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[Guest Post]: Rarely Portrayed Historical Events + Book Recs

October 26, 2017 books, recs 6

My friend Bianca is back with another interesting topic today: rarely portrayed events in historical fiction! Isn’t it interesting how some historical events always seem to be so much more spotlighted than others? I remember I was shocked when I watched America, America by Elia Kazan for university and learned about an entire genocide we never talked about in school. Or when I found out that The Republic of Texas was briefly an independent country in the 19th century – literally had never heard about that before. Bianca will tell you about two historical novels and the events portrayed in them in her post.

Bianca’s Post

The depths of despair – Rarely portrayed historical events

Lately, I have started to get into historical fiction again, especially historical fiction set in the beginning and middle of the 20th century. While reading I noticed that some historical events are portrayed very rarely in modern day literature. I really enjoyed reading two books about historical events I haven’t read about before and didn’t know a lot about. So if you’re in for some history paired with a bit of drama and romance (oh and a lot of death), here is what I have for you:
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