Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Poster


Marvel, Marvel, Marvel. You know I love you, but we agreed to always be honest with each other.

Today was not a good day for you. It’s okay, I know you can do better! But …please do next time. I’m not a fan of your flat jokes.

There might be some mild spoilers for past Marvel movies in here.

This movie… I don’t even know where to start. I had mixed expectations going into this. On the one hand, the trailer and the teaser didn’t really look like much. On the other hand, it’s MARVEL. I loved everything they made so far. In varying degrees, but I loved it. (Okay, let’s not talk about Cap 1 because the second one was the bomb. THE BOMB, I tell you.) Surely, they wouldn’t disappoint now?


I can’t say I hated Guardians of the Galaxy, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to the recent Marvel releases. I’m not a hardcore I’ve-read-all-the-comics kind of fan, so I don’t know how it fared in terms of comic-to-screen adaption (I hear good), but I was really underwhelmed by the whole thing. I had to suffer through the dubbed German version of the movie (why do you do this German cinema), but I doubt I’ll like the original one much more.

Part of why I love the Marvel movies so much is because they always have a phenomenal mix of humor, action, and serious character development. Even a little drama. Let’s just take a moment and remember such great moments as Loki finding out he is an ice giant, Tony breaking down after the New York battle, or the whole series finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. I don’t always love everything about every Marvel movie, but altogether they always have that perfect blend of seriousness, hilarity (“I’m listening”, anyone?) and outright HULK SMASH fun. Are they timeless cinematic masterpieces? Maybe not, but they’re ridiculously fun to watch. There were two or three genuinely laugh-out-loud funny moments in Guardians of the Galaxy, but the rest was all predictable jokes and mellow storylines. All of the Guardians had potential for character development, interesting storylines and internal and external conflict, but for the most part it remained just that – potential.

Maybe I’m being unnecessarily hard on the movie because I was expecting more, but c’mon, Marvel. I know you can do better. I still had a fun night because I had good company and the movie didn’t suck, but this movie did very much not live up to my expectations. It was something to tide me over until Avengers 2 finally comes out, but that’s it. And the after-credits scene was even worse than the one teasing Guardians after Thor 2. The tree was cute though.

In the end, this movie was just very, very mediocre. If you’re a Marvel fan and you plan on seeing future movies, I still recommend watching this one as it properly introduces some concepts that will play an important role later on (especially in Avengers 3, I assume), but don’t expect usual Marvel quality. Personally, I had a fun night, but I’m not enthusiastic about this movie. Even though I do like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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