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November Is for Writing Novels

November 4, 2017 books, miscellaneous 20

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What’s New?

Halloween is over, and my grandma is already panicking about baking Christmas cookies, so November is officially here. And you know what November means – it’s NaNoWriMo time! I had this whole plan of carefully plotting a new novel, so I’d be all ready by November 1st, but then Things™ happened, the 1st of November arrived, and I had nothing. I figured I’ll skip it this year, but like every year I just couldn’t resist the momentum of NaNoWriMo, so on the evening of November 1st I decided I’ll join in anyway. Who needs plots, right? Me. The answer is me.

There was a creative writing group at uni when I was doing my postgrad in Newcastle last year, but now I live in the countryside, so I had to get creative. The feeling of community and getting to know other writers is what I love most about NaNo, so I breached out and found some small writing groups in the area. By in the area I mean I have to drive 30-60 minutes to get there, but hopefully next year I’ll be a little better situated again. I went to my first meeting yesterday and got some writing done, so yay for that! I think one of the major reasons I haven’t finished NaNo so far besides being frickin busy is my perfectionism. This time, I’m trying to just get down 50k without constantly worrying that it’s not good, so wish me luck!

The Shiny

genuine fraud by e.lockhart cover any way you slice it by kristin carlsson aselin cover

I got these on netgalley, so thanks to Hot Key Books and Whicked Whale Publishing! Reviews coming up soon.
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