Riverdale Recaps – Nighthawks (Season 2: Episode 2)

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Welcome to our second weekly installment of Riverdale Recaps. As promised last week, my friend Bianca and I will be here to discuss the newest episode every week this season. Episode 2 wasn’t quite as emotional as the season premiere, but we still found some interesting things to talk about. Enjoy!

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Vlora: Let’s get started!
Bianca: First and most important: Betty sporting a high bun! Where did the ponytail go?
Vlora: I have to admit I didn’t even notice, but I’m sure it’s very relevant to the storyline.
Bianca: Very relevant indeed!
Vlora: It is her signature style.
Bianca: Talking about Betty, she again was trying to save everyone and everything around her. Get a break girl, you can’t save the whole world. Also Archie and Veronica’s relationship kind of depends on Betty being their communicator.
Vlora: She did kind of save Pop’s, but, as Alice so unsupportively pointed out, she also somehow made it a place for drug deals?? And Archie and Veronica really need to learn to check in with each other without Betty telling them to.

Bianca: Well I guess the drug deals would have taken place somewhere else if Pop’s had to close so it’s not like it is Betty’s fault. Also she kind of became a criminal herself blackmailing Cheryl and forcing her to lie in court.
Vlora: True, but Alice said the serpents are on the other side of town now – I feel like that’s going to cause some trouble. And we still don’t know about Alice’s history. I really hope it’s going to come up again.
Bianca: Alice kind of cracks me up; I think she is so funny. I really want to know more about her backstory, especially what happened between her and FP!
Vlora: She’s hilarious! They definitely had a torrid love affair. Maybe Betty’s long lost older brother is actually Alice and FP’s love child and related to both Betty and Jughead.
Bianca: I don’t believe ‘Chic’ (as he is apparently called) is FP’s son but it would definitely add some drama to the show.
Vlora: Speaking of drama, I am so not looking forward to Archie’s addiction storyline that was foreshadowed in this episode. He almost went into the counselor’s office just to be intimidated by Reggie and his stupid remarks. So naturally his next reaction is to buy some drugs from him. Smart move, Archie.
Bianca: Oh Reggie…he must be the stupidest kid in Riverdale. I mean who on earth would dress up in a hood and go to the house of someone who was just shot by a guy in a hood. Suicide attempt right there!
Vlora: Very sensitive too. Archie’s dad was literally just shot by someone wearing a hood. I mean you can play jokes and you can be an absolute dick, and Reggie is definitely the latter. I actually thought it was him who died in that car at the end (my facial recognition is not the best), but since I found out it was someone else, I’ve resigned myself to apparently seeing more of him this season. Yay.
Bianca: Since they changed the actor I always get confused myself. Well there are still a lot of episodes to go and if the death count goes on he might be dead soon.

Vlora: I don’t even remember his character tbh. Maybe I should pay more attention to secondary characters… Like that new serpent we’ve been introduced to: Penny Peabody. She seemed okay at first, but FP’s warning to Jughead makes it seem like she’s really bad news.
Bianca: I was suspicious from the beginning but now I am super worried about Jughead. What did he get himself into? She appeared to be professional but I’m sure she is the one covering up all the bad stuff that’s going down in the South Side.
Vlora: Yeah, lawyer’s offering you favors is never a good thing. The whole some day I will call upon you to do a service for me routine was very dodgy.
Bianca: Speaking about dodgy and the mafia: Veronica’s parents! OMG!
Vlora: What. the. actual. fuck (Bianca: mind your language). I am very worried about Smithers.
Bianca: Poor Smithers :( He actually cared about Veronica and now he is gone and replaced by this way too young new guy.
Vlora: I hope Smithers is enjoying retirement somewhere and wasn’t just shot in a backyard or something. It was a really good scene though – Veronica just offered her parents a new start and then that happens. I hope she’s going to realise something’s up sooner rather than later. Her parents are creepy AF.
Bianca: And during the episode I actually started to believe her ‘daddy’ wasn’t as bad as I thought and really just wanted to reconnect with her and I projected all my hatred and annoyance on Hermione but THEN the scene at Pop’s happened! Now I am creeped out by both of them.

Vlora: They’re the Bonnie and Clyde of Riverdale. I really wanted to like Veronica’s dad but he seems to be the actual devil. I suspected Hermione covered for him with the letter from the start. For some reason I like her even less than Hiram.
Bianca: Me too. Hiram was the bad guy from the very start so I didn’t suspect him to suddenly be innocent and lovely but Hermione pretended to be the caring mother, and seeing her real face shocked me a bit.
Vlora: Her face looked pretty shocked when Veronica brought up Fred. Guess Hiram doesn’t know she’s not as loyal as he thinks.
Bianca: Hahaha I loved that moment. Chapeau, Veronica!!
Vlora: Betty also upped her game this episode. Dark Betty hasn’t emerged since last season, but she came out to play in this episode. Cheryl didn’t seem to mind so much though. Maybe she appreciates finally having a worthy opponent.
Bianca: Sweet Betty can be quite intimidating if she wants to. However, it didn’t come from a super dark place this time, she just wanted to help her boyfriend.

