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February 20, 2015 discussion 8

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Let’s start the weekend off with a discussion! Today’s topic is about how many people you can realistically follow and the time you decide that you want to follow them and where. When I look at other people’s twitter profiles and see they’re following thousands of people, I often find myself wondering how many people they ACTUALLY follow (as in: read their blog posts and maybe interact in some way). I’m pretty sure no one’s able to actually keep up with a twitter or bloglovin’ feed that encompasses 2000 people, but I do wonder: how many people can you actually, realistically follow closely?

My Opinion

I don’t follow a lot of people, but that is mostly because I’ve only been blogging for a few months, and I’m also a bit lazy, so I don’t go out looking for new blogs every day. From time to time, I get an urge to read more and different things and try to make a conscious effort to check out other people’s blogs, but mostly I tend to stick to what I know. The thing is, when I do follow blogs, I usually follow them very closely. I do have times during which I’m busy and can’t keep up with every single post, but I tend to check back pretty frequently. Right now, I definitely still have capacity to follow more blogs, but I think at some point I couldn’t realistically keep up anymore if I followed too many people. Now other people might handle this differently and follow everyone who follows them and/or follow a lot of people but only read certain posts that catch their interest right away instead of reading every post.

I think sometimes I’m hesitant to follow people because I think what if I don’t like their stuff enough and have to unfollow them again? Technically that’s not an issue, but it always makes me feel bad to click that unfollow button. And then it’s a matter of where to follow as well. Occasionally, I don’t want to follow someone on twitter because they tweet about a lot of things that aren’t relevant to my interests, but I do love their blog posts, so I just bookmark their blog and check back periodically. I also follow people on bloglovin’ for the gesture, and I even use it from time to time, but I’m not a very reliable follower on there because I have some serious issues with the site.

One of my most significant problems is that it’s not always easy to find blogs that are exactly what you want to read. And that’s not because they don’t exist – it’s usually because so many of them exist. Blogs are a dime a dozen and most don’t turn up on page 1 of Google’s search results. If a blogger I like has a list of their favorite bloggers, I like to stalk that, but even then I don’t follow everyone immediately. In advertisement, you have the effective frequency theory that deals with how many times people have to see something before they buy it. I think unless it’s really helpful or relevant to them in some way, most people don’t subscribe to a blog the first time they come across it. However, if they stumble upon a blog several times and recognize that they’ve been there before (by virtue of the banner or some other prominent feature), they might actually hit that subscribe button.

Your Turn!

I’m interested in what you have to say about this! Do you follow a small number of blogs closely or do you follow a lot of blogs, and if so how do you manage it? When do you decide to hit that subscribe button?

8 Responses to “Talk to Me: How many blogs do you really follow?”

  1. Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections

    I follow a couple hundred blogs, but not all of them as closely as others. I don’t feel the need to read every blog post, although I do follow certain blogs more closely and actively look out for new posts, like your blog! Other than that, I just open my Bloglovin’ feed and scroll through the new updates, clicking on the titles that sound interesting to me.

    I’m not iffy about following blogs. If I really liked a blog post, I’ll check their post history a bit, see if that sounds good to me, then hit follow. Give them the benefit of the doubt. But I don’t really look for new blogs, I just stumble upon them here and there.
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    • Vlora


      That’s really interesting – I almost never follow blogs right away, but I think I’m missing a lot of great content that way. Maybe I’ll try your method. :)

      I feel honored! With my favorite blogs I also actively look out for new posts, so they just show up in the address bar of my browser when I type in their first letter, because I visit them so often.
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  2. Jackie

    I have about 100 blogs in my feed reader. These are the blogs I DO NOT want to miss. I’m very selective over who makes it into my feed reader. I don’t just want book reviews. I want great, original content too. (I also follow a handful of food blogs and geek blogs and lifestyle blogs).

    I follow about 200 people in my Twitter feed. It used to be about 500 a few months ago, but I went through and cleaned out that list. I’m more selective about who I follow on Twitter, but less so than my feed reader. I mostly follow book bloggers ( very few authors, publishers, misc). I prefer when the person tweets more than just goodreads updates and book bargains. I find Twitter is a great source to peruse when I’m bored and finished with the content in my feed reader since the people I follow don’t just publish their own content; they provide links to other great blogs, some of which I end up following in my feed reader.

    Then there is Female Geek Bloggers, which is a Google+ group. The group invites its members to share one blog post a week, and this turns into a kind of feed reader itself. There is such an array of topics! This is kind of like Twitter where I don’t necessarily follow the blog, but still peruse the content after I finish with my feed reader.

    So, number of blogs I follow religiously? About 100. Number of blogs I follow loosely? About 400!
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    • Vlora


      I know what you mean; I love finding interesting links on twitter! People often retweet great articles that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. And twitter often suggests other interesting people/blogs to follow based on who’s already in my feed, so that can be very useful as well.

      Oh, that’s interesting. I never really use Google+, but I’ve never really sat down to see how it all works, so I might be missing some cool features.
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  3. Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    I have a sort of blog hierarchy system happening. When I first started blogging, I wanted to add ALL the blogs, so my Bloglovin and Twitter got a bit… out of hand. But I don’t want to unfollow anyone, that doesn’t seem very nice. So I started using email subscriptions and a folder in my bookmarks bar to keep track of the blogs I absolutely do NOT want to miss a post from. I was thinking of going through Bloglovin and doing a “clean out” of sorts, at least for inactive blogs, but then I figured if they dont post, who cares if they’re in my feed, because they won’t show up anyway. The only time I have ever UNfollowed is if someone says something incredibly offensive OR their blog begins to feel like one huge spam-fest. This is rare, luckily!
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