Riverdale Recaps – Death Proof (Season 2: Episode 6)

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This is a weekly recap/discussion post of the newest Riverdale episodes brought to you by my friend Bianca and yours truly. Join us for fun discussions and theories!

This is obviously full of spoilers, so don’t read it on if you haven’t watched it yet or you don’t mind spoilers.


Vlora: We’re back! Slightly late this time, but since there’s no new episode this week, we’re not technically too late. I’ll let Bianca take over from here, because her memory is much better than mine, and I’ve already forgotten what happened.
Bianca: Sooo most importantly, since when can Betty fix cars?!? I mean great for her but she never appeared to be a hobby mechanic before and now she is suddenly able to patch up a car.

Vlora: Yeah, since when is Betty a staff member of Pimp My Ride? I mean it’s great and all, but sometimes I feel like the show just randomly throws things at us they think might be cool without giving any explanation. But other than that, I’m a fan of mechanic Betty!
Bianca: Maybe Jughead starts juggling next or Archie wants to be an archer in the next episode?
Vlora: I’m all here if Archie wants to get out his inner Katniss.
Bianca: May the odds be in his favor then. Okay let’s get going. The raid in South Side High?
Vlora: That was rough. I mean how hard would it have been to smuggle in a cop and find out who’s actually guilty instead of just arresting every teenager in sight? Did they never watch 21 Jump Street? Or even Never Been Kissed?
Bianca: Doesn’t seem so. However, thanks to Betty and mostly Cheryl they did get the real criminal in the end. I knew not to trust that teacher from the start, you just can’t trust teachers in Riverdale.
Vlora: Cheryl just couldn’t let it go, even though she really didn’t want to help Betty. I honestly didn’t expect that random teacher we saw two times to have been the drug dealer, but I thought it was good! (Not that he’s dealing drugs, obviously, just story-wise.)

Bianca: I felt really sorry for Cheryl in this episode. No one ever really stands up for her (Veronica tried to but wasn’t that invested either). She really needs someone who actually cares for her not like her mother who seems to have no heart at all (or just a teeny tiny one).
Vlora: I was so sad for Cheryl this entire episode. Her parents SUCK. Her mother is frickin horrible and should lose her license to parent. It’s a wonder Cheryl is a remotely functional human being.
Bianca: And I was so angry at Veronica’s parents for not siding with an almost raped Cheryl but when it’s their own daughter they are suddenly all supportive!
Vlora: Me too. They just didn’t believe Cheryl without even questioning it. But I was happy they at least believed Veronica straight away and behaved like normal parents (other than the whole mafia oooops they had an accident thing that is).
Bianca: The whole accident thing was sooo creepy and Veronica was creepy as well in that scene. She seems to become a real Lodge more and more.
Vlora: I understand why Veronica would feel little remorse in that scenario, but I didn’t like the solution either way. I mean it was just revenge and he would do the same things over again (and maybe he will once he recuperates).
Bianca: True just like Grundy. Sexual offenders get away too easily in Riverdale (well let’s not count Grundy being killed).
Vlora: Just like the real world, I guess. What else happened? Oh right, the car race, we kind of buried the lead there. Or maybe not, it was a little stupid. First of all, why would FP tell his son to start street racing? Does he WANT him to die? Also, why the hell does Jughead just accept it as a solution and thinks he’s definitely going to win and all problems will be solved??? He has zero racing experience, it’s not like he’s that skilled, obviously the people who’ve done this before are going to win and/or use unfair methods.

