NaNoWriMo Week 1

November 8, 2015 miscellaneous 4

Day 1: Took me a while to get going (read: all day), because I was tired as hell this morning and realized I should have plotted more in advance, but I managed to reach the daily goal in the end. I had about 2500 words before I started, but the project completely changed from what I had in mind when I was first writing it a few months ago, so I had to rewrite the entire first chapter and change up the rest. I’m counting the rewriting, so I actually did okay on my first day. Words written/rewritten: 2733.

Day 2: It’s actually going well! I only really started writing in the evening, but I’m always tired in the mornings, so it’s probably for the better. I finished my rewriting and then kept going to add more words to the story. I really got into it the last couple of hours, but it’s almost 2 am, and I have to be at work tomorrow, so I’ll stop here. Words written/rewritten: 2505

Day 3: I’m kind of amazed I actually reached my daily goal today. I had to work during the day, and then I went to a friend’s place to write, but I was struggling with my (non-existent) plot, so I had to go back to the drawing board. I still need to plot more, but I actually managed to persevere and reach my word goal back home. I thought for sure that I would have to settle for less, but somehow I pulled through. It is 2 am now though, and I have to get up early tomorrow, so I’ll log off now. Words written: 1670.

Day 4: I killed it today. To be honest, I considered not writing anything at all, because I slept dreadfully little the last two nights, and I was knackered all day, but somehow I forced myself to open Scrivener and start writing. And then I surpassed my daily target! From an expected zero to overachiever in a couple of hours. I’m legitimately proud of myself today. Words written: 2725

Day 5: I met a friend after work who’s doing NaNo as well, but ordering food and talking about Marvel took precedence for a while. I’m currently kind of lost when it comes to plot, making sense, and Englishing properly, but I managed to write something in the end. I’ll be visiting a friend the next two days, and I have a workshop on Sunday, so I hope my extra words mean I can afford a break without falling too far behind. Words written: 1755

Day 6, 7 & 8: I drove to Bonn on Friday and then back on Saturday, but I stayed over at my grandma’s house, because it was on the way, and the radio in my car doesn’t work, so I needed a break from driving. Then today I went directly from there to a radio workshop on studio tech, so I don’t completely mess up if the radio show thing we’re planning works out. I think I’ll give myself the evening off to recharge after being out and about all weekend, which means I’ll have to get from 11.323 to 15.000 words tomorrow, but I’m 97% confident I can get there, because I have all day tomorrow to do it. Word Total: 11.323

All in all, I’d say it was a successful first week! I’m slightly behind, but I should be able to catch up tomorrow. My only worry is that what I’ve written isn’t terribly good, but I keep telling myself it’s a first draft. I learned that I definitely should have plotted more beforehand, but I’ll try to figure it out as I go along. Downloading the Scrivener NaNo trial was a fantastic idea, because it’s been really helpful. I hear week 2 is hell week, but I’m hoping to avoid that since I didn’t write the last couple of days. Wish me luck!

How did you do if you’re doing NaNo? If not, how would you feel about working as my cook/cleaner/term paper writer for the next few weeks? I’ll pay you with sunshine and smiles. But not a lot of sunshine, because it’s November, and not a lot of smiles, because writing is hard. Applications via email.

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  1. Romi

    Ooh, Vlora! It sounds like you’re going super well! I’ve done NaNo… maybe four times, and only last year did I actually start recording my process, which started me on journaling every day. It was AWESOME. Before that I just did a daily word tally. You’re doing so, so well- most days over 2k! WHAT? Awesome. It sounds like you’re definitely a plotter, too! I never plot out my novels (although with A, A I have a little, and with a genre change novel I’m working on rewriting I kinda have to), and it’s so interesting for me to hear that it’s so necessary to your process and helps your writing come out better. Yay for you doing the first week of NaNo! xx
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    • Vlora


      Four times, go you! Well, the emphasis is on most days haha. I have to make up for the other days! I’m not sure I actually AM a plotter, but I probably should be! I just find it so hard to come up with anything in advance. But I also get stuck A LOT when I don’t plot, so it’s a bit of a vicious cycle. I’m trying to find a method that will work for me!
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  2. Cait @ Paper Fury

    See, I have a dog that doubles as my household slave. Cooks, cleans, brings me breakfast in bed, that sort of thing. (Actually I’m kidding. HE’S USELESS. And he eats the food before he brings it to me. It’s impossible to find good help these days.) Ergo I could finish NaNo very fast. *nods* But I worked out I was like writing 6+ hours a day so THAT’S why I finished so fast. Instead of, ya know, actually being a fast writer. hehe. AHEM. YAY FOR ALL THOSE WORDS THOUGH!!! I hope you get a ton more in week 2!! And pfft, first drafts don’t need to be good. I actually wrote my most intelligent first draft ever this NaNo. But it’s also my 18th book. SO. Lots of practise there. XD
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    • Vlora


      I think it’s safe to say that’s still pretty fast! I think your meticulous plotting also helps, and I’ll try to do more of it in the future, because then I’ll be able to write much faster! Except if I lose focus, my finger slips, and I end up on YouTube or something. It happens. Haha yes, I’m hoping by book 18, I’ll have improved a lot as well! Also, I’m hoping I’ll get to book 18. Or, you know, 1.
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