Riverdale Recaps – A Kiss Before Dying (Season 2: Episode 1)

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Riverdale is back for a new season! It isn’t the best or most logical show around, but it’s certainly one of the more entertaining ones. Season 2 just started airing and guys, I am hooked. I love the characters, which is a huge factor for me when watching a show, and the storyline keeps you guessing. It’s basically Twin Peaks: High School Edition and since the actual Twin Peaks bored me (the book was great though), an edition with more easy drama and likeable characters is just perfect for me. It’s super cheesy and stylized, but it’s so aware of it that it becomes art.

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Since I enjoy Riverdale so much, I decided you’ll get weekly recaps on the blog! I’ve enlisted the help of my friend Bianca, who you already know from Monday’s post. We’re both avid Riverdale watchers and love discussing the newest episode when it airs, so I figured why not take it to the blog. One of the most entertaining things about this show is coming up with theories about what’s happening and judging the characters for their actions, so maybe some of you would like to join in the comment section! Also, this is partially inspired by Shannon‘s The 100 recaps.

Since this is a recap, there will obviously be SPOILERS. Don’t read unless you’ve watched it, or you don’t mind spoilers.


Vlora: Riverdale is finally back! And what an episode it was. I’m definitely hooked after watching the season premiere, so let’s dive right in. First of all: Archie and his dad – I admit I was feeling pretty sorry for Archie at the beginning.
Bianca: Totally hooked myself! We dove right into the action, and I can agree with Vlora the beginning was really heartbreaking.
Vlora: Finally Archie has some real problems. Not that I wanted Fred to be shot, but it’s certainly more interesting than his tortured musician routine.
Bianca: Finally? Poor Fred :(
Vlora: I said I didn’t want him to get shot! Though the “visions” he had during his coma were certainly interesting… Like, why was Archie’s mum sitting with the Blossoms in the wedding scene? I mean we suspected Archie might be a Blossom in the first season, because of his red hair, BUT then Betty turned out to be a Blossom. They can’t turn the whole town into Blossoms, right?
Bianca: Legit question! Also that wink was very suspicious! And another question: Is Archie Scottish?
Vlora: Clearly one of the most important aspects of this episode – will we get to see Archie in a kilt more often?
Bianca: !!!

Vlora: But let’s get back to the real action – Archie and Veronica.
Bianca: Well for the fact that they’ve been together for what – a day – their relationship was really strong! And I really liked how Veronica tried to be there for Archie even though she felt uncomfortable doing so at first. But with a little help from her fairy godmother Betty she was doing just what Archie needed (apparently including a make-out session in the shower).
Vlora: Yeah, I thought the shower sex scene was a little out of place – at first Archie was massively upset about his dad and didn’t even want to leave the hospital, and then he just goes to walk Vegas (yay for cute dogs btw) and hooks up with Veronica. I mean I get that maybe he needed some distraction, but I expected him to rush straight back to the hospital. After all, Fred could have been dying that very moment.

Bianca: Yes you would expect Archie to be, well, not so much in the mood!?
Vlora: Exactly!!
Bianca: However, I really like how the only way Archie, being so devastated and overwhelmed, knew to react was by rejecting Veronica. And her reaction was so lovely and gave him the space to finally let go and cry.
Vlora: Yes! I loved that scene. Veronica reacted perfectly, and Archie’s behaviour was so understandable too. He was just completely overwhelmed and didn’t know how to deal, but Veronica knew he still needed someone to be there for him.
Bianca: Shoutout to KJ Apa by the way, who was so good in this episode!
Vlora: He really got to show some of his talent. I also love that his friends were the first people Archie called when his dad was shot and that they all rushed to his support!

