Riverdale Recaps – When a Stranger Calls (Season 2: Episode 5)

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This is a weekly recap/discussion post of the newest Riverdale episodes brought to you by my friend Bianca and yours truly. Join us for fun discussions and theories!

This is obviously full of spoilers, so don’t read it on if you haven’t watched it yet or you don’t mind spoilers.


Vlora: First, the most important thing that happened in this episode: we’ve confirmed that Sweetpea is actually called Sweetpea, and it wasn’t just a random one-time nickname.
Bianca: I don’t actually care that much about Sweetpea, but you seem to care a lot!
Vlora: I just think it’s hilarious that this supposedly dangerous guy from a renowned gang chooses to go by Sweetpea. But then the only other nickname I can remember is Tall Boy, which is just the most non-descriptive, boring name anyone could have, so I guess the Serpents just aren’t great at nicknames.
Bianca: I mean they actually call Jugheads sister Jellybean!
Vlora: And I mean then there’s Jughead himself. We’re used to it now, but what the hell kind of name is that anyway.
Bianca: His real name isn’t better so we can just stick with Jughead.

Vlora: Yeah, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III sounds like an 80-year-old with a grand estate, not Jughead. But okay, let’s get to Betty. I was so sad for her this episode!!!
Bianca: I felt so bad for her. What the Black Hood did to her was torture.
Vlora: We knew things were bad when her ponytail changed and she had that resigned expression, and then she just cuts everyone out. The thing with Veronica was bad (but I actually really liked Veronica’s reaction), but the whole thing with Jughead was heartbreaking.
Bianca: What else could she have done? You could see how deeply she cared about Veronica and Jughead and that’s why she did it, to keep them save. But of course my heart broke in a thousand pieces when she broke up with Jughead, especially since their scene in Pop’s showed how much they truly love each other.

Vlora: And she had Archie do it! And Archie said exactly the things Jughead was worried about so he believed him, even though if he had said anything else Jughead would have known immediately it was BS. But even so… it was just really devastating.
Bianca: Betty knew that she could not have done it herself and she also knew about Jughead’s insecurities, which makes it even more sad. My heart broke for both of them.
Vlora: Yes, and apparently Archie knew exactly what to say. But I also liked that Veronica wasn’t all “that bitch, how dare she” but said something like “obviously something’s wrong with Betty” because she knew something was up and this wasn’t Betty’s normal behavior.
Bianca: I still felt like they didn’t look after Betty enough. I mean she was obviously devastated and not even Archie, who knew what was going on, was around all the time. If I knew my best friend was stalked by a killer I would not let her wander around on her own.
Vlora: True. I mean I guess Betty lied to him and said he didn’t contact her again, but he knew about the first time, and then Betty behaved like that… He definitely could have been around more!
Bianca: I still feel like it was a little odd that she told Archie. I know they’ve been friends since they were kids but since he rejected her in season one their relationship hasn’t been the same. I felt a bit like her telling Archie was just really convenient with the plot since she needed to cut Veronica and Jughead out of her life.

Vlora: I think her reasoning was that they live next to each other and walking to school wouldn’t be suspicious? But I mean if the killer knew whether she would cut out Veronica and Jughead or not, it was clear he was watching her and talking to Archie is just as suspicious… So yeah, I didn’t quite get why she could tell him and not the others either. But I do understand that she would be cautious, what with the killer threatening Polly’s life.
Bianca: I totally forgot that living next to Archie was her reasoning. I was surprised she told anyone with Polly’s life being in danger. I mean in the end it didn’t even matter since the killer just threatened to kill her whole family and all her friends if she didn’t do what he wanted.

Vlora: Exactly. Why would she risk telling Archie and not the others if she’s risking it anyway? We also found out that the killer is someone she would recognize!
Bianca: I mean we already suspected that. I’m still not sure if it’s someone we already know though. I just can’t imagine anyone we know in Riverdale doing this. Maybe it’s a character we still need to meet (but then the guessing game we love so much wouldn’t work).
Vlora: Me either… I have no real suspicions at this point, tbh. But I feel like it would be more shocking if it was someone the viewers knew too.
Bianca: We will see! This episode we finally got to know more about the Lodge’s plans with the South Side. However, I don’t believe that it is the whole story.
Vlora: Speaking of the Southside: Alice!!! We finally got a little snippet of her backstory AND that fabulous entrance at the Lodge’s function. I was like who is it?? Betty??? Cheryl?? No, it’s Alice!

