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November 1, 2014 discussion 4

Talk To Me

is a no-nonsense feature on this blog. No-nonsense means I’m too lazy to make it look pretty. It’s exactly what the title suggests: I’m going to ask you a question or tell you my own opinion about something, and I want to know what you think about it!


I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while now and this recent post prompted me to finally write up my opinion on blogging and stress. If you’re reading even just a couple of (book) blogs, you’ll have read things like “I’m sooo behind on my ARCs” or “I’ve only blogged twice this week even though I wanted to blog every day” and so on and so forth. It seems like a lot of people deal with stress related to blogging.

My Opinion

It stresses me out just reading those things! And I mean that literally, I’ll start comparing myself and my blog and feel inadequate for a few minutes until I remind myself of what actually matters to me. I’m not judging anyone because if I started requesting ARCs, I’d get worried about not being able to stay on top of my reading list too. I also understand why it’s so important to post regularly if you have a lot of readers you don’t want to disappoint, or if you want to build your audience or even just because of a goal you set for yourself. I do also get itchy when I haven’t posted in a while. Honestly though? I blog because I love it. I don’t care to make it a competition. I’ve read like 30 books this year and you know what? With that I already surpassed my own goal and I really couldn’t care less if that’s 200 books less than someone else read. I read because I enjoy it (or because I have to for uni) and I blog because I enjoy it.

I downloaded an ebook from NetGalley once in the Read Now section and was stressed out about abandoning it for about a day before I realized I don’t even want ARCs because I don’t want to feel obligated to someone. I think accepting books for review consideration instead of for review is a great idea, and I adamantly refuse to do any sort of weekly feature because I know the pressure of things like that would take the fun out of blogging for me. Instead what you get with me are rambly posts, I’ll-do-it-when-I-feel-like-it-features and an irregular posting schedule. I’m obviously not saying everyone should follow my example – I like some weekly features on other blogs and I love when my favorite blogs are updated regularly. However, I do wish there was less comparing and feeling stressed and more chilling the eff out.

Your Turn!

So, what’s your opinion on this? Are you deeply offended by what I just said, or have you had similar thoughts? And please tell me I’m not the only one who feels stressed when she reads about other people’s stress!

4 Responses to “Talk To Me: Blogging and Stress”

  1. Ashley

    Great post!

    I honestly could never imagine blogging to a schedule. I could never be one of those people that sets it up like:

    * ARC review Monday
    * Meme Tuesday
    * Review of a purchased/borrowed book Wednesday
    * Discussion Thursday
    * Meme Friday
    * Review Saturday
    * Recap Sunday

    Conforming to something like that doesn’t sound fun to me at all!! I’m 100% a “post whatever, whenever” kind of girl. I prefer to just think up a post (whatever the subject) and schedule it for whenever I want.
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  2. Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    Great post idea! I totally understand what you’re saying; at the same time though, I’m one of those people who is behind on ARCs and wants to post more often XD I really enjoy blogging, but I get into slumps every so often. Sometimes I just DON’T feel like reading. Other times I just DON’T feel like writing reviews. Sometimes I just want to read a book that isn’t an ARC. I’m so swamped by it all… I think it’s great that you blog because you love it. That’s the best reason to do it! I attempt to schedule posts for the month ahead of time, but it doesn’t really work… I used to compare myself to other blogs, now I just try to be the best blogger I can be and make some friends along the way ;)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! It’s been two months, and I’m FINALLY getting back to commenting back. So thank you <3

    Lovely blog you have here!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books
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    • Vlora


      Ah scheduling – I love the idea, but I almost never manage to do it. :D I totally get ya – I would be very stressed out by ARCs and I do get a nagging feeling when I haven’t posted something in a few days. I just try to remind myself why I’m actually doing it and that usually works. :)

      No worries and thanks! :)
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