We Have a Radio Show!

January 9, 2016 books, fun, miscellaneous 12

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What’s New?

I did my first live radio show yesterday! Remember when I did an internship with a local radio station this summer? I have a show there now. It’s on every four weeks and I’m doing it with a friend of mine. If anyone happens to speak German (or wants to listen to some good music) you can listen to the show we did today for a couple more days. There were some slight technical errors the first couple of minutes it was totally not my fault, but after that it went alright for our first show!

After the show I went to dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in six months, and then I came home and amused myself by singing My Heart Will Go On really loudly (as one does). A few minutes later I realized my roommate was home after all and heard the whole thing. Naturally, I pretended to be on the phone, though I’m not sure why badly singing My Heart Will Go On to someone else would make it any less weird. Other than these exciting going ons, I have a lot of university stuff on my plate and will go and work on that now. Or, well, maybe tomorrow. You know the drill.

The Shiny

I used my amazon gift card to buy Illuminae, because everyone has been raving about it; Mistborn, because… well because everyone has been raving about it, and The Game of Love and Death, because Cait has been raving about it, but also because I love the idea of Love and Death being people (entities?) who spend their time making up bets.

I also got Sweetgirl by Travis Mulhauser and Sisi: Empress on Her Own as ARCs thanks to Harper Collins/Fourth Estate and Random House/The Dial Press. I took a bit of a risk with Sweetgirl, because it’s not something I’d search out at the bookstore, but I’ve already read most of it and I really like it! I’m not sure what to do with Sisi though. I requested it, because I LOVED the Sissi movies growing up, but then I realized it’s a sequel (it didn’t say on netgalley, but I could have checked goodreads) and I’m really not a fan of reading books out of order. Let me know if you have a solution to this world-shattering dilemma of mine.

On the Blog

Tune of the Week

I’m not sure if I’ve used this one before, but I’m too lazy to check. I found it on a playlist and instantly loved it.

Have you ever really fucked up while doing something a lot of people could see/hear?

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12 Responses to “We Have a Radio Show!”

  1. Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    Ooh a radio show sounds so exciting! But probably not something I could do. I’m good with words, but not actually having to speak them lol. I had actually not heard of The Game of Love and Death but that does sound intriguing. I can see why you bought it.

    Also, I’m sure I’ve screwed up or done embarrassing things in front of people, though maybe it wasn’t A LOT of people. But hey, you got by with only a few technical errors, so it sounds like you did good on the show :-)
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Book Review: Trailer Park Fae (Gallow and Ragged Book 1) by Lilith SaintcrowMy Profile

  2. Alyssa

    Congratulations on the radio show! Hey, it seems to me that loudly singing songs on a phone is perfectly reasonable and should in fact be a daily routine sometime after drinking coffee but before second breakfast XD I also read TGOLAD on Cait’s recommendation! I did quite like it. ILLUMINAE is also on my shelf, super excited to get to it!
    Alyssa recently posted…Chinese Culture: Teahouses (and witchy magical Starbucks!)My Profile

  3. Robert

    Congrats on the radio show!! Since I got old and settled (and stopped going to bars) I can only do my loud singing on my commute ;)
    I hope you enjoy Mistborn. I have Book 6 of that series on preorder and should get it Jan 26th.

  4. Valerie

    Woah it’s awesome you have a radio show! I would totally listen, if I knew German hahah. Oh well. And all the books in your haul are GREAT CHOICES. Read Mistborn, just do it. Same with Illuminae, which is a quicker read than Mistborn but still amazing. And I haven’t read The Game of Love and Death, but I have heard good things about it! And SISI! WHAT. I don’t know much of her story, but I did visit her palace (?? I think it was part of her palace?) in Austria (I think. Wow I remember nothing. Watch all of this be totally wrong). But yeah. :)
    Valerie recently posted…I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling 22My Profile

    • Vlora


      It’s really fun! Glad you think so; I look forward to reading them even more now. I’ve been wanting to read Mistborn for AGES; I just thought I’d need some time, because I always thought it was like this huuuge fantasy book, but it’s actually much smaller than I thought? I’m reading The Lunar Chronicles now, but I’ll get around to it soon(ish)! Oh, that’s awesome! I’d love to see her palace. :)
      Vlora recently posted…See you in February!My Profile

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