Bianca: I LOVED that scene. Alice totally slayed it. But I have to say one thing, if I was Alice and my daughter would publish such an article about me she would be grounded for life.
Vlora: Alice and Betty have such a weird relationship. Alice is always super strict, but then Betty just does whatever the hell she wants anyway and it’s fine.
Bianca: So true! But we did not only find out more about Alice’s past but also about Veronica’s. There is someone new to hate in town.
Vlora: Oh my god. What a scum of a human being. First he tries to force Veronica to sleep with him, then he tells her some sob story about his rehab, which just isn’t even an excuse, and then he tries to rape Cheryl. I just can’t even. And Veronica is taking drugs?? (Actually, everyone is taking drugs?? Is this Jingle Jangle-candy cane looking stuff like weed or like heroin? Just…bad decisions all around.)

Bianca: At least this time people stayed around and did not leave Cheryl on her own! This Nick guy was so disgusting and at first I thought that Veronica would just ignore him taking almost unconscious Cheryl upstairs, good for both of them she didn’t.
Vlora: No joke. I’m so glad V and the Pussycats rescued her. I mean I don’t like what it’s doing to Betty, and obviously I don’t want anyone to get murdered, but if anyone deserves it, it’s him. Well, him and Grundy, but she’s already dead, so…

Bianca: I knew Betty would say his name, I mean what else could she have done, the poor girl is only 16 and someone is threatening to kill her family.
Vlora: It’s so convenient this joke of a human being just happens to be there though… I mean absolutely everyone in the audience would understand that she names him. It’s a bit lazy on the writers’ part.
Bianca: We had enough heartbreak in this episode so I guess I was just glad she did not have to name someone she actually cares about. Talking about people Betty cares about, Jughead is a serpent now!!!
Vlora: Yes! Seems like there’s no going back now. I understand why he did it, but I hope he doesn’t get roped into too many crimes. It’s like he learned nothing from his dad being in jail.

Bianca: Jughead being Jughead I guess he just wanted to do good once again (that’s why he and Betty are such a good match *internally crying*). He probably thinks he can be the serpent’s voice of reason. Well, I hope that works out for him but I’m quite worried it won’t and now that he is heartbroken I’m sure that doesn’t help. And I am so mad at Toni for shamelessly exploiting his heartbreak and kissing him. She was after him since day one and know she will pull him into the darkness (I’m getting a bit dramatic here “Jughead style”).
Vlora: She knew he was vulnerable and she just didn’t give an eff. I mean we all knew this was coming, but ngh. I don’t even want to think about Betty finding out. She’s going to be so gutted.
Bianca: She will probably pretend she is fine with it and will be broken inside. I just want to hug her. She does not deserve to be tortured like this, no one does actually.
Vlora: One more exciting thing happened this week! Someone mentioned Sheriff Keller wants to investigate further, because the two letters somehow don’t match. So… maybe the guy calling Betty isn’t actually the Black Hood???
Bianca: OMG maybe the guy calling Betty isn’t the Black Hood but just a stalker!? My theory is that it could be Chuck, who Betty almost drowned in season 1. Maybe he still wants revenge but he also is still kind of into Betty being dark. As he said in season 1: “That night I saw the real you. The dark you. The Betty that I actually think about every night when I’m laying in bed—”. So suspicious!!!

Vlora: That would make so much sense! I mean I don’t know if the writers thought to use Chuck, but I could totally see him doing that.


Most badass moment

Alice’s entrance to the Lodge’s function. Let’s just call her Queen of Riverdale.

Saddest Scene

Betty’s face during the whole episode (this girl needs to be hugged) and Archie breaking up with Jughead! Tears everywhere!

Most Disgusting Character

Not regarding the killer, most definitely Nick St. Clair! Hopefully, he will never be seen again.

Hottest Theory

The guy calling Betty is not the Black Hood but Chuck stalking Betty.

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  1. Greg Hill

    Sweetpea lol. Love the names. And I totally have no idea who the Hood is at this point- I’ve seen the theories and man, I don’t know. None seem to totally fit? Loved Alice in this one, but she’s always a favorite of mine. I loved that bit about how she’s strict but then Betty just does whatever anyway- so true!

    I felt so bad for Betty in this one, and her and Jugs obviously. This season is getting so dark!
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