Bianca: Do we know that he doesn’t have racing experience. Maybe he used to race the cars Betty used to fix? It seems like all these people have pasts we don’t know about! But I agree, it was so unlikely that they could win the race that I questioned FP’s sanity when he suggested it.
Vlora: Yeah, maybe Jughead and Betty turned into a two-man racing team in between seasons or something, who knows. Might be better than the actual plot at the rate we’re going (tbh I love female mechanics and racing, so I would be all here for that). FP definitely doesn’t win best parent award this episode though.
Bianca: At least he was worried when he found out Jughead has become a Serpent.
Vlora: For a hot second. Anyway, let’s move on to more pleasant subjects. Veronica and Betty and Jughead and Betty!
Bianca: Okay, first I am glad that Betty and Jughead are back together. Let’s face it they would not have been able to stay away from each other anyway. However, I am not sure if they actually talked about what happened so I think the drama is not over yet. I loved the scene between Betty and Veronica in Pop’s. I like how Veronica was pissed at first but then actually listened to what Betty had to say. What I don’t get though is why Betty is suddenly able to talk to everyone? She could have done that from the beginning and all this drama would not have started in the first place. And don’t tell me it’s because Polly is save now. She could have called that farm in the last episode and the Black Hood threatened to kill everyone not just Polly.

Vlora: I don’t even remember if they got back together for real (my brain seems to have erased everything after the mechanic Betty scene), but they’re definitely on their way there. I’m sure the Toni thing is predictably going to come back to haunt us. I liked the scene between Veronica and Betty too, but yes, it was strange that all of a sudden Betty doesn’t have a problem telling everyone. And then the lamb turned into the lion (yes, that’s a Twilight reference for those of you who are wondering) and Betty threatened the killer. The “can you feel me” bit was especially unsettling.
Bianca: She was like Liam Neeson in Taken: “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.” (well or I will get you into prison). I would so like to find out who the Black Hood is though. A lot of people think that Sheriff Keller is suddenly suspicious and I kind of get it since he had access to the cell to shoot the Sugarman but I am just not convinced of his motive.

Vlora: Me either, so far that doesn’t add up for me. But I guess our theory about the caller being a different person than the actual Black Hood doesn’t make a lot of sense anymore. I was so convinced, why would they just randomly throw that possibility in otherwise?
Bianca: Maybe it is a connection we are not able to see yet. We will find out eventually.


Stupidest Idea:

JP’s suggestion that his teenage son should partake in a car race with a drug dealing gang without having any experience in car racing.

Person Who Saves the Day:

Cheryl, who confronts her sorry excuse of a mother and finds out who the Sugarman is, even though she really does have more important things to worry about what with no one believing that Nick attempted to rape her.

Worst Parent:

Even though there were two very strong contestants this week, we finally went with Cheryl’s mother, who seems to have no heart, maternal love, or even a shred of decency in her cold body.

Best Friendship

Veronica and Betty, who have each other’s backs even in difficult times. I hope things with the Black Hood are going to look up now that Veronica is involved, since Archie was a bit of a fail when it came to actually caring that his “best” friend is being threatened by a serial killer.

Best Theory:

Jughead and Betty became a skilled street-racing duo in between seasons.

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  1. Greg Hill

    Ooh awesome recap!First of all, mechanic Betty. YES! Loved it. I want to say there was a hint once before that she works on cars with her dad- maybe that’s from the comics, IDK- so I was like oh yeah. they went there! Can’t remember where I read that though about her and cars… and I felt bad for Cheryl too. After the end of last season I thought she was sort of intimidating her mom, but in this one her mom totally dismissed her at first and that was tough. Especially the assault situation. And it WAS creepy when V said karma’s a bitch when they found about about the “accident.” Everyone has a dark side maybe on this show? Although I don’t feel sorry for Nick, too bad he didn’t get killed lol.

    And a street race?? This show is so silly sometimes, I love it!

    Loved Betty turning the table on the Hood. Dark Betty is on the way??!??
    Greg Hill recently posted…Sunday Post #221My Profile

    • Vlora


      Oh I must have missed that! Unless it was just in the comics, in which case I couldn’t know because I didn’t read them. But it’s nice that they’re including these things from the comics! Yes, I thought about that while writing about Cheryl actually… at the beginning of the season she went a bit psycho on her mother but then they were back to the same dynamic? Something didn’t add up for me. And that scene when she showed her mom the video a few episodes ago?? What exactly happened there? I didn’t feel sorry for Nick either (at all). It definitely seemed like dark Betty, but then, she has a good reason…
      Vlora recently posted…Riverdale Recaps – Death Proof (Season 2: Episode 6)My Profile

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