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I love YouTube. I just adore the concept of a creative space where everyone with access to the internet and a camera can upload their videos for everyone to enjoy. I’m sure it has a positive impact on my life to watch people to whom I can relate. I’m honestly so grateful I was born in the age of the internet! I thought you might enjoy some of these too, so I collected some of the videos I find most inspiring and/or fun:

This video is called popularity, but it’s also about self-confidence and getting out of your comfort zone. I like Christine for her positive vibes, and I love this video for reminding me to be more self-confident and to trust in myself.

I’m a fan of Lilly aka Superwoman, and I think this video is what really convinced me to keep watching. In it she talks about depression and how she dealt with it and, while it might not ring true for everyone, it did for me.

I just recently watched this video, and I’m sure I’ll come back to it when I need some motivation. I love Olan Rogers in general, but this story reminds you to keep chasing your dreams because they’re worth it. I’ve had to learn that perseverance – and not instant success – is the key to reaching your goals and Olan’s story is a beautiful example of that. Gosh, I feel so mushy writing this post, BUT FEELINGS OKAY.

Also by Superwoman, this video reminds me of the lesson I try and fail and try again to live by: to be kind. It’s the most easy concept in the world, and yet we all need a reminder from time to time.

I love this video for challenging YouTube culture and pointing out that people in the spotlight aren’t mysterious demigods. While it’s good to appreciate their work and to respect them, we and they should keep in mind they’re not worth more or less than we are.

I didn’t even use to follow Connor Franta very closely, but I saw this video and I love it because it’s very brave, and I applaud the point that “it’s just another video” or at least it should be.

It’s hilarious and it goes back to being confident and not caring whether you make a fool of yourself because most of the time the end results are great.

This one is very relatable for me. I adore when people Get Real and admit to their fears and insecurities. It can be easy to think you’re the only person who ever felt like X and then you find out oh, hang on everyone feels like X and has gone through this before. Creating can be scary, but it shouldn’t be.

And finally, this video makes the very good point that if we always waited until something was perfect before sharing a creation, we’d never accomplish anything. Something doesn’t have to be perfect for people to connect to it in some way or another.

And on that note I’m going to end this imperfect post. I probably forgot tons of videos and misspelled at least three words, but you know what? Eff it because I hope you enjoy these, and please feel free to link me your favorite YouTube videos below or make your own post. :)

3 Responses to “Spotlight: My Favorite YouTube Videos”

  1. verena


    I tried to watch the first video, but I think that girl is so annoying, I stopped watching it.

    The second one is great! Very cool. In which way can you relate with that?

    • Vlora


      Pity you didn’t like it!

      As to the second one, I think when I first watched it I was struggling a bit with depression and that’s why I could relate to it. Especially that she acknowledged that you can have setbacks but still make improvements.
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  2. verena

    oh yes, I heard about depressive episodes… it is such a common illness… I am glad that you are over it! thanks for your honesty! :) ♥

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