Fantasy Favorites: An Introduction

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Hello everyone!

I’ve participated in the fantasy favorites read-a-thon last year, and it was so much fun that I decided to do it again this year! It’s all about fantasy books and this year there are three series we’re going to focus on – Throne of Glass, Grisha, and Percy Jackson – but you can read anything you’d like to read. There will be lots of fun posts and challenges, and if you’d like to join we’d love to have you!

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Since there may be some new people visiting this blog over the course of the event, it’s time to reintroduce myself!

1. Who are you?

i am iron man gif

What? I could be. You don’t know what I do with my free time.

Starting right with the difficult questions, are we? I feel like someone should write a coming-of-age story about me that I could read, so I can answer this question. Fine, I’ll stop being annoyingly philosophical about this and give it my best shot:

I’m Vlora and I blog about books, TV shows, movies and everything that catches my interest. I’m also currently a student and I work part-time, so I blog between 7 days a week during holidays to one time a month during busy times, but I’m usually around on twitter, because I like shouting my witty (or so I say) 140-character insights at people. I live in Germany, but will probably-hopefully-almost definitely move to England in September to do my postgrad there (and so I can frequent Waterstones, but that was only, like, 49% of the reason). I like writing, drawing, travelling and wearing my pajamas all weekend. And by pajamas I mean sweatpants and a random t-shirt, because I’m not fancy enough to own pajamas.

I’m a professional procrastinator, which is the only reason I have a smidgeon of baking skills, because I like to bake when I should be writing term papers. I also have a horrible sense of direction, but I make up for it by being too socially akward to ask people for directions. In addition to this blog, I have a YouTube channel, which I use very sporadically (meaning I haven’t made a video in months, because I forgot how to edit, but I still pay for the Adobe Creative Suit, so I at least feel guilty about it). When I’m obsessed with something I talk about it incessantly on twitter and secretely read fanfiction until I can’t justify neglecting everything else anymore. Currently, I’m loving Hamilton, so let me know if we have that in common. Sometimes I remember this blog is public and potential employers/my friends and family can see it, but most of the time I choose to ignore that fact.

Right, that was probably more than you ever asked for or wanted to know, so let’s move on.

2. Why are you joining the read-a-thon?

I love fantasy, and I really enjoyed taking part last year, so I jumped at the chance to participate again. There also haven’t been too many posts on this blog lately, because I’ve been busy, so this is a good opportunity to come back with a bang. Or at least quietly sneak back in and pretend I’ve been there all along.

3. Which books do you intend to read?

I’ve read the original Percy Jackson series and I’m listening to the Heroes of Olympus audiobooks at the moment, so I’m good on that front. I’ve read Throne of Glass, but I didn’t love it (I actually named it as my least favorite fantasy in last years introduction post – oops?), so I never moved on to the sequels, and I don’t plan to, which leaves the Grisha series. I’ve heard of the books before and they sounded like I might enjoy them, but I never got around to reading them. When I looked them up on amazon a few weeks ago, I saw they were all 99c on Kindle, so I bought all three books in preparation for the read-a-thon. I am a terrible mood reader though, so we’ll see what I’ll actually end up reading!

4. How many pages do you think you’ll manage?

No clue! I’m writing my Bachelor thesis at the moment, but I’m hoping to hand it in at the beginning of the read-a-thon, so I should hopefully have some time to read. I’d like to read the first book of the Grisha series at the very least, but I may end up reading more. My goal last year was 10 pages and I read 240, so I’d say let’s meet in the middle and go for 11 pages this year. (Unrelatedly, here’s another fact about me: I suck at math.)

5. What’s your favourite thing about the fantasy genre?

I love delving into new magical worlds and reading about high stakes adventures. It’s not that I don’t like contemporary books, but I feel like there’s always an extra sprinkle of awesome when there’s magic involved. I mean an argument may be interesting to read about, but an argument where people may end up throwing fireballs at each other? Much more exciting, you have to admit.

6. Which fantasy books do you always recommend?

A Darker Shade of Magic and A Gathering of Shadows! Seriously, go read those books!!!!! If you don’t know me, you may not know that this excessive use of exclamation marks is out of character for me, but it IS and you can trust my excitement about this series. I love the writing and the world is just magical AND THE CHARACTERS OH MY GOD THE CHARACTERS (capslock on the other hand is NOT out of character for me, so get used to it). And like last year, I can’t believe I have to say this but: if you haven’t read Harry Potter, read Harry Potter. Seriously. Just do it, jeez.

7. Which fantasy books are you dying to read?

A CONJURING OF LIGHT. It doesn’t come out until next February.

8. If you could travel to one fantasy world, which one would it be? (I know it’s hard, but try not to say Hogwarts.)

The Harry Potter world. There, I didn’t say Hogwarts, you’re welcome.

And that’s it for introductions! I’m looking forward to meeting you all, and I hope everyone who isn’t participating will still appreciate that there will be more posts than usually. Later, gators! (obnoxious greetings and good byes are also a trademark of mine, sorry not sorry.)

Why do YOU love fantasy? What do you like to do when you procrastinate? I need to know these things, so I can encourage you in your bad habits.

17 Responses to “Fantasy Favorites: An Introduction”

    • Vlora


      Dude, I know, I thought the same thing haha. I scheduled this and then just read it through again and thought okay, maybe I went a bit overboard. BUT OBVIOUSLY YOU NEED TO KNOW EVERY LITTLE THING ABOUT ME. :D Thanks, ‘mad’ is probably an accurate description of that goal.
      Vlora recently posted…Fantasy Favorites: An IntroductionMy Profile

  1. Olivia

    I’ll never cease loving to read your posts. They never fail to make me smile. YAY READ THE GRISHA TRILOGY WITH ME. If it helps anything, I also hate maths too >.> I’m sure you’ll be able to kick-butt at this read-a-thon and hopefully enjoy some escaping from reality for a little while. And the fun and games are just going to be wonderful; I already know. Inge and Aly planned some lovely things!

