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As I spent some time catching up on Game of Thrones yesterday, I started drafting up a post on my favorite characters, because clearly you’re all dying to know. Fast forward to today and my return to this post, and I realized I have perfect timing as it is currently Thursday and you all know what THAT means.

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There will be some spoilers for the show, so be warned. Good? Good. Let us begin.


Hands down my favorite character. When I first started watching the show I had no clue who was who and what was what, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t like him much at first, because I thought he was just mean and annoying. UM NO. I mean yes, but in a witty, sarcastic way. I LOVE snarky characters. I’m ALWAYS rooting for the underdog. He’s bitter for very legitimate reasons, but can also be kind and DID I MENTION THE SNARK. I love how he can talk his way out of almost anything, but you also get to see when he’s afraid or in love or just, you know, human, UNLIKE SOME OF THE CHARACTERS (cough, the Red Woman, cough). He also bitchslapped Joffrey, so he’s a winner in my book. I think I’m missing one episode still, but where I am Tyrion just met Daenerys, and I feel like that’s either going to be a disaster or the world’s best team. I can’t wait to find out.


Yes, he might be a bit of an odd choice. Yes, I did have to look up his name because I put him down as “the guy who’s travelling with Jamie right now”, but right now he belongs on this list. Hear me out before you judge me. He’s not what you’d call a “good” person, but dammit if he doesn’t crack me up in a Murphy from The 100 kind of way. He’s a mercenary and his loyalties are with the one who pays most, but at least he’s honest about it, I guess? He’s a misogynistic asshole (who isn’t on this show), and I’m not sure I’d want him as a friend, but for some reason I still like seeing his face around.


Ah, Danny. I’ve grown a little tired of her houlier-than-thou attitude lately, but the badassery from the first few seasons cannot and shall not be forgotten. Valyrian is my mother tongue. I really feel like the Unsullied scene scene says it all.


Like with Daenerys, I liked her better the first few seasons, but I suppooose I’d still be pretty bummed out if she was killed off, which is clearly how you judge these things. She really grew on me right from the start when she learned how to fight and stood up for herself and basically just made me like the Stark family. Her current storyline is a bit slow, and it’s tough to watch how bitter she’s become (though it certainly makes sense considering her circumstances), but I think she’s clever, tough and loyal.

The Tyrells

Just going to put the whole family here because why not. I don’t know why, but I just LIKE them. I feel like they’re the better Lannisters. I think it’s because they’re more of a tight-knit family unit that works together to achieve their goals instead of against each other. Also, they’re less annoying. One could say that they are the ultimate Slytherins, really. Margaery’s beautiful and ambitious and she knows how to play the game. Well, recent developments aside, but before that. She’s made some decisions that didn’t turn out so well for her, but she’s managed to come out on top in the past, so I’m hoping for the best now. Though I definitely would have been a lot more comfortable if her current husband weren’t still a child. Seriously, middle ages, what the hell?

As for Grandma Tyrell – she was just badass last season (yes, I know I’m using that word a lot, but it’s the only valid option when talking about Game of Thrones). I KNEW it was her who plotted Joffrey’s murder. Like hell would she let Margery marry THAT. And then there’s Loras, who we don’t actually know that much about apart from the fact that he likes to shag dudes and is decent at holding a sword (errr… pun intended?), but I’ll take it.

I know what you’re all thinking. BUT WHERE’S JON SNOW? Well, you’re right. I have to admit all the fangirling got on my nerves at the beginning, but his character is growing on me. He’s such a Harry, to keep with the Harry Potter comparisons. He usually makes good decisions and that’s a very rare thing on this show. I like that he’s found a place for himself after being an outcast for so long, and I wish him all the best. He’s still not in my absolute top favorites though, sorry.

Honorary mentions: Jamie grew on me for a while, but then he raped Cersei and yeah… no. Not on. I LOVED Oberyn (that prince of Dorne who came to attend Joffrey’s wedding and revenge his sister) and his saucy attitude, but unfortunately he was killed off after only one season before I could even remember his name (I looked it up just now). AWKWARD. Of course Game of Thrones wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if it weren’t for all the characters we love to hate (and finally see killed off), but that’s a different kind of post.

Who are YOUR favorites? I’m DYING to know (get it, get it …because everyone on the show dies? No? I’ll see myself out.)