Bianca: Friendship goals right there. However, I noticed that he called Betty first (and not his girlfriend Veronica), which is kind of understandable since they’ve been friends since what – kindergarten?
Vlora: Yes, I noticed that too, and I thought it was really lovely. Of course he’s together with Veronica now, but Betty’s still been his best friend (along with Jughead) for forever.
Bianca: Maybe he just thought that Betty, being Betty, would call the other two anyway.
Vlora: Let’s go with the more sentimental theory. But Betty is definitely the stable one of the group. She really pushes the others to communicate.
Bianca: Let’s talk about Cheryl! Given that I’m still mad about Archie, Veronica and Jughead just leaving her by herself after she wanted to kill herself, Kevin and Betty at least asked Cheryl this time if she’s okay after seeing her in the hospital. And then Cheryl turned into demon possessed evil creepy Cheryl!
Vlora: Oh my god. That was her only scene in the whole episode, and it was creeptastic. She turned into a real psychopath. To be fair, who can blame her with that family (and everyone just abandoning her after her suicide attempt, wtf). Also the throwaway comment about “what really happened in the barn”???

Bianca: Did Clifford not actually kill himself but was murdered by his wife???
Vlora: That was my first thought too. But maybe it’s too obvious? Guess we’ll find out. I definitely wouldn’t want to cross Cheryl in her current state of mind. Also what happened to her grandmother? Did Cheryl’s little adventure with arson kill her off?
Bianca: She was definitely drinking tea with also very absent Polly!
Vlora: Yes, I totally forgot about Polly until you mentioned her. Kevin’s existence also completely slipped my mind until he turned up.
Bianca: I think I read somewhere that he is going to be a regular this season, so we will probably see more of him. But I always felt like he was more one of Betty’s friends than of the others so I’m interested if it will change the dynamic between them.
Vlora: Same. It would make sense if he was more integrated in the group from a writer’s perspective because he’s the Sheriff’s son, right? He could totally get the others the inside scoop Stiles Stilinski style (god, I miss Stiles).
Bianca: Not that they need the inside scoop since the Sheriff is telling Jughead everything he wants to know.
Vlora: Right?? Real professional there, Sheriff. Didn’t he just lock Jughead up? Guess he’s trusting him a whole lot more these days. But I loved how Jughead wanted to accompany Archie and didn’t let him go talk to the Sheriff alone!
Bianca: I think all the little friendship things the four did for each other were my favourite part of the episode.
Vlora: Yes! They’ve really grown into a tight-knit group by now. I love their dynamic. Even though they’ve all formed couples now, they’re still really good friends.
Bianca: You mentioned couples! Betty and Jughead!?
Vlora: They’ve hit some troubles, but they’re still cute together. Jughead’s certainly been enjoying his dad’s bike. Not sure Betty’s mum is so enthusiastic about the whole thing though.
Bianca: I mean can Betty and Jughead not be cute?!?! I thought it interesting that everyone was so invested in their love life though. And Alice’s reaction was priceless. Even though I thought it quite strange that Betty was sooo open with her – are they that tight?

Vlora: That was fantastic. I generally like how their relationship’s improved since the beginning of season one. Even when Alice was all !!! block him too !!! Betty was just like “yeah mum sure, by the way I almost lost my virginity to that troubled guy you hate so much ok I’m leaving now byeeee” (maybe not the most accurate quote).
Bianca: Both of Betty’s parents did like a 180° turn. I mean both of them even went to the hospital, talked to the doctors and appeared actually worried about Fred and Archie (well they also have been neighbors for years!)
Vlora: I still haven’t warmed up to Betty’s dad, but I guess their family life is a little more harmonic now that all the secrets are out? I’m sure some of that Blossom drama will come through again though.
Bianca: True the drama is probably genetic! Back to Betty and Jughead though: One of my fav scenes was definitely Pop asking them if they were hungry and Betty just being “naa Fred was shot here like a few hours ago so I’m not that into eating” and Jughead being “sure I’m always hungry!”

Vlora: Well, I guess if you’ve been basically homeless you won’t turn down food! But yeah, Betty’s disgust with him was hilarious. That whole scene was gold.
Bianca: The scene kind of reminded me of Ron and Hermione in the sixth Harry Potter film!
Vlora: Yes! Clearly they’re meant to be.