    You’re so cheeky, going for the Harry Potter world. I knew that you would find a way around that one :D
    Olivia recently posted…Books I Plan to Consume… I Mean Read [Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon]My Profile

    • Vlora


      Thanks, Olivia, that’s really nice to hear! I’m glad I can make you smile. :) I think I will! They blurb sounds like I might enjoy them. Of course haha, I already had to come up with something else last time. Although I also liked Inge’s answer of the different Londons from ADSoM!
      Vlora recently posted…Fantasy Favorites: An IntroductionMy Profile

  2. Anissa

    Yay, another blogger who doesn’t hesitate to put a lot of wit in their posts!! I no longer feel so alone! JK, but seriously, awesome post! I have the same feelings towards Throne Of Glass, I was expecting something spectacular and just didn’t get the hype. I don’t know if I’ll read the sequels but maybe one day I will. You chose some pretty cool books so I hope you devour them all!! I also use a lot of exclamation points ;)

    • Vlora


      Thanks for saying that haha! Yeah, Throne of Glass was a bit of a let down. I’ll read the sequels if they mysteriously appear at my doorstep for free, but any other scenario and I don’t think I’ll spend the money on it. Thanks, I hope I get to read a few of them!
      Vlora recently posted…Fantasy Favorites: An IntroductionMy Profile

  3. Annelies

    Hi Vlora, good luck with your 11 pages ANd your bachelor thesis! I hope you enjoy the Grisha trilogy. Shadow and Bone was my number one favourite read of 2015 :-)

  4. Chantelle

    I laughed throughout this entire post, but that last question made me howl with laughter–smart way round it lol.

    I hope you enjoy the Grisha series. I liked them but preferred Six of Crows, set in the Grisha world. I’m going to read Percy Jackson as I’ve already read the other series featured.

    • Vlora


      Happy to make you laugh :D Oooh those are connected?? I had no idea, Six of Crows has been on my TBR for ages! Which should I read first? Hope you enjoy Percy Jackson. :) I read them when I was younger, but I really liked them and especially Percy, because he’s witty and has a healthy distrust of authority figures. :D
      Vlora recently posted…It’s Not Me, It’s YouMy Profile

  5. Elen @ A World of Reviews

    Firstly, you should definitely to move to England to go to Waterstones – that is a totally legitimate reason. :D And I’m also obsessed with Hamilton right now!! It’s the best thing ever and I’m so in love with it.

    I hope you enjoy the Grisha series! I liked them a lot (but I do think Six of Crows was even better).
    Elen @ A World of Reviews recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #51My Profile

  6. S dot Miz

    Oh, Iron Man, we totally have Hamilton in common. Actually, it’s VERY stuck in my head because I listened to it all the way home from my parents’, which is like an hour away. I need to read AGOS, Iron. (I hope it’s okay if I use the less formal “Iron”. Or maybe “I-Dawg”. “iMan”? “I dot Man”?

    What were we even talking about? Books? I was thinking something about how I am not fancy enough for pajamas either, and also that I wanted to talk to you about whether Adobe is worth it, like, if I actually might use it? I should just go to sleep. Good luck with… books?

    S dot Miz
    S dot Miz recently posted…Top Ten Favorite Hunger Games EditionsMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Vlora is okay for now, as long as you keep in mind who you’re talking to. :D Actually Iron Man and Alex Hamilton probably have a lot in common, now that I think about it. Someone should write a Marvel/Hamilton crossover or something (who am I kidding, someone probably already has).

      Yes, do read AGoS! I loooove it. Pffft, those fancy pajama-owning people. Think they’re better than us, they do. You won’t catch me associating with them. :D If you actually, ACTUALLY use it, Adobe is definitely worth it! You’d need to take some time to get to know the programs and practice, but they’re very good programs for sure.
      Vlora recently posted…It’s Not Me, It’s YouMy Profile

        • Vlora


          I’m loving your reply names hahaha.

          Nooooo, stop giving me ideas I’M BUSY WRITING MY BA THESIS, SHANNON (as you can clearly see by my prompt reply). YAY. The people are smart. I hope you’ll love it!

          Hm, yeah, completely understand that. Though they’re also handy skills to have generally? So you’d actually be investing in your future. And we all know there can be no rewards without investment. (Wow, it shows that I read the Shopaholic books, doesn’t it?)

          If you’re looking for a free video editing program, I’d say LightWorks is your best bet. It’s quite professional and it’s entirely free. I used it for a video or two when I got tired of Windows Movie Maker and hadn’t subscribed to the Adobe Creative Suite yet. I feel like Adobe Premiere Pro is a bit more intuitive, but LightWorks is definitely good – fantastic even, if you consider the free part. It takes some time to learn, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon if you watch the tutorial videos they have. I think it took me a day or two to learn the basics and… well, that was it, because I’m an underachiever haha, but if you want to do more complicated stuff that’s also possible (some Hollywood movies have been edited with it, I think). Hope that helps!
          Vlora recently posted…It’s Not Me, It’s YouMy Profile

  7. Chelsea

    I recently got A Darker Shade of Magic and NEED to read it. I’ve heard so many amazing things! I enjoy posts like these because I don’t read all that much fantasy so it gets me out of my comfort zone. I do heartily recommend Daughter of Smoke and Bone if you haven’t read that yet. Now quit procrastinating and get to thesis-ing!

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