The Martian

November 19, 2015 miscellaneous 6

This is just a quick movie recommendation post to tell you YOU NEED TO WATCH THE MARTIAN.

I know this was a book first, but I haven’t read it yet, so I can only talk about the movie, which is BRILLIANT. I liked Matt Damon in Interstellar, but I mostly went to see this movie because nothing much else was on at the time. I almost DIDN’T watch it, because I wasn’t in the mood for something too serious. Boy, would I have missed out.

The Martian is serious in parts, but it’s also really frickin’ hilarious. It’s exactly my kind of humor, and basically I want to be friends with Mark Watney. The premise is that a mission on Mars goes wrong and someone (Mark) gets left behind and has to survive all by himself. I was worried it might be slightly boring to watch a movie with a character who can’t interact with anyone, but nope nope nopity nope. It’s funny and uplifting, and I’m in love.

If you have the chance to watch The Martian do yourself a favor and don’t hesitate! You can thank me later.

Have you read the book? Watched the movie? Planning to watch it?

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  1. Cynthia @ Bingeing On Books

    I want to see this movie SO MUCH!!! I did read the book and I loved it. I really thought I would have issues with it because I thought it would have too much science and would go over my head. But the author did a great job of explaining things in a clear way. And the main character was freaking hilarious. I did not expect it, but I laughed out loud several times in this book. I am so glad you enjoyed the movie.
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    • Vlora


      I hope you get to watch it soon! It’s fairly close to the book, so I think you’ll enjoy it. I saw the movie first, but then I read the book right after, and I think they did a really good job. :)
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    • Vlora


      Oh, I didn’t even think about getting the audiobook! I already read the book now, but if I ever feel like revisiting it, I’ll consider it. :) Glad you enjoyed the book so much!
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