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October 4, 2015 miscellaneous 15

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What’s New?

What do you mean I haven’t updated in weeks. Are you sure you didn’t just get stuck in a tumblr spiral and now it’s suddenly two weeks later than you thought? Yeah, I had a feeling.

Things have been semi-busy what with the internship and rewatching about a hundred YouTube videos, but I thought I should probably pop in here to give you this incredibly exciting update on my life. y’all can hear my sarcasm even when I’m writing, right? Okay, good. Alright, let’s check my calendar reminisce to see what I’ve been up to! Last weekend, I was at a live broadcast of a local event for the radio, and I did a few interviews with the participants. At first I was a bit out of my comfort zone, but then I got more used to it, and I think I did fine!

I’m thinking about asking whether I can do my own radio show every couple of weeks, just for practice and fun, but I have to come up with a concept and pitch it at a meeting and and and, so we’ll see. Let me know if you have any fun ideas for it though!

The Shiny

This is gonna be a music themed one. Remember when I got bomb headphones and had to return them, because they were on-ear, which hurt my ears too much, so I cried for three weeks straight? Probably not, but that’s more or less what happened minus the crying part. I cried INSIDE. I didn’t think I could afford another pair, BUT I was editing an audio clip at work and the headphones I was using weren’t too bad, so I looked up how much they cost and they were literally twenty bucks. Obviously I had to buy them.


The only downside is they’re studio headphones, so they’ve got an obnoxiously long, thick cable that sounds wrong, so I proooobably won’t be able to use them much when I’m on the go. I can still use them for video editing and random listening to music though. There are few things that make me as happy as good music in good quality!

To go with the headphones, I also bought two new albums, which I can HIGHLY recommend.

source: amazon (they didn’t sue me last time, and technically the link is advertisement, so I figured I might as well)

These two albums are both SO GOOD. I think it’s safe to say that Drones is my favorite Muse album. Or is it? maybe I should relisten to the old ones. The first two thirds of it are just IN YOUR FACE in a good way, whereas the last couple of songs are much more quiet and contemplative. The only song I don’t like too much is Drones, but I feel like that’s probably just because it’s not my cup of tea. That’s actually a problem I have with quite a few Muse songs, but I do also love some of their older stuff, which is why I’ve always felt a bit ambiguous about them. Definitely don’t feel ambiguous about this album though! Favorite songs: Reapers, Dead Inside, Psycho and The Handler.

source: amazon. seriously, I should look into getting affiliate links.

I kept stumbling upon twenty one pilots recently, and I’ve been listening to some of their songs, but when I was listening to a random playlist on 8tracks, and the only song that stood out to me turned out to be a twenty one pilots song, I decided to finally buy the album. NO REGRETS. The whole thing is just a masterpiece. My favorites are Heavydirtysoul, Stressed Out, Doubt, and Message Man, but pretty much the entire album is phenomenal. I love the mix of genres and styles and just YES.

On the Blog

Aaaand here we go, a list with exactly one point again.

  • I reviewed Vicious by V.E. Schwab, which is a very good book. Did you know there’s a sequel coming up? I’ll definitely be reading it.

I also posted another video, so in the interest of looking like I actually did something since we last talked I’ll leave that here as well.

It’s about social awkwardness. The awkwardness in the video is unrelated.

Tune of the Week

I was going to rec you a Muse or twenty one pilots song here for obvious reasons, but I just listened to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge for the first time in ages, so I’m going to go with my favorite song from that album instead. Do give the other stuff a listen as well though, it’s fairly awesome.

I don’t know why I haven’t listened to this band in so long. Maybe because it reminds me of my teenage years, because who wants that. They’re really good though. I just spent the last two hours trying to remember whether I saw them live, and I’ve now concluded I saw them live twice. I should probably be worried about my memory. Don’t let my befuddled mind fool you though, I DO remember that I really liked the concerts.

How have you been? Do you know/like these bands/songs? Is your memory better than mine? It probably is, who are we kidding here. Any music recs?

I’m linking up with the Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

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15 Responses to “Music, Interviews and Social Awkwardness”

  1. Lola

    Sounds like your internship is going well with the radio! Yay for the affordable and good headphones. I hate headphones as most make my ears hurt. Enjoy your new music. I am not really a musical person and usually let my boyfriend decide what we listen to. I don’t really mind music, but won’t put any on by myself. I hope you have a great week!
    Lola recently posted…Sunday Post #146My Profile

    • Vlora


      A lot of headphones hurt my ears too, but these are pretty comfy! Thanks, I love music. :) I also love deciding what music others have to listen to recommending music, so making playlists is really fun. :D Have a great week!
      Vlora recently posted…The Amazing Post Is Not On FireMy Profile

  2. Greg

    The radio show sounds fun, I hope you get a chance to do it again. And good luck pitching a show… glad you found some nice headphones, and new music is always good.

