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I know everyone and their mum already read the Lunar Chronicles, but just in case you haven’t, I have compiled a handy list to convince you to drop everything and start reading them immediately. I resisted for a long time, because I was worried they’re overhyped, but when I finally picked them up, I enjoyed them a lot. Since I already reviewed them on Goodreads, I’m doing this instead. Veeery mild spoilers ahead.

Cyborg Cinderella

Cinderella is a cyborg. And a mechanic (I have a weakness for mechanics). And she’s frickin’ amazing and I related to her a lot. The evil stepmother is there and the two sister are there, but Cinder loves one of them more than anything and it’s really sweet. Also, Cinder doesn’t take shit from anyone and (at least in book one) she actually makes sensible decisions that don’t make me want to throw books at her.


So this whole series is based on different fairytales, right? And all of those fairytales feature a love story, so the books feature love stories too. HOWEVER, huge amounts of the books are dedicated to friendship as well, which is what absolutely sold them to me. We get introduced to new characters in every book and, somehow, slowly they all learn to know each other and become friends and it’s this really natural process that happens organically until they’re basically all besties and it just gives me all the warm and fuzzy feelings.

Space Western

Okay, so maybe it’s not actually a space western, but I was suprised by how much time was spent on a spaceship. Like, not just randomly in space. I’m talking a captain with a crew and one of those ships that MEANS something to their owner. So spaceship, outlaws, revolutionizing… it’s totally a space western, come on. Some parts were actually kind of Firefly? I LOVED that. I want there to be a short story (or a book… or a whole series of books… I’m not picky) where they all just hang out on the Rampion (the spaceship in question) and have fun adventures.


This is the “prince” to Cinder’s Cinderella, but he’s actually kind of an Emperor and he’s in over his head like woah and basically what is he even doing can someone save him. He does fall for Cinder awfully fast without knowing much about her, but I guess he needed the distraction? I actually really loved him (he’s also cute) and I appreciated how he works to be a better person and overcome his prejudices and do right by his people.


So he’s introduced as this kind of stupid, shallow player, but he’s actually pretty awesome? I can’t count the amount of hilarious one-liners he has in Cress. So it’s maybe a little unrealistic how fast he learns to be a better person, but he’s very brave and dashing and clever. Well, he tries anyway and that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?


So Winter is this princess who’s much more badass than anyone gives her credit for. Her story is only explained in book four, so I don’t want to spoil too much, but basically she’s kind and resourceful and funny and she deals with A LOT and is an absolute boss about it most of the time.


Cress is an IT genius and she’s constantly underestimated even though she’s vital to, like, every plan ever. She can code her way out of basically anything (I also have a weakness for coders) and she grows up a lot over the course of the series. She spent a lot of time alone (like, A LOT), so she’s not good with people at first and just kind of shy and akward and naive and then BOOM she… is still a bit of all of that but also very awesome.

Also all of the other characters

Seriously. All of them.


I maintain that the world doesn’t make much sense, but it’s FUN. I actually didn’t love the Luna setting that much, but I really liked how the future was portrayed on earth (which is where most of the action happens, so that’s good). There’s not a lot of technological or political detail, but I was always intrigued to learn more. There’s a common currency and the world is divided into political alliances with different systems and it’s all really interesting!

The Settings

Are you tired of reading about the same old US settings? Well, Marissa Meyer has you covered! Not even factoring in the lunar setting, the Lunar Chronicles feature settings like New Beijing, France, and the Sahara Desert. This just turned into a bad sales pitch, but I’m not being paid, so trust me on this.

I hope those were enough reasons for you. I love the books in this order: 1. Cress 2. Cinder 3. Scarlet 4. Winter, but you should probably read them in the right order. And by probably I mean DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT READING BOOKS IN THE WRONG ORDER EVER WHAT KIND OF SATAN’S SPAWN ARE YOU YES THAT JUST SOUNDED LIKE A BUZZFEED QUIZ BUT IT’S NOT BY THE WAY CAN ANYONE LINK ME ANY GOOD BUZZFEED QUIZZES I SHOuld probably stop shouting.

Do you plan to read the Lunar Chronicles now? (Clearly the answer is yes.) If you’ve already read them, what were your favorite parts?

14 Responses to “Why You Should Read The Lunar Chronicles”

  1. Jackie

    I’ve actually only read Cinder (such a shame), but I actually really quite loved it. I don’t know why I’m dragging my heels with the rest of the series. I mean, after everyone proclaimed their love for the series and all the raving about Winter, I’m surprised I haven’t marched into the book store to buy the rest of the series.

    By the way, I had no idea this series had space western elements. This pretty much means I’m going to track down the next book in the series during my next library visit.
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  2. Cait @ Paper Fury

    AHHHH YOU’RE WONDERFUL. XD I LOVE IT TOO AND QUITE AGREE WITH YOUR LIST. *shrieks* I think my order of love is
    1) Scarlet, 2) Cress, 3) Cinder, and 4) Winter.
    I also really adore that it’s not set in America like, at all. Thorne is the only American, isn’t he!?? Nothing against the Americans, of course, but it’s sooo refreshing to see other cultures and other countries in books. :P

    • Vlora


      I think he’s the only American, yes. I loved the different settings too! For some reason I didn’t love Scarlet and Wolf’s story thaaat much (it seemed kind of clichéd?? but I loved the Paris showdown), but there’s so much cool stuff in this series that there’s something for everyone. :D
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  3. Inge

    I’ve read up to Cress and that was by far my favourite out of the three. I liked Cinder but felt it was kind of predictable so I didn’t fully buy the hype, and while Scarlet had a decent story I was completely underwhelmed by it? But Cress, CRESS was beautiful. I loved Cress and I am in love with Thorne and just *swoon*

    I can’t wait to read Winter. She sounded fantastic and a bit mad.
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    • Vlora


      I guess Cinder was kiiind of predictable, but I really liked how the retelling was handled and I just felt with Cinder so much that I loved the book and her character. Cress was AMAZING. Thorne had all the great lines and Cress is really sweet and quietly badass. I was also underwhelmed by Scarlet! I loved Cinder and Thorne’s parts, but I was a little bored by Scarlet and Wolf’s parts.
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  4. Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    YES. This series is absolutely amazing, isn’t it? <3 The characters are all so realistic and well-written and the action and romance is amazing. What's so impressive is that each book just gets better and better (in my opinion at least). So glad you like this series as much as I do Vlora! Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! xx
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