Faith: Suits Mid-Season Finale Review

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Let’s talk about Suits. I thought I reviewed this show before, but it must have been on another blog in another time (either that or I didn’t tag it right, but who could be bothered to search), because I didn’t find it in my reviews section.

This gif has no relation other than that it’s from the show, but I’m finding it hilarious.

I love the show as a whole – the characters, the cinematography and set design and the plot are all on point – but I just watched the mid-season finale of Season 5 (what is it with these stupid mid-season finales?? I don’t want to wait until January!), so that’s what I’ll mostly be talking about.


Is it just me or has Suits been killing it this season!? I liked the show when it was more episodic and case-based, but I’m really enjoying that they’re including the characters and their backstories even more now. I think once you’re into season 5, you really have to change it up to stay fresh, and they did a good job of that. I was a little wary of the whole therapy sessions as a golden thread through the episodes thing at first, because they took up such a huge part of the show, but now I’m quite liking it. I LOVE that they don’t let Harvey be the arrogant (but loveable) jerk that he was, but that they actually call him out on it and sketch his progress and need to work on himself.

Pssht don’t worry, everyone likes you and your mommy issues and gelled back hair.

The same thing happened with Mike this episode: he’s really called out on everything he’s pulled in the past and needs to face the decisions he’s made in the past. It can seem tedious that they’re bringing back all the same stuff all over again (Mike’s lack of a formal degree, Hardman’s machinations), but I’m also awed that they do. You don’t just deal with things once in life, they often come back again. The show always said that Mike will have to hide for the rest of his life if he wants to keep being a lawyer, but now they’re showing that they’re actually staying true to their word and make him face the consequences.

I would be lying if I said I’ve never done this.

Do I personally think what he did was bad? I don’t know, I’m constantly torn about it. On the one hand OF COURSE it makes sense that you need to get an education if you want to practice law (or medicine or whatever), but on the other hand he’s competent at his job and that’s really what matters, no matter whether you get there through going to university or teaching yourself. The way the world is organized, it WILL always come back to haunt you if you lie about it, so it makes sense that Mike has to cover up his past and then to cover up his cover ups and so on and so forth.

Indeed it is, Louis. Indeed it is.

Oh, and can we quickly talk about Jessica and her little breakdown? (The answer is yes, we can, because it’s my blog, and you have to do what I want. Well, you can just stop reading, BUT WHY WOULD YOU IT’S FABULOUS.) I LOVED it. We always see her poised and in control, and that’s awesome beyond words, but it was WONDERFUL to just see her smash everything and break down, because she’s about to lose her firm. She deals so well with all the high pressure situations that it’s nice to see even she has her limits. She’s definitely a very flawed character, but you can’t help but respect her, and she really does consider Harvey and Louis family. The scene between her and Harvey when Harvey tells her it’s time someone sacrifice something for her is gold. And I loved the Jessica/Louis scene too – “Pearson will always consider Litt her partner” and Louis just walking out, because he couldn’t handle it. My heart just got Litt up.

Who’s never dreamed of doing that?

And then of course we’re left with a huge cliffhanger at the end. Harvey is stepping down and Mike quits …and then he gets arrested for fraud!? I guess that’s one way to ensure he’ll be at Pearson Specter Litt in future episodes – he’ll be in need of some serious lawyering. It’s going to be interesting to see where the show is going to take things next, but one thing is for certain: I’ll be here watching in January. Or a couple of weeks later, because I like to binge watch. Whichever.

In related news:

  • Harvey and Donna are endgame
  • And neither should you, Donna.

  • Did anyone else notice Harvey’s therapist is Clarissa, the evil stepsister from What a Girl Wants? I think she’s actually doing a really good job, but I keep thinking of the hilarious fits her character throws in What a Girl Wants

Do you watch Suits? What did you think of the mid-season finale? What are your guesses for the rest of season 5?

In retrospect, this would have been a good TV Show Thursday post. Ah well, who wants to wait another week? Not me, certainly.

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  1. Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books

    Okay, so I refused to read this post until I actually saw the Suits finale because I wanted to avoid spoilers. Man, it was SO GOOD!!! I really think there has been a lot of character development with both Harvey and Mike this season. The therapy sessions have done a great job of leading to very gradual progress. I think it is clear that Harvey has changed, but he still has a LOT of work to do. I am dying to know who turned Mike in. I am mad that Mike was arrested JUST as he was going to start living an honest life, but I understand why the show did that. Of course, Harvey is going to want to defend him. And I am wondering what this will do with the relationship between Rachel and her parents when they find out. And also: what does this mean for all the people who knew?!? The writers of this show are geniuses because this newest development for Mike has the potential for huge consequences for EVERYBODY. I just hate that I have to wait for who knows how long for the next season. LOVE THIS SHOW1
    Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books recently posted…August Wrap-Up!My Profile

    • Vlora


      GOOD decision; I hate spoilers too! YES exactly. I LOVE that they 1) actually make him work on himself and 2) show that it’s a process and not something that happens overnight. You know what? I wouldn’t even be surprised if they didn’t arrest Mike for not being a proper lawyer, but for something else to do with a case or something. I’m kind of hoping that they’re not pulling their punches and actually had him arrested for practizing law without a degree. I don’t even have a suspicion for who could have turned him in in that case though. I mean it could always be Trevor, I guess, but I feel like that would be too obvious? It could also be Hardman or that ex-fling of Mike that came back at the beginning of the season (thought I don’t really think it’s her). Louis knows, but he wouldn’t. Or maybe what’s-his-name who’s been such a bother this season? The one working with Hardman! Way too many possibilities; too many people know! And then Harvey! What the eff is he gonna do if he’s not working as a lawyer?
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