Polish Films and Scottish Universities

April 23, 2016 books, miscellaneous, movies 16

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What’s New?

What ISN’T new would be the better question. The last few weeks have been kind of crazy, but mostly in a good way. I’m writing this from the sofa of my temporary flat in Berlin, where I’m staying for six days to participate in a film journalism seminar. It was all very last minute and stressful, because I was also visiting a friend in Dublin last weekend, but now that I’ve had some sleep and rest again I’m very glad I did it. I love movies and writing, and we’re learning a lot about Polish films, because the seminar is organized by the Polish Institute, so overall I’m having a great time.

Speaking of movies, I also applied to do my MA in Film Studies in the UK and got offers from a couple of universities. I confirmed the offer from the University of Edinburgh, but it’s all a bit uncertain at this point, because it’s crazy expensive and I don’t know if I can get a scholarship yet. I’m also going to apply to some German universities, but I’d have to study in German (which means I’d have to actually learn comma placement in German, the horror) and I’m not sure I’ll get into the courses I want to get into, because the subject is different from my BA. So as you can see it’s all up in the air right now, and I’m reaaaaally curious to see where I’ll end up in fall. I’m also working more because my student loan ran out, but let’s focus on the other stuff, because that’s way more interesting.

The Shiny

cover the son of neptune

I got The Son of Neptune as an audiobook and some books I might or might not be able to use for my Bachelor thesis in print. Other than that, I’m actually refraining from buying more books at the moment, because I have SO MANY I haven’t had the time to read yet.

On the Blog

There’s a new feature coming once I’m back home and settled in, so prepare for that!

Tune of the Week

As always, I’m linking up with Stacking the Shelves, hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and the Sunday Post hosted by the Caffeinated Book Reviewer!

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16 Responses to “Polish Films and Scottish Universities”

    • Vlora


      Thank you! I’m crossing them so hard that they’re locked like that now, which makes writing kind of difficult, but I’m hoping it’ll help. :D Yes, true, commas are my tiny senseless foes in any language I attempt to learn. It’s probably not more pesky in German than in other languages, I’m assuming. I just write more in English academically, so I had to at least semi-learn where to put them (not that I don’t mess it up all the time anyway).
      Vlora recently posted…How Do You Write Like You’re Running Out of Time?My Profile

  1. Greg

    Congrats on Edinburgh and good luck with your decisions! Sounds like an exciting time. I love that cover of Son of Neptune…

    Nice Marley tune BTW!

    I love that Barbossa GIF!
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  2. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    Ooooh new feature you say? That sounds fun! Congratulations on the offer from The University of Edinburgh, that is amazing!! I hope that you are able to go- money is so evil. My fingers and toes are crossed that you will find a way to make it all work, and come to a decision you’re happy with!! Also kind of jealous that you’re in Berlin! Or were. Because who even knows where you end up while I keep the tab of your post open in Chrome for weeks on end ๐Ÿ˜‚ But either way, hope you are having an amazing time! Or had one! Or whatever ;)
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