Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook

January 30, 2015 movies, recs, reviews 6

Let me start this off by saying WATCH THIS MOVIE. Savvy? Good.


From the description I got, I thought this movie would be about dealing with grief, and that does play a part in the movie. Mostly however, it focuses on the ups and downs of everyday life and relationships within the context of mental issues. Pat lost his wife, his house and his job. He has (undiagnosed?) bipolar disorder and after spending a couple of months in a state institution, he’s now back to living with his parents, who are clearly a bit overwhelmed by the whole situation. He soon develops a relationship with Tiffany, who is dealing with mental instability of her own. What I loved about this movie was that I didn’t feel like it looks down on people with mental issues. It doesn’t patronize them the way stories so often do, but rather tells a story that feels very relatable. Pat and Tiffany work very well together because they communicate openly and respect each other. I absolutely loved their dynamic. They encourage each other to do things out of their comfort zone and to be better people.


Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro all knocked it out of the park and then some in this one. Seriously, the acting is crazy good. Especially Jennifer wowed me like no one’s business. Don’t get me wrong, I think she is AMAZING in The Hunger Games and I wouldn’t want anyone else to play Katniss, BUT I feel like her perfomance in this movie was definitely the best I’ve seen of her. She really sold the role and just basically did everything right. Robert DeNiro is also phenomal as Pat’s dad. I can’t say I always liked his character, but that only speaks for DeNiro’s performance.


I can only repeat myself: WATCH IT! The only criticism I have, is that the ending was a little predictable, but not so much that it stopped me from enjoying the film. Definitely a new favorite!

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