Bianca: Talking about Jughead: That scene with the serpents torturing a guy in his livingroom?!?
Vlora: Oh my god. Jughead’s so in over his head. He may just want to wear his dad’s jacket to be closer to him, but I don’t think he realises what it entails.
Bianca: Yeah Betty was right when she said that she wasn’t only scared of him getting hurt but also about him hurting others not because that’s who he is but what the serpents are.
Vlora: I’m not looking forward to that whole storyline. It seems a little predictable.
Bianca: Also I would be happy to just watch Betty and Jughead being cute for the whole season!
Vlora: Yeah, I think you’re going to be disappointed. Couples never stay happy for long. But I hope they’ll pull through!
Bianca: As long as we won’t see the “love triangle” I’m happy!
Vlora: Oh god, please no love triangle. I mean it was almost a love square at one point. But I think Veronica has other problems now.
Bianca: For example her suddenly psycho mother! I thought she and Veronica were so close and now she is threatening her and playing evil “stepmother” (I know she is her real mother ;) )
Vlora: That scene in the chapel was chilling. What the hell happened there. I guess we always knew she was turning a blind eye to her husband’s criminal activities, but apparently she’s taking a more active role in the whole thing than we thought. Suddenly they seem like some sort of mafia family.
Bianca: True! And her dad is the godfather!
Vlora: Or maybe her mum?? What do we really know about her? We thought their marriage was more or less over when she hooked up with Fred, but now Fred’s on the brink of death, and she’s sipping wine and generally being creepy.
Bianca: She seemed worried in the beginning when she and Veronica arrived at the hospital. But maybe she was just worried Fred might survive!!!???
Vlora: I DEFINITELY don’t trust her anymore. I love how all the parents in this show are nice and then creepy and then turn normal again?? I mean usually parents are absent when the show is about the kids, but here they’re just unpredictable AF.

Bianca: Well except the Blossoms, they’ve been creepy the whole time!
Vlora: Fair enough. But speaking of creepy adults: Miss Grundy????
Bianca: To be honest, I’m quite happy we don’t have to see her again! But that scene was so unexpected!!!
Vlora: Yeah, that whole storyline always felt a bit unresolved. We thought she’d come back, so when we saw her and she was shown seducing that poor boy, I thought oh sure yeah, here’s the evil witch again, BUT THEN she’s just randomly murdered. I think this was the point where I just texted you ”!!!!!!!”.
Bianca: That’s just karma! If she would have gone to prison in the first place she would still be alive – IT’S HER OWN FAULT!
Vlora: I want to know how it’s all related though – I mean clearly it’s somehow got to be connected, but how?? Is it her stalker ex-boyfriend we weren’t sure actually existed? How is it related to Fred, who was shot by the same guy wearing the hood? Is it related to Archie, and how is it related to her preying on young boys?
Bianca: Grundy was definitely being very cautious locking her door twice, and she looked really worried when she saw the open window. Did she know she was in danger? But I still think it somehow has to be related to Archie since he is the only connection between Grundy and Fred. Or it’s Archie’s mother! (which I actually don’t believe!)
Vlora: He’s definitely the common denominator! I’m not sure it’s Archie’s mum, but I trust her about as far as I can throw her. Maybe it’s just because we don’t know a lot about her, but I don’t like her staying with Archie and his dad. Whoever killed Miss Grundy, I’m not sure they’re the evil person here. I mean I’m usually against violence, but I’m definitely not sorry to see her go.


Creepiest Parent: Veronica’s mother, without question! No further explanation needed.

Best Parent: Betty’s mum. She’s not perfect, but she’s just being a regular mum, and she really cares about Betty.

Cutest Couple: In this episode, Archie and Veronica. She was really there for him when he needed her support.

Biggest WTF moment: Miss Grundy returning just to be murdered right away (though no complaints from us)!
Runner-up: Jughead finding the Serpents torturing someone in his living room. Talk about unexpected guests.

Hottest Theory: Is Archie’s mother related to the Blossoms?? She certainly seemed suspicious enough.
Runner-Up: Did Cheryl’s mum actually kill her husband? What really happened in the barn??

Weirdest Scene: Cheryl kissing comatose Fred on the forehead.
Runner-Up: The Pussycats being super inappropriate in the hospital.

Best Scene: Archie driving his dad to the hospital and begging him not to die. All the emotion!!!

What a monster of a recap. As you can see we’re very passionate about this show. What about you? Do you agree with our opinions/awards, or do you see it completely differently? Anything you’d like to see in future recaps? Also, thanks to Bianca for helping with this post!

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