Vlora: That’s true. At first I thought she was going to appeal to Cheryl’s guilt (does she have the capacity to feel guilty?) and ask her to do it as a personal favor for pulling her out of the water and saving her life or something, but nope. Betty had a different idea. It was pretty effective though. What worries me a bit is that Betty seemed more psycho than Cheryl this episode and that’s a tough act to follow after Cheryl’s hospital scene last week.
Bianca: Well I thought it quite creepy that she showed her mother the video of Jason getting murdered. Why would she do that? Has her mother not seen the video already?
Vlora: At first I thought it was another attempt to torture her mother, but then I wondered if there’s more behind it. We still don’t know what exactly happened in the barn, so there must be more to it. And we didn’t see her mother’s reaction either, did we? Something’s afoot.
Bianca: My first thought was also that she probably did it to torture her further but Cheryl seemed like she sincerely cared in this scene (which is quite rare for Cheryl when it isn’t Jason she cares about).
Vlora: I can never judge Cheryl to be honest. She was a pretty good liar when she was on the stand too. I think we’ll just have to wait and find out!
Bianca: You mentioned the trial: Jughead and his dad in this episode really got me emotional. I felt so bad for Jughead. He was so heartbroken and just didn’t want to lose his dad (since his mother is awful and did not even come to the trial!!!)
Vlora: His mother is literally the worst. Archie’s mother is a little creepy but at least she came when Archie needed her. Jughead’s mother just doesn’t give a damn.
Bianca: Well at least FP is trying to step up his game and trying to be a better father, and Jughead was so happy after Cheryl exonerated FP in court.
Vlora: Jughead is really nice to his dad, considering what a douche he was. But 40 years in prison does seem really excessive; I hope he gets out and learns how to be a good father to Jug.

Bianca: Concerning father-child relationships, I really liked the conversation between Jughead and Veronica. It showed that the two are actually friends and care about each other even without Betty and Archie around. I read that some people actually ‘ship’ them now which I think is kind of disgusting (like if Betty would suddenly like Fred) but I love to see their friendship.
Vlora: I wouldn’t go that far haha, but I think they don’t have that much chemistry, it’s true. I did love that moment too – Jughead and Veronica were more like group hangout friends, who don’t really do things alone, but it seems they’re growing closer as friends, which I really enjoyed. I’m so here for all the little friendship moments.
Bianca: Totally agree! I think that is the heart of the show!
Vlora: But back to Jughead. He definitely made an enemy this episode. I mean I’m not sure the mayor cares enough about him to consider him an enemy, but Jughead was overdramatic enough to make an impression.
Bianca: I’m not sure that she will “REMEMBER THIS DAY!” Jughead definitely used some of his writer spirits in his speech but I really don’t like the mayor either. She always appears so negative and against everything.
Vlora: Wasn’t she involved in some shady business last season? I’m not her biggest fan either. But Jughead definitely expects too much from officials. Maybe that’s why he and Archie get along. I loved when Archie randomly thought he could get treated as a police officer when he hasn’t even finished high school just because he asked.
Bianca: Given that the Sheriff voluntarily shares important information with high school kids I guess asking to join the cops isn’t too much to ask.
Vlora: I was flabbergasted when it didn’t work. Just flummoxed, I tell you.

Bianca: Talking about police work! I think I have a suspect!!! That long haired serpent Jughead hangs around with (apparently he is called ‘Tall Boy’) looks suspiciously a lot like the masked killer! Green eyes!! Dark eyebrows!! And he is a serpent!
Vlora: Just because he’s from the “wrong” side of town. There are some similarities, but what would be his motive?
Bianca: Maybe he was just hired! Maybe he wanted revenge! But my main theory is that the killer wants to cleanse the town from evil (pedophile Grundy, drugs etc.) – however Fred doesn’t really fit into the theory.
Vlora: I like your theory, but I still feel like it has something to do with Archie. But this episode’s deaths have thrown me for a loop. They seemed so random.
Bianca: I agree, why would Archie care so much about them? It appeared to be totally random, just like the killer is now going around killing everyone.
Vlora: Maybe he’s tasted blood and just likes killing now? Everyone needs a hobby.
Bianca: UUH this has escalated quickly!
Vlora: I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Will we get more clues about the killer? Will the hooded murderer kill three people next time? Will we finally get to hear about Alice and FP’s hot affair? Will Polly emerge from … wherever the hell she’s hiding? See you next week!


Creepiest Parent:

Both of the Lodges! They seem to want to buy up all of Riverdale, lie to Veronica, and worst of all: what happened to Smithers??

Worst Parent:

Jughead’s joke of a mother. Does she remember she has a son??

Best Parent:

Fred by default. There weren’t a lot of parental heroics this episode, so Fred wins simply by being a decent father.

Biggest WTF moment:

Smithers being replaced! Where is he? Is he still alive?

Hottest Theory:

‘Tall Boy’ is the killer. How many men with green eyes live in Riverdale?

Weirdest Scene:

Maybe not a scene, but whose idea was it to call the drug Jingle Jangle?? Oh, and also Veronica saying “daddy” about three thousand times.

Best Scene:

Betty blackmailing Cheryl, no contest.

What did you think of this episode?

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