    Enjoy your week!
    Greg recently posted…Sunday Post #111My Profile

  3. Alyssa

    Ooh, your job seems to be going fantastically — a radio show sounds SO COOL THOUGH. And I am ALL THE EXCITE for the Vicious sequel. It’s just, GOD YES PLEASE. And twenty one pilots has also been growing on me lately, although of recent favs I think I prefer Halsey most.
    Alyssa recently posted…Chinese Culture [6]: Our Ladies In HistoryMy Profile

    • Vlora


      I KNOW RIGHT. Now I just have to come up with something… I’ll report back. :) Yesss to Vicious. I definitely need to read her other books ASAP as well. I didn’t know Halsey, but I just checked out Ghost on YouTube. LOVE the video, like the song, will have to listen to more to see how I like it! Thanks for mentioning it. :)
      Vlora recently posted…The Amazing Post Is Not On FireMy Profile

  4. verena

    hmm funny ideas… that should be your part, Vlo :D I don’t know, I think something like your blog would be cool. maybe you could talk about student topics and focus a bit on that student thing? and that may also contain rumors and hot topics, students are talking about. also media stuff and so on.

    maybe also random interviews with strangers, like Humans Of New York…

    thoman has great stuff,and Michi has to know that best!

    I know Muse, but I don’t listen much to them ^^ great that you invest in music, though! :)

    greets from the Allgaeu! :)
    verena recently posted…French FlairMy Profile

    • Vlora


      I knoooow. I’ll try to think of something, but I’m more of make it up as I go along kind of person with these things haha. Hm maaaybe, but I don’t know if that’s enough for an hour? Maybe it could be a segment? I’ll write it down. xD I only bought the headphones from Thomann, but I was pleased with the experience. :D Yeah, I guess he’d know! Yeah, I’m trying to invest more in music, and actually buy some new albums from time to time. Have a good week and see ya soon. :)
      Vlora recently posted…The Amazing Post Is Not On FireMy Profile

  5. Romi

    Ooh, having your own radio show sounds fun! I definitely think you should go ahead and present your idea, even if it’s a lot of work. I have no doubt it would be a lot of fun and excellent to experience! Twentyone Pilots! You totally got me onto them, although I’ve only listened to Stressef Out, which I… I think I love. I should definitely be checking out their other songs, since I enjoy that one so much. *nods*
    Romi recently posted…Mini reviews (15)My Profile

  6. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    The video speaks to my SOUL. Tell your roommate that I still cannot use the phone either. I too get the sweats and want to vomit and run away. Also, YES to the bathroom trick. Want to hear something awful? So, when my son was in the NICU, the nurses would HOVER like freaking vultures, especially during feeding time, and they made me so nervous that every single time I ran to the bathroom. But like, the bathroom as far away as possible. Because no one wants to be hovered upon! I also ALWAYS do the cell phone thing in the street. WHY won’t those asshats go around me!? I am going to elbow someone some day, and they’re going to get mad, but they had it coming!

    I don’t even know what else happened here. I just loved this video. I am going to come over there and hang out with you guys, and we can exchange awkward pleasantries and awful small talk :D
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…I’m Two!! Looking Back (and a Giveaway!)My Profile

    • Vlora


      I told her, and she was surprised someone actually commented on the video. No faith, that one. I definitely felt some of that old phone anxiety return during my internship, because I had to call people to bother them for stuff. I got through it much better than I would have a couple of years ago (meaning I actually called haha), but I definitely get it! Hovering is the worst! Especially in stressful situations like that. Or when teachers used to look over students’ shoulders during tests? WHY JUST WHY. Yay for awkward pleasantries haha. At least we could talk about THG or The 100 or blogging, so we’d probably be fine. :D
      Vlora recently posted…The Amazing Post Is Not On FireMy Profile

    • Vlora


      IKR? It would be actually! Just er… in German. But the music’s still good? :D Listening to My Chemical Romance makes me feel so nostalgic haha. I bought Danger Days recently, because that’s probably the album I know the least. It’s good!
      Vlora recently posted…The Amazing Post Is Not On FireMy Profile

  7. Olivia Roach

    Ahaha, now I know what your music taste is like! I am someone who doesn’t really listen to Muse and Twenty one Pilots by choice, but whenever they are on at a friends house or something, I tend to like it well enough :) I think the radio show idea sounds cool and I am glad that this one went well ^.^
    Olivia Roach recently posted…Taking Leaps and Finding Ghosts (Review)My Profile

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