Ou la la! Paris Shenanigans and Fiery Body Parts

August 29, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 12

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Bonjour mes amis blogtastique!

As you might be able to tell by my pretentious greetings, I spent last weekend in Paris! Due to the internship and work I don’t have any proper holidays this summer, so when my mum mentioned she was going to Paris for a weekend, I latched onto her like the leech loving daughter I am. I had to venture out of the comforts of my home, but on the plus side, I saw some sights, learned some stuff and only almost got killed on the metro once. I did make a fool of myself trying to use the metro at first also, but at least I didn’t confuse French with Spanish this time, so I’m counting it as a success. I vlogged the whole thing, so take a look if you’re interested!

According to my blogoversary survey results at least half of you don’t know that I also have a YouTube channel, so clearly I need to get better at relentlessly shoving it in your face. Kidding, I’ll try not to, but my fingers might slip from time to time. Speaking of, I’m loving all your feedback (and demands for cake), so I’ll be discussing the results in a bit, but I figured I’d wait until next week to give more people the chance to fill it out. If you haven’t yet and you’d like to please feel free to head over there and let me know what you think!

In more concise news:

  • I passed 100 Followers on Bloglovin’! I was trying to reach that goal by my blogoversary and I didn’t, but then it happened a couple of days later, so YAY. Now no one unfollow, or I’ll have to retract this statement.
  • I lay sat down to watch the first episode of Empire to see how I like it and ended up finishing the whole season within about twenty hours. Oops?
  • I have SO MANY blog post ideas and way too little time, but prepare for more once the new semester starts, and I’ll hopefully have more time!
  • Did I mention I love audiobooks? It took me a bit to get into them, but they’re SO handy sometimes. I listened to The Immortal Crown by Richelle Mead and it was awesomesauce

What’s New?

ALL THE AUDIOBOOKS. Okay one, but I’m sure I forgot to tell you guys about some others. I’m organized.

As I loved Richelle Mead’s The Immortal Crown so much, I decided to finally finish her Bloodlines series as well. I read the first three books as ebooks (very uncommon for me), so it’s okay to listen to the last three as audiobooks, because I won’t have an unfinished series standing around. Also, the reader is the same as the one who read The Immortal Crown, and she’s doing an awesome job, so double jackpot. I don’t know about you guys, but my biggest struggle with audiobooks is that I don’t have the physical copies to admire on my shelf afterwards. I like to collect them, okay? Maybe I’ll print out the covers and put them on cardboard boxes, so it’ll look like I have the books on my shelf. Okay, probably not.

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  • MY FIRST BLOGOVERSARY YAY. I stuck with something. My mum would be so proud. Or at least she’d tell me she’s proud if I told her to. We’re a loving family!
  • Any fellow Suits fans out there? Haven’t they been killing it this season? I reviewed the mid-season finale, so come talk to me about it!

As always, I’m linking up with Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and the Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

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How are YOU? Have you ever been to Paris? Where would you like to go to next? Do you also always forget to actually link your post up even though you said so? Because I don’t. At all. Every time. Ahem.

12 Responses to “Ou la la! Paris Shenanigans and Fiery Body Parts”

  1. Lola

    Sounds like you had a great weekend in Paris. I’ve visited Paris twice now and while it isn’t my favourite city it’s still nice to have seen it. I don’t like the metro’s, although it sure is a handy way to get from point A to B quickly.

    Congrats on your 100 bloglovin followers, that’s awesome! I haven’t read to audiobook so far, because they don’t appeal to me for some reason, but maybe I’ll just have to give it a try once.

    I still have to start Richelle Mead her Age of X series, so I am glad to hear you enjoyd the second book so much. I only have to read the last Bloodlines book and hopefully can read it soon.

    Thanks for linking to my post! And I would love to hear your story of switching to english!
    Lola recently posted…Review: Thor’s Serpents by K.L. Armstrong and M.A. MarrMy Profile

    • Vlora


      I had a good trip, but it’s not my favorite city either TBH. All the touristy areas in the city center are VERY nice (although obviously crowded with tourists), but the rest of the city isn’t really my cuppa. Well, who really LIKES public transportation? I’d complain about the metro being crowded, but it already runs like every three minutes, so I guess there isn’t much they can do about it?

      Thank you! It took me quite some time to get into audiobooks, but now I really like them. I hope you’ll enjoy it if you try it! I actually didn’t LOVE the first Age of X book, because it was so dense and the characters weren’t that likeable, and I basically just had to force myself to keep reading for a bit there, BUT once you get into the world it’s REALLY good! I love how well thought-out Richelle’s worlds are and there’s quite some character development as well. I hope you’ll like it!

      You’re welcome! Alright, that post is on the list then. :D
      Vlora recently posted…Ou la la! Paris Shenanigans and Fiery Body PartsMy Profile

  2. Jackie

    I sometimes wonder about how often people in Europe visit other countries in Europe. Like, is it as common as me visiting family a few times a year the next state over (which is this boring one called “Ohio” and is mostly farmland)? I’ve never been to Paris, but I would love to visit one day (or most other countries in Europe, actually).

    Also, Notre Dame looks huuuuuuuge! I don’t think I’ve ever really seen any images of it until now.
    Jackie recently posted…Some Thoughts on Tea and the Changing of the SeasonsMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Hmmm I don’t have any statistics to back this up of course, but I just tried to think of all countries I’ve been over the years, and I came up with about 8 European ones, so I guess yes? (Since apparently I can speak for everyone.) A couple of them were on school trips and I also like to travel a lot, so that definintely doesn’t go for everyone. It doesn’t really take that long to get anywhere when you take the plane, but obviously you still need expendable income, so I, for example, definitely can’t do it too often. Also, it depends on the country and where in Europe it’s situated – for example I’ve been to Switzerland and France fairly often, because one of my friends has family in Swiss and lives there now and my grandparents own some land in France (the boring, rural part though, so nothing too fancy – it’s really more like camping) and it’s just a couple of hours away.

