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October 12, 2014 discussion 4

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is a new no-nonsense feature on this blog. No-nonsense means I’m too lazy to make it look pretty. It’s exactly what the title suggests: I’m going to ask you a question or tell you my own opinion about something, and I want to know what you think about it!



When I started this blog, I hadn’t really been following any blogs regularly and, once I created it and started posting, I was faced with the same problem every newbie blogger is faced with: how do I announce my presence to the rest of the world? How are people supposed to find my blog? I felt like I was shouting into the endless depths of the internet with no echo to speak of. I quickly discovered that there is a community within the world of (book) bloggers and things became a little easier. I added ways to subscribe to my blog and finally created a twitter account I actually use.

A lot of people use sites created solely for the purpose of keeping up with their favorite blogs like bloglovin or pinterest, whereas others are more comfortable with social media designed for a broader range of possibilities like twitter or facebook. From what I’ve observed, twitter seems to be more popular within the blogging community, and Jessi at Novel Heartbeat recently wondered whether facebook pages are actually useful, but a lot of blogs still have them anyway. If you’re using you already have a built-in community you can take advantage of (one of the only things I’ve been missing since switching to, and I assume the same is true for blogger. The real reason I am writing this post, however, are e-mail subscriptions.

I hate to say it, but I DEEPLY distrust every e-mail I get that informs me of a new registration to my blog because I always wonder whether it’s a real person or a spambot. Judging by the e-mail adresses some definitely are spam, but I don’t want to go randomly deleting people in case some of them are actual e-mail subscribers. Which, you know, I’d be very happy about. I’ve had some weird e-mail addresses in my life, no judgement. But are there really a lot of people who follow blogs via e-mail?

My Opinion

I recently stopped using bloglovin and now subscribe to blogs via e-mail or twitter or both. At first I thought bloglovin was a great idea and I haven’t deleted my account, but the app wasn’t really doing it for me. I didn’t like that I can’t comment on posts or see others’ comments within the app, or that posts disappear from my feed once I’ve read them. Sometimes it seemed like it took a couple of hours for new posts to show up as well.

I never really considered following blogs via e-mail an option because I thought it would be unnecessarily complicated to receive an e-mail and then log on to my computer to actually read the post. Now I follow blogs I like on twitter AND subscribe to my favorite ones via e-mail. I like that I can actually read the blog post within the e-mail and then check it out later. If the subject of the post isn’t for me I can just delete the e-mail, no harm done. Keeping up with folks on twitter is also fun because you don’t get to just see the posts, but share interesting articles or fun pics. Or, you know, stalk your favorite celebrities and authors, whichever. Apart from the fact there’s an unreasonable amount of cat and baby pictures, I’m starting to really like this totally new thing that none of you knew about before I pointed it out in this post.

Your Turn!

What’s your favorite way to subscribe to blogs? Which options do you offer on your own blog if you have one? And, most importantly because I haven’t found a way myself yet: how the eff do you filter spambots from your e-mail subscription list without deleting people who are ACTUALLY interested in your content?

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  1. Finley Jayne

    I love bloglovin and follow 99% of the blogs I read there. I have categories created, organizing the blogs I follow by days of the week. This makes it easy to get through my larger feed list :) I also like that I can mark posts that don’t interest me as ‘read’, which then removes them from my feed and keeps things organized.

    I do have an email subscription option on my blog but only have about 10 people signed up for it. It just doesn’t seem to be very popular with other people? I follow a handful of blogs this way as well, but only use it if a blog doesn’tt have bloglovin as a following option.
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    • Vlora


      You got me to add a bloglovin button in the first place! You’re definitely using it more effectively than I ever was. :D

      I didn’t think a lot of people actually subscribe by e-mail either until I read some comments on other blogs that proved me wrong. I think most people really just use it for their very favorite blogs? It’s growing on me!
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  2. Ashley

    I always subscribe via email! At least to my favourite blogs. I like that it’s no effort on my part. I don’t have to decide, “Hey I’ll check Bloglovin.” But at any hour of the day I just get an email about blog posts. Then I can choose to read it now, save it for later, or just delete it completely. Easy peasy.

    And this way, I never ever miss a post. If you don’t check Bloglovin’ for a week, you’ll be SO overwhelmed with all that you’ve missed. You’ll probably have like 500 posts to go through. But getting updates via email helps me stay on track of everything because I ALWAYS make a decision right then and there to read it, delete it, or save it.
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