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  1. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    I know nothing about this show, because I do not have the appropriate amounts of money to obtain the channel necessary to watch (damn you, HBO, I cannot pay $24.99 a month to watch ONE show, I cannot!). Still, I will pick a favorite! For awhile, I liked Daenerys because her hair was cool, but NOW I like Margaery because Natalie Dormer is a fabulous Cressida in Mockingjay. Those are useless reasons, I know. Someday, when the show is free on Amazon Prime (and it will be) I can give you better answers!

    Also, these people might all be dead by now, I don’t know.
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  2. Alyssa

    OMG OBERYN. Why did they even do that. (Because GRRM is a complete bastard and knows how to break our hearts.)

    I feel like one of the only justices that the TV show has done the book characters is making Margaery much more overtly badass. Mainly because we weren’t limited by PoVs anymore and we could see her interactions with Olenna Tyrell (who is totally awesome as well). But I still resent them aging up Tommen for the sex scenes.

    Bronn and Tyrion make for a hilarious team. Flawed, yes, but HILARIOUS. And argh, the Tyrion meeting Dany interactions mean that my advantage as a book reader is slowly being stripped away. *weeps*
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    • Vlora


      I KNOW RIGHT. I watched all his scenes again for this post, and I was angry all over again! I AM glad that they’re showing us more of his family and where he comes from now – I feel like it definitely adds something to the show. Plus, all the yellow clothes are cheerful.

      Confession time: I haven’t read the books, so I can’t judge how the show does in terms of portraying the book characters. I was kind of glad they aged him up, because it was already preeetty disgusting to begin with, BUT I also understand why you’d want them to stay true to the book.

      Flawed but hilarious is definitely a good description. :D Yes, it seems like the show has caught up with the books now. I wonder how much of what follows is going to be based on what George R. R. Martin told the writers and how much they just make up. It’s not like I could tell, but it’s certainly going to be a different experience for the people who’ve read the books from now on, isn’t it?
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      • Alyssa

        OH. SEE, in the books Tommen was way too young for sex so basically Margaery was just a Cool Old Sis to him and played with kittens and I did enjoy their platonic relationship, which is more enjoyable than this weirdo mishmash in the TV show.

        Argh, yes, we’ve totally lost our edge. But I don’t think I’ll be able to resist watching the show first anyhow, and just go into the books with the assumption that they’ll change everything.
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        • Vlora


          OH THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. Yes, I would have preferred that BY FAR. In that case, I really don’t see why they aged him up at all, and I definitely agree with your earlier statement!

          Yeah, I’d do the same. If you waited for the books to catch up you might die before you ever get to finish the show. :D I’m definitely curious as to how the books and the show will differ from now on though. You’ll have to tell me all about it haha.
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    • Vlora


      Oh no, I completely understand that! I do enjoy the Lannisters in all their twisted glory; I’d just say they’re more on my “people I love to hate” list. Then again I am kind of genuinely liking Jamie, but I just can’t get over the rape scene, so that’s that. I definitely think they’re interesting characters!
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    • Vlora


      It seems like nobody is! Though there are some characters where I’d be VERY suprised if they killed them off anytime soon. Of course I’m still shocked by Ned’s death, so I might be dead wrong. :D
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  3. Romi

    I don’t watch this show, but I have a huge love for Daenerys. She just seems so awesome! I know there has been backlash recently for the way the show is changing the plot from the book for unnecessary reasons, but without knowing too much about the show and all of it, it seems like it has a lot of strong women and that’s so neat. I really like the idea/what I know of characters like Ygritt, Ayra and Margery (though is it just me or does Margery’s name not really fit in with the others? Maybe it’s pronounced differently to how it’s spelt…). If I could deal with the gore and violence, I think this could quite possibly be a show I would adore, what with the huge fantasy world and all. xx
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    • Vlora


      There’s certainly a lot of gore and violence! I don’t mind in the context of the show, but I can understand how it might deter you. I agree – I love a lot of the female characters on the show. Even the ones I don’t like are usually still interesting. Hm I’m not sure about how the name fits, but I think on the show they pronounce it sort of like Marjorie just with an e sound instead of the o?
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  4. Olivia

    I haven’t watched any of the show but I have read the first book! And I have to say that Deanerys, Arya and Tyrion are my favourite characters so far! I love snarky, sarcastic characters as you mentioned, and the other two kick some seriously womanly butt. So of course I would be rooting for them!
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