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Wanderlost – A Trip Around Europe

July 13, 2017 books, reviews 10

wanderlost cover

Not all those who wander are lost, but Aubree Sadler most definitely is on this novel’s whirlwind trip through Europe.

Aubree can’t think of a better place to be than in perfectly boring Ohio, and she’s ready for a relaxing summer. But when her older sister, Elizabeth, gets into real trouble, Aubree is talked into taking over Elizabeth’s summer job, leading a group of senior citizens on a bus tour through Europe.

Aubree doesn’t even make it to the first stop in Amsterdam before their perfect plan unravels, leaving her with no phone, no carefully prepared binder full of helpful facts, and an unexpected guest: the tour company owner’s son, Sam. Considering she’s pretending to be Elizabeth, she absolutely shouldn’t fall for him, but she can’t help it, especially with the most romantic European cities as the backdrop for their love story.

But her relationship with Sam is threatening to ruin her relationship with her sister, and she feels like she’s letting both of them down. Aubree knows this trip may show her who she really is—she just hopes she likes where she ends up.
– from goodreads

I’ve been wanting to read this book for ages. A trip around Europe? High ratings by my bookish friends? Yes, please. This had all the signs of a great summer book, so I decided to finally give it a try. I wasn’t exactly disappointed, but I wasn’t as in love with it as I thought I would be either.
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Experiences In England

July 10, 2017 miscellaneous, travel 12

I may have mentioned this before, but I used to write about travelling. Like most people, I abandoned my travel blog once I got back home, but I still love travelling, so I figured I would just turn it into a category on my blog. So from now on, every once in a while, I’ll write about the places I’ve been and the things I experienced there.

As many of you know, I moved to England for my postgrad degree last September. I’ve now lived here for ten months, so I decided it was about time to write a post about all the little things I noticed since moving here. I always love reading about how someone experiences a different country, and all the small things that give a place its character, so I hope you’ll feel the same!

Speaking English and Dialects

I would consider myself a fairly competent English speaker. Out of all the things I worried about when I moved to England, the language was probably the least of my concerns. You can imagine my surprise when I arrived and realised I couldn’t even understand everything the taxi driver said, or comprehend when a cashier asked me if I needed a bag at the supermarket. Oh, the lectures at university and communicating with my fellow international students were no issues – it was the locals I had trouble understanding. After talking to a guy from the U.S. who said he showed the people at Subway a picture of a tomato to illustrate what he wanted to order, I felt slightly less bad about my struggle to understand the Geordie accent!
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Ou la la! Paris Shenanigans and Fiery Body Parts

August 29, 2015 books, fun, miscellaneous 12

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What’s New?

Bonjour mes amis blogtastique!

As you might be able to tell by my pretentious greetings, I spent last weekend in Paris! Due to the internship and work I don’t have any proper holidays this summer, so when my mum mentioned she was going to Paris for a weekend, I latched onto her like the leech loving daughter I am. I had to venture out of the comforts of my home, but on the plus side, I saw some sights, learned some stuff and only almost got killed on the metro once. I did make a fool of myself trying to use the metro at first also, but at least I didn’t confuse French with Spanish this time, so I’m counting it as a success. I vlogged the whole thing, so take a look if you’re interested!

According to my blogoversary survey results at least half of you don’t know that I also have a YouTube channel, so clearly I need to get better at relentlessly shoving it in your face. Kidding, I’ll try not to, but my fingers might slip from time to time. Speaking of, I’m loving all your feedback (and demands for cake), so I’ll be discussing the results in a bit, but I figured I’d wait until next week to give more people the chance to fill it out. If you haven’t yet and you’d like to please feel free to head over there and let me know what you think!
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