cookies!”

  1. Greg

    I like how you describe Christmas, it is pretty awesome isn’t it? Never quite thought of it like that, but it sort of a month long celebration. Too bad we don’t get the whole month off. :)

    Zooey Deschanel always cracks me up. :)

    Hope you have a very merry Christmas!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #122My Profile

    • Vlora


      It definitely is a monthlong celebration if you’re doing it right! Yes haha, that would be the dream. I know for a lot of people December is actually the most stressful month because you need to wrap everything at school/work up before Christmas, so four weeks off would be nice. :D Although to be honest by now I’m kind of ready to get back to everyday life!
      Vlora recently posted…Shoulderpads and InterventionsMy Profile

    • Vlora


      I hope you enjoy Jenny Lawson’s books if you get around to trying one! I found them a bit rambly, but also insightful and important in terms of what they’re actually saying. I hope you had a nice holiday. :)
      Vlora recently posted…Shoulderpads and InterventionsMy Profile

    • Vlora


      I really, really hope you had a Christmas tree with one star and one ghost-sheep-panda because that would amuse me until next Christmas. :D I baked chocolate-orange cookies (arguably the best of the bunch), regular cookies with milk chocolate and dark chocolate and Nutella cookies. The ones in the picture are the chocolate orange and nutella cookies!
      Vlora recently posted…Shoulderpads and InterventionsMy Profile

  2. Inge

    Those cookies look absolutely divine. I’m not sure, though. You’ll have to send me some. You know, so I can check.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed Furiously Happy <3
    Inge recently posted…Merry ChristmasMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Wasn’t I supposed to send you a cupcake too? You’re getting demanding, Inge. I’ll just send it to “Inge, Belgium” – oh wait, I don’t have an owl. No letter, no owl,… I’m beginning to suspect I’m a Muggle.
      Vlora recently posted…Shoulderpads and InterventionsMy Profile

  3. Valerie

    I’ve heard Furiously Happy is incredibly fun! So that will be a nice happy read! And who doesn’t like a raccoon LOL. I also love Christmas, but then after Christmas it’s saddening because WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO! Also my roommate made those exact chocolate cookies before I left for break, but silly me did not try them! Whoops. They look yum!

    Merry Christmas Vlora!
    Valerie recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #80My Profile

    • Vlora


      I found Furiously Happy a bit rambly, but also fun and interesting and important, so I ended up mostly liking it! I kind of prefer her blog though, so I probably won’t be reading her other book. Noooo Valerie, don’t say that! After Christmas is BEFORE Christmas. Only 361 days left! :) They ARE yum, don’t walk past chocolate cookies next time! :D
      Vlora recently posted…Shoulderpads and InterventionsMy Profile

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