      It’s also often more common to visit the mediterranean countries for a holiday than Eastern European countries (though of course people do that too). And then of course Germany is probably one of the most economically stable countries in the EU. Other Europeans don’t have nearly as much money to spend on travelling and holidays, and a lot probably can’t afford to travel much at all. So yeah, that’s my long ass answer to that, but don’t take anything I say for fact.

      I didn’t really know how Notre Dame looked before I went either. It’s fairly big, yeah. Definitely one of the nicer churches I’ve seen. I don’t know why, but for some reason it always throws me out for a second when you mention you’re from the US. I keep thinking of you as British! I think it’s the tea. :D
      Vlora recently posted…Ou la la! Paris Shenanigans and Fiery Body PartsMy Profile

  3. Alyssa

    Ooh Paris! That’s my only European visit ever, but it was fabulous. I love your vlog! I actually had lots of fun riding the Paris metro, I’m like a metro whiz. *puts on hat* Anyhow, congrats on 100 followers! I totally know what you mean about hoping no one unfollows so the milestone stays. I’m just like, “Hmm, should I announce it? … eh, better not yet. Okay, it’s like 3 above the milestone. It’s safe now! … too late anyways. Never mind!”

    Thanks for the shout-out! Looking forward to reading the survey results :)
    Alyssa recently posted…an untitled work of monsters and wolves and teenage girlsMy Profile

    • Vlora


      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! I got a decent metro plan the second time I stopped by the information and from then on it was just like using public transporation in Germany (except that you have to walk AGES to switch lines), but I’ve had to use public transportation way too often in my life to have FUN doing it. :D THANKS! Yes haha, I wasn’t sure either, but then I was like eff it. It’s not like people are going to check every two days whether I still have 100 followers. To be honest, I’d probably find it funny to unfollow just because. I mean I probably wouldn’t do it, I’d just chuckle to myself evilly and enjoy the power, but STILL. :D
      Vlora recently posted…Ou la la! Paris Shenanigans and Fiery Body PartsMy Profile

    • Vlora


      When I went to Amsterdam with a couple of friends, our plane was actually called “Cityhopper” haha. It did take us like 9 hours to Paris though (flying was too expensive so we took the car), so it was more of a leisurely stroll than a quick hop. You’re right though, it’s pretty cool that everything is more or less close in Europe and that there are so many different cultures just a couple of hours away. It takes ages to go most other places though! Long flights are the worst; I’ve only done it once to Colombia, and I’m really not a fan.
      Vlora recently posted…Secret Life of- ME! PICK ME!My Profile

  4. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    This is fabulous! I have always wanted to go to Paris. My parents have gone, I never have. I have been to Nice and Aix-en-Provence in France, but never to Paris. Some day! DUDE- I did not know that hostels were like that! Did you like, sleep with strangers?! Oh my goodness, I don’t think I could ever do that! Your mom is SO FUNNY! I love her, tell her to bring you to visit the US so we can all hang out :)

    Where do I want to go next? Greece, or Australia. But Greece is more likely, even though neither is happening anytime soon. Damn kids, they take all your money! Ask your mom, I bet she takes my side here ;) And I always link to Tynga’s Reviews, but I always forget the other one! Oops? Thanks for vlogging your trip, it is nice to be able to live vicariously through your video!!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight recently posted…It’s Not Me, It’s YouMy Profile

    • Vlora


      I’ve never been to Nice or Aix-en-Provence! I really like city center in Paris, but to be honest, the rest of the city wasn’t really my cuppa. It was awesome to see it once, and I miiight go again, because it was such a short trip, and I didn’t get a chance to go to any of the museums or anything this time, but I also don’t think you missed thaaat much. Well, I didn’t SLEEP with strangers – sorry my inner 13-year-old came out – but yeah there were 12 beds in that room, I think. It was the second cheapest option (the cheapest being the 12 bed mixed dormitory as opposed to the girl’s dormitory), so that’s what we booked, but you can also rent single rooms, or rooms with four beds or whatever – they’re just more expensive. It’s not ideal, but it’s also not as bad as you might imagine it is. It’s also the fastest way to meet people when you’re travelling alone, because most people are very social in hostels. I imagined I’d sleep in rooms like that when I travelled for four weeks last year, but then I just ended up booking a lot of single rooms haha. It’s one of the reasons I went so over budget (that and that I went to Italian restaurants instead of cooking at the hostel most of the time… oops)! I can do it for a couple of nights though, so it was okay for one weekend! She’ll be thrilled to hear that haha.

      Greece is awesome! I went to Chalkidiki when I was younger, and I really liked it! We saw beaches with white sand and turquoise water on a boat trip, and it was basically perfect (except that we didn’t stay there, but it was nice to see it haha). I’ve never been to Australia, but I’d like to go sometime. :) Though the scary insects and reptiles they have worry me a bit haha. Yeah, my mom definitely agrees with you on that one. Haha yeah me too. It’s harder to remember to link up on Sunday when you posted something on Friday. You’re very welcome, glad you enjoyed it!!
      Vlora recently posted…Secret Life of- ME! PICK ME!My Profile

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