I Talk About Myself Again

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…and about fantasy, because it’s time for the…

Bookshelfreflections on Reviews and Cake

…that’s right, the Fantasy Favorites Read-A-Thon! If you’re just now checking out this blog for the first time, because of the link up – welcome! Get comfortable while I tell you a little something about me.

1. Introduce yourself!

So this is where I get to talk about myself again, hence the title. I did a post with 21 Random Facts About Me two months ago (you will quickly notice I’m one of my favorite subjects), but here’s the short version: student, rebel (I always wear two different kinds of socks, so I kind of feel like I have a rightful claim to that title), tv show addict, Queen of procrastination (gotta be queen of something, right?), overuser of brackets. I still feel like this gif describes me best as a person:

2. Why did you choose to join the read-a-thon?

Procrastination. I have to write twenty pages for uni in the next two weeks, so I figured what better time to sign up for a Read-A-Thon. Kidding, kidding (kinda). It looked shiny, and I was promised fun challenges! I don’t like the “challenge” part, but the “fun” part distracted me for long enough to sign up, so here I am.

3. What books do you intend to read? What’s your reading goal and how many pages do you actually think you can manage?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE’S GOING TO BE HOMEWORK. I never even did that in school (sorry, Hermione). I don’t like obligations, so let’s say …10? Pages, that is, not books. Do I look like an overachiever? I figure that’s juuust about manageable. If I don’t read 10 pages, you’re welcome to hit me or steal my cake. You can guess which one would hurt me more.

Seriously though, I’m not sure how much I’ll actually manage or even what books I’m going to read yet. I don’t really have any fantasy books with me right now (okay I have an entire cabinet full of books, but they’re all books I’ve already read). I’ll stop by my flat in a couple of days though, so I’m hoping my copy of Night Broken by Patricia Briggs already arrived, in which case I’m definitely reading that, because I’ve been waiting for the paperback to come out for months.

4. What is your current favourite fantasy read?

Ummmmmm… Hang on, let me look on Goodreads think about this for a sec. I DON’T KNOW AAAH. Would I ask you to choose between your children? What do you mean you like one of them better than the other? I’M STILL NOT CHOOSING OKAY.

5. What is your least favourite fantasy read of all time?

Okay, so I’m sure I’ve read A LOT worse at one point or another, but the one that comes to mind first, because I was most recently disappointed by it… let me give you a moment to get your pitchforks ready …is Throne of Glass. Granted, the expectations were high, but it just wasn’t for me.

6. Which fantasy book are you dying to read?

No, of course I’m not checking Goodreads again. So I already mentioned Night Broken, but I’d also really like to read Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce, because I read the series as a child and loved it. I never remembered the name once I was older, so it wasn’t until a couple of months ago that a friend finally knew what I was talking about and gave me the names of the series and the author. I might totally hate it now, but I doubt it!

7. What fantasy book would you like to star in?

OKAY, LET’S DO THIS. I would LOVE to be able to shoot fireballs from my hands and basically control the elements (yes, yes fire is a chemical reaction and not an element, don’t go all smartass on me), so let’s examine my options. There’s The Darkest Minds of course, but it seems like Reds have a hard time controlling themselves, and I’m already twitchy enough without the added nervousness of being hunted for my abilities. I always used to pretend I was controlling rain and lightning during thunderstorms when I was a kid okay last month, we all have our weak moments, and coincidentally(?) I was also born during a huge thunderstorm. I’m thinking… Percy Jackson? Except with the powers of Zeus and Poseidon combined? Throw in a little Hephaestus for fire control and badass mechanic skills, and we’re good to go. Maybe we could do the whole thing in a slightly less stressful setting though. I’m thinking Fangirl, or something along those lines. Impressive powers are all well and good, but so are decent sanitary facilities.

8. Suggest three books for other read-a-thon participants that you think are worth powering through during the read-a-thon.

It has recently come to my attention that there are still people who haven’t read Harry Potter. Read Harry Potter. Apart from that, I really like Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore (and Graceling and Fire, but Bitterblue is my favorite), and I very much enjoyed the world of the Inkheart trilogy by Cornelia Funke when I was younger. Oh, and if you haven’t read the Narnia books… well, do it. The Eragon books definitely have a rich world to delve into if you don’t mind the purple prose as well. This question is making me think of all my childhood favorites, so now I’m wondering whether I’m not reading as much fantasy anymore, or whether I just read all the good stuff when I was younger.

9. If you could choose any fantasy book character to be chained to you during the read-a-thon, whom would you pick and why?

Recent comments by the creators of this Read-A-Thon make me think I should choose very carefully here, because it might come up again. The first who came to mind are the Weasley twins, but I’m sure Inge’s already kidnapped them (I just went to check and it seems I’m as correct as I am twinless), so to mix things up a bit I’ll pick Percy instead. What? I said “a bit”, let’s not go crazy here. His constant nagging might be a pain in the ass, but he turned BAMF in Deathly Hallows, and I like a good underdog story. He studies a lot, and I never study, so that might come in helpful. And really, someone needs to pick that kid first for once. Plus, I can use him as a human shield if he turns out to be too annoying, so it’s really a win-win situation. For me.

