How Often Should I Post?

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There’s a lot of blogging advice out there when you look for it, and I usually ignore most of it, but this has me stumped. How often should I post? To be honest, I usually just do as I please, which means that sometimes there are 7 posts a week (okay, admittedly not that often) and sometimes there aren’t any for three weeks. I think it’s important not to get stressed about it when it’s a hobby, because it should be fun, but I do get itchy when I haven’t posted something in a while. I agree with most advice out there that it’s important to be somewhat consistent, but that still leaves the question of frequency.

My Opinion

Before I started NaNo in November, I scheduled a lot of posts, so there were usually three posts a week all throughout November. I was fairly happy with that, but it also felt like individual posts were getting less comments, because they were swiftly replaced by new ones, and I had less of a chance to comment back and interact with people. Posting more often also means that you’ll need more time to reply and visit other people’s blogs, and I do usually get around to it, but sometimes it takes me a few weeks. It’s fun to write up posts more often when I can, but it’s also nice to have a post get more attention than it would if you updated more often. I also personally prefer late replies to no replies, but I’m not sure how other people feel about it.

Relatedly, I quite like the idea of planned blog vacations, as in you announce you’re going to be gone for two weeks/months/whatever but will be back, because it makes you seem reliable and people will know what to expect. I’m not sure it would work for me though, because I’d have to plan it in advance, and I’d probably really want to blog at the time I announced to take a vacation. There’s also the fear of missing out and wondering whether people will still remember you, but I’m pretty sure that’s just drama queen tendencies and not actually an issue unless you leave for five years.

I think for now I’ll keep trying to post 1-3 times a week and not worry about it too much, but I’ll be interested to hear what works for you!

Your Turn!

As a blog reader, do you pay a lot of attention to blogging schedules? As a blogger, do you think there are less comments on posts if you post more often? Have you figured out a schedule that works for you? Let me know below!

8 Responses to “How Often Should I Post?”

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    yES SCHEDULING IS MY LIFE. *hugs scheduling* I try to have a very consistent schedule, although it’s kind of changed of late because I’m droooowning trying to keep up with my blog, atm. *dies* But 4 or 5 posts a week is what I aim for. When I go onto a new blog, I do check the dates to see how much they post. Like I found this EXCELLENT blog the other day and then I checked the frequency of their posts and it was like once a month. D: So I admit, that turned me off and I didn’t follow. *sigh* So from a blog reader point of view, I like to know the blogger is going to post…more than once a month?! :P But as a blogger I really think you gotta make a schedule that works for you *nods*
    As for the comments, I haven’t found a pattern yet. XD Some weeks a I get a zillion comments and some weeks I get hardly any, so I think that might depend on what other humans are doing not so much how often I post? But it’s an interesting question.
    I DO LOVE YOUR BLOG, BTW. XD You are stupendously awesome.
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    • Vlora


      If I really like a blog and they only post once a month I’m slightly frustrated, but then again sometimes I comment back and there haven’t been a lot of other posts since I visited that person’s blog the last time and it makes me feel accomplished because I’m keeping up with their blog haha xD I think sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed when there’s like 324923 new posts a week? Only when I have other stuff to do though, if I’m on holiday at home I refresh five times a day and wonder how awesome bloggers dare to have a life outside of blogging because RUDE.

      I know that I’m definitely not able to post 4-5 times a week unless I’m on holiday, so I’m trying 2-3 times at the moment and it’s been working more or less the last couple of weeks. It’s not just writing the posts and replying to comments – as you probably know better than me commenting back all the time requires a lot of time, but I feel bad if I have posts up and people commented and I don’t have the time to return the favor! And yeah, comments can be pretty random admittedly. A lot of it is also just how much time you have to visit other blogs and remind people that you exist. THANK YOU STOP MAKING ME BLUSH.
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  2. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Scheduling, you’re cute. Here’s a typical week in my life: Freak out about posting. Post (if lucky) 3 minutes before midnight. Scramble like crazy to return all the late comments (I REALLY hope people appreciate late more than never, because that is how I roll). Then I spend the rest of the week in a haze of frantically trying to write posts and respond to the ones I posted. I feel like I am the actual definition of “running around like a chicken with its head cut off”.

    Frequency… I don’t know. I mean, I TRY to post 5 times a week. Some weeks it’s 4. Some it’s 6. I should probably only do 4, if I am being realistic, but I don’t know how/what to cut. So yeah.

    I don’t mind when other people post more or less though! BUT if someone posts like, 7+ times a week, there is no way in hell I am going to be able to comment on EVERY post (though if it is a blog that I really like, I DO read all the posts, because I have them emailed to me. Like your blog. Which incidentally, shows up in my inbox as “Reviews and Cak”, I guess due to where gmail decides to cut it off) and I chuckle every time). And if they post infrequently, I guess that’s okay, as long as they don’t just drop off the face of the earth. Because I get concerned about those people. Also, I would cry if you dropped off the face of the earth, Vlora.

    And I may be in the minority, but I DO like when people say “hey, I am going to be busy for a few weeks, taking a blog vacation, see you later” because I know that they haven’t done any of the aforementioned dropping off the planet. It’s better for my anxiety ;)
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    • Vlora


      AH I KNOW IT DOES THAT. It didn’t use to! Why Reviews and Cak subscription service, WHY? Is that extra letter REALLY that hard to include? To add insult to injury, Cak kinda sounds like Kack, which in German means crap/shit. Are you trying to tell me something, emails? Whatever, I’m embracing it. I’ll own Reviews and Cak. In fact, I might change my URL and header to Reviews and Cak. Maybe not. Aaaaaanyways, I will also probably read all posts when I love a blog if they post 5-7 times a week (though I might miss one here or there), but I probably won’t be able to comment on every single one. It’s not that I don’t care it’s just that life gets in the way and then there are already three new ones and someone walked in at work when I was halfway through writing a comment, so I had to close the window. These things happen (when your work is boring AF).

      I like it when people announce they’ll take time off too! I mean, I don’t like that there aren’t going to be any posts, but I like knowing what the deal is; I COMPLETELY understand that. I just meant that it prooobably wouldn’t really work for me, unless I knew I was going on holiday for four weeks or something (I wish), because I never really *plan* when I’ll be gone for two weeks and when I’ll randomly have time and motivation to post 7 times a week. Also I kind of feel like I’m still there when I’m not posting, because I’m freakishly active on twitter because it lets me share every random thought running through my brain (probably not a good thing). I guess I’ll just keep continuing to post infrequently between 7 times a week and three times a month haha. To be fair, I feel like I’ve been really consistent lately! Usually I schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays and try to write a post on the weekend and then sometimes I can’t wait to publish something, so I post it at a random other day of the week. So maybe not consistent, but at least frequent? :D
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  3. Linda Hobden

    I feel scheduling it very important – I publish a new post every Friday and have done every week without fail since 2012! Occasionally I put an extra post in on a Tuesday. The schedule fits in with my life and I constantly promote all my blogposts, even the old ones, regularly throughout the week – my latest post gets promoted daily.

  4. Bianca

    I think you do great! I like that you write posts about things you are passionate about and if that is 4 times a week or once a month I really don’t care. As long as you have fun writing it, I will have fun reading it.

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