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I’ve known about Agent Carter for a while now, but sometimes I prefer to watch shows when all the episodes have aired, so I can watch without having to wait a week (or months, in case of mid-season breaks). The show centers around the life and secret missions of Peggy Carter, who first appeared as Steve Rogers’s love interest in Captain America: The First Avenger, and is based on the Agent Carter one shot that was produced a while ago. It’s absolutely not necessary to have seen any of the Marvel movies to watch this show, but I think the connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe definitely helps to enjoy the show.

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Agent Carter is a mini series, which means only 8 episodes have been ordered for the first season. I say first season because I wouldn’t be surprised if there were another one. Mini series are as different from longer series as a short story is from a book, or a standalone from a trilogy. The plot has to be tighter, the exposition on point, and if there are a couple of hilarious one-liners to boot, they add to the story and feeling of the show. Even though I would LOVE to see more of Agent Carter, it’s kind of nice to have something that’s longer and more involved than a movie but shorter than a regular TV show season. Due to my addictive personality, I absolutely have to watch everything there is when I love something (see: The Hundred), and a mini series is perfect for some study breaks without it taking over my entire life.

Now to the actual show. I don’t know where Marvel gets its writers, but they should give everyone else a hint, because they’re clearly doing something right. I’m sure the huge budget also helps, but details. Agent Carter is action-packed, hilarious and involving. Peggy is a completely kickass heroine in the misogynistic world of the 1940s. She’s highly intelligent, but often has to hide that fact in order to keep her job and not raise suspicion. I don’t know how realistic high-heeled fights on top of moving trucks are, but she sure looks competent doing it. But we don’t only get to know her as Agent Carter; we also get to know her as a person, who is dealing with loss, guilt and trust issues. The personal element that’s missing from so many crime shows is apparent from episode one. Hayley Atwell’s delivery is always on point, and she manages to make the heroine likeable and relatable. Now I haven’t lived in the 40s, but the atmosphere the show creates is very believable and authentic.

I did have a couple of issues with Agent Carter. Peggy is a great heroine, but in the beginning I had a hard time to get myself to care about the other characters. I like her dynamic with Jarvis (and that was a nice nod to Iron Man, by the way) and Angie, but everyone at the SSR was completely interchangeable to me. You could have put anyone into that suit, and I wouldn’t have noticed. Yes, it does get a lot better later on, but it took a while. I would have LOVED for Angie to be in more episodes, because I really liked her. Despite all his flaws, I also liked Howard pretty much from the start. I found the show a little slow and dragging in the middle, and I didn’t really have that need to keep watching that I usually have with shows I enjoy. I do love to see Peggy kick ass, and everyone else has grown on me too, so I’m rooting for a second season.

Overall, this mini series is very high quality work, and I’d love to see more of it – both Agent Carter in specific and great mini series in general. Have you seen Agent Carter, or are you planning to watch it? Are there any other mini series you can recommend?

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    OMG I LOVE THIS SERIES SO SO MUCH. I mean, I basically love EVERYTHING Marvel, but if I had to pick a least favourite movie…it’s basically Captain America 1. SO. This changed that. (Well the Winter Soldier and BUCKY also helped change it.) But I have like a billion percent of respect for Peggy. I think she’s such an awesome heroine and just…gah. I want to be as awesome and fabulous as her. :’)

    I agree though: MORE ANGIE. that would’ve been awesome. And I couldn’t care less about the SSR dudes. Sousa was nice and I always felt bad for him, but GAH THAT STUPID HEADED GUY WHOSE NAME I FORGET. The blonde dude that gets to be the boss at the end? He needed a hi-five in the face with a chair. Me no likeee.

    Jarvis. HE IS AMAZING. I love the humour. But I love how he’s like “Oh, I’ve got to get the laundry and then I’ll be right with you, Miss Carter.” So polite. So awesome. XDXD
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    • Vlora


      The first Captain America was my least favorite too (the second one was awesomesauce), but after watching Agent Carter I feel like rewatching it! Peggy is a FANTASTIC heroine; I really like her. I did like Sousa, but I thought he was a little bit too lost puppy, if you know what I mean. I know the blonde dude (I am SO good at remembering names), because he had a part in Gilmore Girls for a while. I didn’t like him at first, but to be honest he kind of grew on me. I mean he’s a total jerk, but at the very end of the last episode I kind of just grinned when he took credit for something he hadn’t done ONCE AGAIN. Such a little shit haha. Jarvis is awesome, I agree! I love that he’s always doing household chores, and Peggy’s all like Ummm… can you please finish doing the dishes AFTER we’ve saved the world?? :D

    • Vlora


      Nope, no Agent of Shield spoilers! If there’s foreshadowing, I didn’t catch it, because I’ve also only seen the first season – I plan to binge watch the second one, so I’m waiting until all the episodes are out. It’s going to be impeccable timing because then Avengers 2 will be about to be released, and I’ll be ALL EXCITED ALL THE TIME (unless the second season sucks, but I highly doubt it).
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  2. Romi

    I’ve never heard this, and though I don’t think it sounds quite like my thing, it seems like a fun, good quality mini series. I did think mini series’ tended to be shorter, like 4 episodes, but I suppose there’s a lot of difference between these shorter series’ and the 24+ episode series’, so it doesn’t matter all that much. I’m happy this was a good show to watch in breaks from working- I tend to get completely wrapped up when I do something as a break, so really have to be active in tearing myself away from it! This happens with anime.
    I just finished watching the 5th season of Downton Abbey, which I got on DVD- I guess, with 8 episodes, that’d be a mini series; a lot of people watch it or know they don’t want to, but I really enjoy it and would recommend it, if you haven’t tried it. The first series is pretty difficult for me (everyone but Sybil is horrid and you see little of her), but season 2 is stunning. I went off it for a time but am now back and loving it all. Ah. TV shows can be really brilliant, can’t they? Here’s hoping for a second season of this for you! Xx

    • Vlora


      Well, I guess the line can be a little blurry sometimes. For example, a lot of first season only have about 12 episodes, but count as a full season even though that’s not a huge difference to 8 episodes. Oh yes, me too! I can never tear myself away from whatever I’m watching in between “breaks”. I DID try watching the first episode of Downtown Abbey, but I couldn’t get into it. I was just kind of… bored? Though my recent experiences with The 100 make me think maybe I should give more shows a chance beyond the first episode. Thanks, I’m really hoping there will be a second season!

    • Vlora


      I *THINK* I watched a couple of episodes of Beauty and the Beast… I can’t remember whether I stopped watching because I didn’t like or because there weren’t any more episodes out and then I forgot about it! I think Agent Carter isn’t on Netflix (yet?). =/ I hope you decide to watch it if you get your hands on it somehow though – it’s really good!

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