10. Tag at least one friend and pester them into participating in this link up! Trust me, next Monday will be fun, especially if you answer question 9!

Oh. This is the “recent comments” I was referring to in question 9. My brain is a sieve. Anyways, if you’re reading this, I’m tagging you. Consider yourself tagged and pestered. I challenge you to beat my reading goal.

17 Responses to “I Talk About Myself Again”

    • Vlora


      Thanks, Sherlyn! Yes, thinking about it now I used to read more fantasy than I do at the moment. I still read a lot of urban fantasy with paranormal characters, but epic fantasies with detailed worldbuilding are missing from the list. Maybe it’s because it takes longer to get into these, but the result is usually rewarding!
      Vlora recently posted…I Talk About Myself AgainMy Profile

  1. Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections

    I love your answers, hahaha, you little rebel. Fine, if you read 10 pages next week, you’ll have succeeded. And yes, I have made a claim on the Weasley twins, but Rebecca from Vicariously! has claimed Fred as well, and several others have gone for Hermione, so I don’t think it matters if people pick the same person! Having said that, thank you for being considerate and letting me love my twins. I think you’re the only person ever who’d choose Percy, so I applaud you for that.

    Also, Throne of Glass. Yikes. Yeah, I totally get what you mean. I couldn’t get through it – DNFed it at a third of the way in, I think. Best assassin ever? Never kills anyone. Just constantly reminds us of how pretty she is.
    Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted…What’s So Good About Fantasy Anyway? (The Answer Is Everything)My Profile

    • Vlora


      I was actually all ready to get started, and then I realized the Read-A-Thon hasn’t even begun yet haha. Yeah, I wasn’t actually THAT considerate, I just thought it might be more interesting with different characters. Plus, I love to read about bickering characters, and I feel like Percy and I would be at each other’s throats 24/7. :D

      I KNOW RIGHT. I mean I don’t have a problem with the fact that she’s pretty or that she likes dresses, but did it have to be the main focus of the book? And then what really got me was that the multiple POVs were ONLY there to tell us how all the men around her think she’s beautiful too. No extra information or anything that added to the story. Grr. I hear it gets better, but I just can’t bring myself to continue the series right now.
      Vlora recently posted…I Talk About Myself AgainMy Profile

  2. Chantelle

    Hi Vlora! Nooo… You didn’t like Throne of Glass? That’s ok… *sheds a little tear* Not everyone’s going to like it – it looks like Inge didn’t either :(

    I loved Graceling, but I haven’t read the others in that series yet. I got the impression that the others don’t feature Katsa and Po as much, which is why it’s taking me so long to buy the others, I think.

    I loved your answers! :)

    • Vlora


      Thanks! :)

      I really wanted to like it, but the protagonist got on my nerves, and I felt that the book didn’t do justice to its interesting premise. =/

      No, you’re right, the other books aren’t really about Katsa and Po. I’m not sure, but I don’t think they’re in Fire at all, because it takes place before the events of Graceling. They do appear quite a few times in Bitterblue, but only as supporting characters and I felt they were a little… different? I didn’t remember them being THAT melodramatic. But Bitterblue is about Leck’s daughter (the girl from Graceling), who inherits his really effed up kingdom and has to learn to deal with her new responsibilities. It’s kind of a fantasy coming of age story, if you will. :D I really like it!
      Vlora recently posted…I Talk About Myself AgainMy Profile

  3. Andreea

    I laughed so hard reading this blog post! Fellow over-user of brackets here and possibly future contestant to the title of Queen of procrastination!

  4. Lakin

    I love the way you wrote this post! I haven’t read Throne of Glass, but I’m sorry you didn’t like it. And, um, guilty. Hangs head in shame… I haven’t read Harry Potter yet:( I should really fix that soon, and I will someday! I promise! Okay? Now stop throwing lightning at me!! Good luck reading those 10 pages, it sounds so grueling.
    Lakin recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday: The Start of Me and YouMy Profile

    • Vlora


      GASP. I will hold off with the lightning for now, but only because you promised. :D Yes, it’s going to be VERY hard. I’ll write about my long and difficult journey if I manage to make it haha
      Vlora recently posted…I Talk About Myself AgainMy Profile

  5. benish

    “steal my cake” LOL I love reading your answers, the sense of humor is great. I didn’t like the first book of Throne of Glass much either, I have heard the series gets better as it goes on though, so let’s see :) Great post<3

    • Vlora


      I have heard that too! And it does bother me when I don’t finish series, but there are so many shiny books I can read right now, that I can’t really motivate myself to give the series another try. Mayyybe someday! Happy you liked the post. :)
      Vlora recently posted…I Talk About Myself AgainMy Profile

    • Vlora


      You know, it started out as a life’s too short to sort your socks thing, but then I started really liking it, and now I just buy all sorts of colorful socks and mismatch them on purpose. :D

      Thanks for following. :) I remember her being very good, I’ll definitely revisit her books sometime soon!

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